The Dark Side of Medicines Are the Unscientific Beliefs That Medicines and Other Things Do More Good Than Harm! Select Cell Nutrients Every Time You Can. Doctor Caused Diseases Kill!

Author: James Livingston, M.Sc. 

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June 4, 2020

Revised Date: June 9, 2020


The use of medicines doctors prescribe should not be about valuing individual/or perhaps groupthink opinion over scientific evidence and facts. Any individual use of medicine, one, or many, demands the patient do their own homework and have honest knowledge of what they are doing to themself. The basis of this document is for the patient and others to have knowledge few discuss/or talk about. 


When you purchase a product for improving cellular respiration, arthritis, for anti-aging, quick wound healing, accelerated wound closure, for scar reduction, pain relief, insect bites, sunburn relief, moisturizing your skin or lips, improving skin, cancerous tumors, elimination of brown spots, itch relief, opening up your sinus passages, and on and on, apply the standards of what you buy, when you're buying it, and question why your purchasing those products to one (1), product for all the above purposes and more. Minimize the harm and begin maximizing the benefits. Instead of buying so many products that cause damage and disease buy just one product that doesn't!


" . . . when a drug is prescribed to correct a dysfunction in a signaling pathway of the heart, that drug is delivered by the blood to the entire body (Lipton, PhD., 2015)." Do the products you buy and the medicines you use do anything besides damage blood/or skin cells? And how do you know before reading all this the answers to those questions? All bias and subjective thinking based on opinion(s) please put aside, "What do you honestly know about the thinking behind making medicines? Do products you buy provide all the nutrients needed for cell growth and repair? Compare every thing about any product to this oil please. What other product makes an appeal like that? We want you to compare this 99.9% plant-based specialty oil to every oil (CBD, hemp, cannabis, THC, fish oil, coconut oil), and every/all the following short list of products: medicines, personal care products, anti-aging products, all pain relief products, all skin care products, etc. .  "Millions of Americans are sensitive to allergens in cosmetics  . . .  cosmetics and toiletries contain numerous hazardous ingredients, including almost 100 carcinogens (carcinogen 'defined' : any substance that promotes the formation of cancer) and 15 endocrine (homone) disruptors  . . . These ingredients pose risks of cancer, genetic damage, and reproductive toxicity (including fertility) to unsuspecting consumers, and their infants and children, said University of Illinois School of Public Health Emeritus Professor Samuel Epstein. These risks  are high (Epstein,  M.D.)."  FDA Says Most CBD Products May Not Be Safe, and Warns 15 Companies to Stop Selling Them (Lanese, 2019). My own study of ten plus CBD oils resulted in finding no two with the same ingredients. I had to work hard numerous times to find the ingredients. We believe nothing has as many advantages of use, for more things/ailments, as Paradise Oil. The 74 each plant-based nutrients applied on skin very quickly enter the circulatory bloodstream (laboratory tested and confirmed) and you never experience the discomfort of swallowing (dysphagia). Paradise Oil applied on skin eliminates the break down and use of digestive enzymes, energy not used is saved energy better used for benefits to the body tissues, organs, and cells. Medicines require digestive enzymes for break down. Up to 95% of the nutrients in Paradise Oil are available for use by the body and blood cells in a few minutes, or less, AND DO NOT REQUIRE DIGESTIVE ENZYMES for break down.  

Everything bad for the blood cells and body does have side-effects, or effects. Good things for the body and cells rarely have any side-effects. The complete list of side-effects is rarely known for any product or medicine. The one exception is 100% drug free Paradise Oil (U.S. Patent 9,139,754 B1) which is made of 74  nutrients red blood cells are made of. Both side-effects and adverse reactions come from uncommon to the body and blood cells chemicals, and the swallowing and other methods of delivery (inhalation, injection, swallowing, into the eye, topical through the skin, etc.). Certain eye drops for glaucoma contain drug or drugs that cause the adverse reaction bradycardia which slows the heart rate. "Scientist have identified more than 400 chemicals in various human tissues (Berkson, MA, DC, CNS, DACBN, ACN., 2010)." All these chemicals damage the red blood cells that transport oxygen, damage tissues, damage organs, and the immune, and hormone systems. The use of applied on skin Paradise Oil eliminates swallowing, is very quick taking less than five minutes to act (relieve pain, assist in accelerating wound healing, etc.), last longer and is more effective. Every time this oil is used your skin too, as well as red blood cells benefit from the fifteen most important vitamins and nutrients for healthy skin. About 2.5 million red blood cells are broken down every second so the body needs about 2.5 million new and healthy blood cells every second to replace those broken down . The chemicals in FDA-Approved prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs/medicines, prescription drugs, etc., result in more than 10 million adverse reactions each year according to Julian Whitaker, M.D. . Side-effects or effects, and adverse reactions are "putting the pedal to the metal" compounding the situation making cells worse not better. Approximately 19,200 DNA cells are damaged every day. A new blood cell is not always as good as the old cell it replaces. Paradise Oil assist in making the cells better, not worse! Every skin and blood cell is what it absorbs. We all make our own blood! Disease does not make a person sick, but chemicals and medicines do! Medicines are made with different concentrations of chemicals, often times cancer-causing and others. There is no "safe level" of a cancer-causing chemical no matter what another may tell you! When unwanted contaminating, cancer-causing, endocrine-disrupting, and toxic chemicals, one, two, or all three, in almost everything made rob blood cells and the body of nutrients the negatives outweigh the positives. After robbed of nutrients red blood cells and other cells die before they normally would and cancer/or other disease begins. All disease is a cry for energy nutrients on the blood cell membrane! Medicines do not provide the body and blood cells enough energy. Foods alone do not provide enough energy. About 40% of energy from food is really used by the body's cells. The remaining 60% is lost as heat and in waste products. 


There is a deadliness going back 300 years in healthcare, medicine, nurses training, medical school, and the practice of medicine. " . . . there are dark clouds on the horizon  . . . the capacity of the educational system to teach scientific knowledge properly, and the wisdom of the government to adequately sustain and apply it . . . is generally left to the practitioners (Corey, & Czako, & Kurti., P. 2)." The practitioners are damaging more blood cells and skin cells with medicines and drugs, than making cells healthy. The use of present day medicines will never make cells healthy, because they do not include the nutrients to do so! Once cells (particularly oxygen transporting red blood cells) are damaged the hormone and immune systems are damaged too. Blood infections (sepsis), contribute to as many as 50% of all hospital deaths in the U.S. according to a release from the American Thoracic Society, Michigan Medicine, University of Michigan, May 19, 2014. The true secrets of science are close observations of little things. The body is made up of little things called cells and they contain even smaller atoms. "The cells are not fed. They feed themselves (Carey, M.D., & Schussler, M.D. , 1896)." " The so called science of medicine has no claim to the name science. No doctor knows, with any degree of certainty, the action of the drugs he gives. He prescribes simply as he was taught, and is often surprised when the patients survive the treatment. All the doctor knows about the medicines is that they are poisons, and that when administered under certain conditions they usually produce certain symptoms (Carey, M.D., & Schussler, M.D., 1896). " . . . the United States of America has the highest rate of chronic degenerative diseases in the world.  . . . we also have the highest rate of disease and spend the largest amount  . ..  on healthcare. . . . I want to promote optimal health. . . . nutrient intakes for optimal health are far beyond the recommended daily allowances (Pelton, & LaValle, & Hawkins, & Krinsky, P. Introduction)." Sixty-seven percent of people that visit a doctor leave with a prescription. When a Ph.D. chemical engineer, Christopher VanLang, Stanford University, who makes drugs was asked "What prescription drugs are made from petroleum?" His answer: "Well technically .  . .  all of them." Paradise Oil was invented to assist in making the body healthier, with 0% petroleum and not making cells worse. The nutrients in Paradise Oil will not worsen the human condition since the nutrients in this oil are what the body and cells are made of. "The importance of science and the lack of general public understanding is important to address (Corey, & Czako, & Kurti, 2007)." There are shadow sides to every drug and medicine, all the more reasons to avoid them. Medicines deplete vital blood cell and brain nutrients resulting in: loss of energy, libido, mood, often shorten life, often cause sickness and disease, lower the body's ability to ward off degenerative diseases, to name just a few problems with medicines. More than 600 studies confirm more than 400 prescription drugs, medicines, cause nutritional deficiencies. The educational system is not teaching science properly, as a result science is not being applied properly. "The next major advance in health will be determined by what people are willing to do for themselves.  . . .  a new model of health based on the revolutionary concept of one disease. As varied and complex as diseases appear to be, all disease is the result of malfunctioning cells. Cellular malfunction is the one disease. . . . No discussion of disease would be complete without addressing how modern medicine contributes to deficiency, toxicity, and disease. Medical intervention is one of our leading causes of disease, and arguably our leading cause of death. Medicine's archaic and unscientific approach to health and disease has led to a series of epic blunders: x-rays, vaccinations, unnecessary surgery, and prescription drugs. Each of these cause cellular malfunction and have devastating effects on health. . . . Knowing that disease is the result of malfunctioning cells and understanding what makes them malfunction gives us the power to prevent and reverse disease. By paying attention to providing our cells what they need, avoiding toxins, and living a good lifestyle, we can put an end to out epidemic of chronic disease. Begin today to make these changes, and you will go beyond health as you know it (Francis, 2009)."  " . . . the U.S. medical system is the third leading cause of death in the U.S. (Starfield, P.1)." This is confirmed by JAMA,  The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), also reports the #3 cause of death is iatrogenic illness (complications related to diagnosis and treatment of disease). When did you hear about "doctor caused diseases?" a.k.a. iatrogenic illness, and the near 252,000 deaths each year from them? The correct use of medications kill hundreds of people in the U.S. each year. In a eight-year study 1987 - 1994 " . . . the American Journal of Emergency Medicine . . . reported the number of deaths from prescription drugs, nonprescription drugs, and nutrients (Pelton, LaValle, Hawkins, Krinsky, 2001)."  The ratio of deaths in the eight year sudy from all drugs compared to nutrients, was 1016:1. That's 1,016 deaths from doctor prescribed drugs and nonprescription drugs  to 1 death from nutrients. Minerals/naturally-occurring elements and fatty acids in pure and plant-based forms are the nutrients the body needs most of all.  Nutrients are in Paradise Oil, in the very best 99.9% plant-based form. A more recent ten-year study reports iatrogenic illness is the leading cause of death in the U.S.   Paradise Oil (100% drug free and not a medicine) is a BIOLOGICAL GREEN™ 99.9% plant-based specialty oil that is superior to green label, organic label, natural label, all natural label). Oftentimes an organic label has no more than 10% organic ingredients and the other 90 percent can be a variety of synthetic man-made contaminating to cells ingredients. Paradise Oil includes 74 nutrients identical to those in red blood cells and skin cells. All the nutrients in this oil work in harmony together to provide greater synergistic nutrient and health effects than any medicine, group of medicines, and other oil, prescription drug(s), over-the-counter drugs/or medicines, medications. and personal care product. There are no "adverse reactions" from use of Paradise Oil since it's made of what the body, red blood cells, blood plasma, and white blood cells are made of. Paradise Oil includes six (6) white blood cell fatty acid nutrients and eight (8) fatty acid red blood cell nutrients to increase the count of white and red blood cells, medicines don't increase these blood cell fatty acids .  Fatty acids are organic, containing carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. Red "blood cell membranes are are rich in vitamin E  (Peskin, BSEE-MIT [Bachelor of Science Electrical Engineering - Massachusetts Institute of Technology] & Rowen, M.D., 2015)" and so is Paradise Oil providing the strongest plant-based vitamin E mixed tocopherols, versus synthetic vitamin E in vitamins that damages the body and cells. Ninety percent of vitamins are made of synthetic chemicals. The fatty acids in Paradise Oil "can naturally pass through a cell membrane. . . . Fatty acid binding proteins are inside the cell and act as a magnet expediting the travel of fatty acids from outside to inside the cell. . . . omega-6's (fatty acids) oxygen in the cell membrane can (reversibly) disassociate (release)- providing increased cellular oxygen (Peskin, BSEE-MIT & Rowen, M.D., 2015)." Paradise Oil provides a total of twenty (20), fatty acids with six (6), of them being "oxygen active" omega-6s, and four "oxygen active" omega-3 acids. Saturated fatty acids cannot conduct oxygen (Peskin, BSEE-MIT & Rowen, M.D., P.224, 2015). Coconut oil is about 90% saturated acids which damage blood cells. "The omega-6 series extends life span through the activation of autophagy (Peskin, BSEE-MIT & Rowen, M. 2015)." Fish oil is pro-aging (contributes to aging more rapidly). Unlike medicines there are no adverse reactions from fatty acid nutrients. " . . . in the U.S. adverse reactions to prescription drugs are responsible for more than 300,000 deaths a year (Lipton, PhD., 2015)." Thirteen years after the 300,000 deaths per year, "Other reports claim the number to be as high as 440,000 (Sipherd, 2018)."  " . . . more Americans die after taking prescription drugs than died during the entire Vietnam War (Murray, M.D., 2015)."


The television media goes to great lengths to avoid reporting on deaths from properly used and properly prescribed medicines but has no problem telling the public about the dangers of illicit drugs  and smoking. In other news prescription medicine kills more than 120,000 people every year, or 329 people a day. Where is the television news reporting on that? Another fact you may not be aware of is the 2016 study which reports more people died of dietary/nutrition risks which killed nearly 530,000 in the U.S. in 2016. The same study reported that deaths from cigarette smoking killed about 10% fewer people than diet/nutrition risks. Another news headline: Death by Prescription - By one estimate, taking prescribed medications is the fourth leading cause of death among Americans  (Schroeder, 2016). "Nutrition the cornerstone of good health, is ignored or devalued by most physicians. Meanwhile, the FDA continues to attack nutritional supplements  . . . the overall safety record of nutrients is good, whereas, once again, the medical drugs the FDA certifies as safe and 'correctly prescribed' are killing 106,000 people every year.  . . . another 119,000 people are killed every year . . . of hospital treatment. A total of 225,000 medically caused deaths per year (Starfield, 2009)." In medical school the risks of smoking gets a lot more attention than what happens when we don't eat enough colored fruits and vegetables. In 2010 the U.K. medical journal The Lancet after reviewing 24 studies on medical schools nutrition curricula concluded "nutrition is insufficiently incorporated into medical education, regardless of country, setting, or year of medical education (Crowley, Ball, Gerrit, 2019)." We all make our own blood and give our self the disease we unfortunately get. "Having learned that disease is not a thing, animate (living) or inanimate (nonliving), but a condition due to lack of some inorganic (most elements are inorganic) part of the blood. A few inorganic naturally-occurring nutrient elements in Paradise Oil are: calcium, potassium, copper, iron, zinc, manganese, boron and molybdenum. The correct method to cure a disease "is to supply to the blood that which is lacking. In the treatment of disease the use of anything not a constituent of the blood is unnecessary; and to give poisons to a sick person is simply barbarous and in human. . . . many have survived it, but .  . . many have hurried thus to their graves (Carey, M.D., & Schussler, M.D. 1896)." Medicines include constituents not in the blood!  Nutrition is energy! Medicines do not provide the calculated 5,284 kilocalories/mole of cellular energy that Paradise Oil provides! The calculated energy from medicines is 1,551 kilocalories/mole, which is 3.4 times less than Paradise Oil. "Deficits in nutrition education affect students' knowledge, skills, and confidence to implement nutrition care into patient care. . . . Students  . . . were much less comfortable discussing the role of nutrition in the treatment of disease . . . Some 87% of those students wanted more education about nutrition (Ausick , Paul ., 2019)."  Based on cause and effect and studying the entirety of the patient situation following the use of medicines the end result follows. There are more negatives resulting in harm than benefits resulting in good, from the use of medicines compared to nutrients!

Newtonian physics (a scientific doctrine acting on matter) became the foundation of science in the early 1700s. Newtonian physics ignores energy, positive charge protons, no charge neutrons, and negative charged electrons, found in every cell in the body. "Every cell in the body has 1.4 volts of energy (Anando, 2011)." This is not much per cell but when you multiply 1.4V by 50 trillion cells in the body the total voltage becomes very significant. Blood cells are energized and have more movement until medicines, drugs, pharmaceuticals, personal care products contaminate normal and healthy cells and slow or stop the movement of cells by depleting the cells of nutrients. This is proof that cells become worse not better following the use of medicines, drugs, pharmaceuticals, personal care products, etc.   When unwanted and unwelcome man-made chemicals rob healthy or less healthy blood cells in the body of energy providing nutrients then sickness and disease take root in the body. Breast cancer diseased cells have less oxygen (all cancerous cells have less oxygen), and release a unique low energy signature compared to the higher energy signature and higher oxygen content of healthy breast cells (Lipton, Bruce, . 2015). "Any tissue of the body deprived of oxygen dies at once (Carey, M.D. & Schussler, M.D., 1896)." The great scientist Rudolf Vertu clearly demonstrated " . . . the cells that build the human form divine also select their own nourishment from the material at hand, and that nothing foreign to cells constituent parts can be forced upon them, except to produce injury or death (Carey, M.D., & Schussler, M.D., 1896)." Medicines and what they are made of contain hazardous and contaminating to cells chemicals. Theories in the medical field often are only mere guesses - very often wrong. Results coming from the Newtonian philosophy are contradictory often leading nowhere except reversal years later. "As science goes deeper and deeper into matter of Newtonian physics it finds that  matter is no more and only energy is (Anando, 2011)." Energy is the stuff of quantum physics. Socrates (469 - 399 B.C., 70 years), spoke and knew that energy was separate from matter. He knew energy was here before man, and it was pure energy that existed before man and the earth came along. At the end of the seventeenth century Newtonian matter came into being and medical science is still stuck on it, other science and professions (e.g., engineering, etc.), have moved away from Newtonian. "Conventional medical researchers have no understanding of the molecular mechanisms that truly provide for life (Lipton, PhD., 2015)." According to the "Newtonian matter-only Universe" all information flow is linear , A moves to B, B moves to C, C moves to D, and so on. "Once I realized the complex interactions between matter and energy, I knew that a reductionist, linear approach could not even come close to giving us an accurate understanding of disease. . . . Because of their Newtonian materialistic bias, conventional researches have completely ignored the role that energy plays in health and disease (Lipton, PhD., 2015)." "A normal cell is sane and socialized, meaning it knows the rules (Berkson, MA, DC, CNS, DACBN, ACN,. 2010)." A diseased cell is life-threatening and follows no rules. Diseased cells are driven by mutant proteins causing them to go crazy mad and they do not know when to drop dead. Other troubles with Newtonian physics arose when the physics of "small" matter was shown to be different from the "behavior" of matter. Newtonian physics also breaks down when dealing with very small objects of atomic physics, this is where quantum mechanics and its accurate description of how particles move and interact is much preferred. Remember red blood cells and the atoms inside them are very small objects. Another problem with Newtonian is that every thing is not made of matter. ENERGY IS NOT MATTER!  The attachment of Newtonian physics and medicines goes a long way in explaining why theories in medicine and health are not fact, but mere guesses. 


Newtonian matter accepted by the medical estabishment does not fit in. One distinguishing trait of energy is movement. It's not Newtonian 'matter' that drives cellular respiration, energy does! Even during the time we're sleeping energy, quantum mechanics processes continue. Again, every cell in the body provides 1.4 volts stored up energy. When we look at "the principle of relativity a fundamental feature of Newtonian mechanics with the 19th-century belief that energy has a permanent existence, that can neither be created not destroyed but merely moved from place to place, the energy (kinetic and potential) in Newtonian mechanics becomes anomalous (Author unknown, The Center of Energy)." (The definition of anomalous: abnormal, OR, does not fit in). Cells require their energy from nutrients to move (e.g. transport oxygen, for cellular respiration, for brain functions, etc.), not Newtonian matter. Paradise Oil does include the best naturally-occurring elements and minerals, vitamins for removing toxins that medicines don't. Healthy cells will move toward nutrients to acquire oxygen atoms for energy and away from toxic chemicals, cancer-causing chemicals, toxins, and endocrine-disrupting chemicals which are all uncommon to the human body which are found in medicines. FDA-Approved prescription drugs, medications, pharmaceuticals, personal care products, etc.   Paradise Oil which is BIOLOGICAL GREEN (defined term, can read definition on this website) includes no toxins, no toxic chemicals, no endocrine-disrupting chemicals, or cancer-causing chemicals. The problem is when nutrients and uncommon to the body's tissues and organs chemicals get entangled with each other, the chemicals get inside every tissue, cell, and organ of the body, robbing the body and cells of energy, including the energy from oxygen. The body's hormone, the body's immune system (75-80% of your immune system is in the gut), and homeostasis gets all messed up by disease and toxins (in some medicines and drugs) building up in the bloodstream. "Scientists have identified more than 400 chemicals in various human tissues. These chemicals are not easily removed from the body (Berkson, MA, DC, CNS, DACBN, ACH., 2010)." Chemicals of all kinds open the door to sickness and disease. "The Pope of Medicine" Professor Vertu, M.D., pathologist (the father of modern pathology), and biologist, the greatest authority of the day on cellular diseases and cancer cells.  "Vertu clearly states that the definition of ALL DISEASE resolves into this: An altered or changed state of cell (Carey, M.D., & Schussler, M.D., 1896)."  Pill popping and medicine result in less cell energy and oxygen. which are the beginning of making a cell cancerous. A cell will become cancerous by depriving it of 35% oxygen for 48 hours (Dr. Otto Warburg, Nobel Prize in 1931 in Physiology). Cancer cells become weaker in the presence of oxygen. The electrical energy and chemical properties turn different in cancer cells compared to healthy and normal cells. Cancer cells continue to divide without stopping . "For the life of the individual cell is very brief, and without oxygen no new cells can be built (Carey, M.D., & Schussler, M.D., 1896)." There are more practical things to do than write a prescription.


Time moves forward to current 2020 " . . . healing abilities are still hobbled by an archaic medical education, and practice of medicine by medical doctors founded on a Newtonian matter-only Universe (Lipton, PhD., 2005)." The Newtonian philosophy does not work and went out of style about 95 years ago, this year (2020). Physicists officially adopted quantum mechanics [QM], and accepted that the Universe and human body are made out of energy, not just matter, the medical establishment and physicians have not adopted quantum mechanics. Physicists, electrical engineers, materials engineers, some mechanical engineers have adopted quantum mechanics. [QM] accepts dealing with small objects unlike Newtonian mechanics/physics. "MRI machines deal with very tiny particles therefore they follow the rules of quantum physics (Pras, 2000)." Today there is no difference between quantum mechanics and quantum physics, others say quantum mechanics is a subset of quantum physics ( Medicines don't follow the rules of quantum physics (energy). [QM] quantum mechanics gives an accurate description of how small particles move and interact which is preferred. Western medicine/or bio-medicine needs to incorporate the discoveries of quantum physics. The cell membrane is the 'in gate' to a cell. "The membrane's  function of interacting 'intelligently' with the environment to produce behavior makes it the true brain of the cell (Lipton, PhD., 2005)." Think of every cell as " . . . a constantly recharging biological battery.  . . . the negative charge is referred to as membrane potential.  . . . the membrane, does not let charged atoms cross the barrier, so the internal charge stays negative. The positive charge outside the cell and the negative charge inside make the cell essentially a self-charging battery whose energy is used to empower biological processes. . . . Cells become smarter by utilizing their outer membrane surface more efficiently  . . . by expanding the surface area of their membranes (Lipton, PhD., 2005)." The expansion of the surface area of the cell membrane permits more nutrients, (not chemicals) including integral membrane proteins (IMPs), to be packed in. "Life begins on the membrane and fatty acids can regenerate the cell membrane (Pompa, DC., 2013)."  "The membrane is a semiconductor (Lipton, PhD., 2005)." More accurately the cell membrane is a fluid semiconductor. Muscle depends on fatty acids for energy! "Nobel Prize-winner Dr. Otto-Warburg makes it clear that for cancer prevention minerals must actually enter the cell  . . . not just stay outside  . . . (Peskin, BSEE-MIT, & Rowen, M.D., 2015)." Seventy-four liquid (fluid) red blood cell nutrients (not chemicals) are in Paradise Oil! The body can make glucose from fatty acids. Physicians still haven't accepted quantum mechanics, like other professionals have. Quantum mechanics is real science!  One could justify calling quantum mechanics [QM], a 'law'.  Unlike the Newtonian, matter-only Universe, quantum mechanics  consistently and accurately predicts real-life results. Unlike Newtonian with its linear information flow, quantum mechanics permits all information to flow both forwards and backwards (which is holistic) as follows: A flows to B, C, and D. And B flows to C, D, and A.  And C flows to D, A, and B. And A also flows to D, C, and B., etc.   Today's medical students, nurses, and doctors, just like those in the 1700s still aren't trained to " . . . recognize that the Universe is actually made out of energy (Lipton, PhD., 2005)." Whether providing or returning energy to the cells, is returning to healthy. 'Healthy' is near impossible with the use of medicines which rob the body of 23 energy providing nutrients, with "antinutrients!"  After medicines do their nutrients/energy robbing the body and cells ability to provide cellular oxygen to the red blood cell membrane, the plasma membrane, the red blood cells, skin cells, and other cells grows worse which sets the body up for sickness and disease. All the body's tissues and organs are robbed of energy providing nutrients and cellular oxygen too. Again setting the body and cells up for sickness and disease. 


Too many chemicals of all kinds (industrial, petroleum, pesticides, endocrine-disrupting, cancer-causing, toxic, hazardous, etc.), found in medicines, personal care products, and toxic foods (nutmeg, green potatoes, raw kidney beans, star fruit, raw cashews, to name a few), are all "unsuitable food/or nutrients" that promote pathogenic growth, and pathogenic growth can cause disease! Less than 1% of all chemicals in use have ever been tested for safety. Pathogens (a.k.a. bacteria) enter the mitochondria where large quantities of energy are generated. "Heart failure . . . is often caused by other health problems . . . common medications can also bring it on. . . . Some drugs and natural supplements cause or worsen heart failure. Prescription Drugs, Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAIDs),  Diabetes medications, Blood pressure medicine, Antifungal medications, Cancer medications, Stimulants, Antidepressants, Tumor necrosis factor (TNF) inhibitors, Over-the-Counter-Drugs, and Natural Supplements (Beckerman, J., M.D., FACC, 2019)." It's known about NSAIDs just mentioned that about 14,000 patients die per year as a result of an internal gastric hemorrage (bleed), directly caused by NSAIDs, as they are known. As was mentioned earlier certain eye drops for glaucoma can result in the adverse reaction bradycardia, or slowing of the heart rate.  Paradise Oil provides the best nutrients for fighting pathogens/bacteria, vitamins A, C, D, and USDA organic tea tree essential oil. Three USDA organic essential oils (the leaves of the tree, Revelation 22:2), in Paradise Oil provide trace amounts of seven (7), terpenes and nine (9), monoterpenes found in marijuana (cannabis) and CBD (cannabidiol), while being 100% free of cannabis and cannbidiol.  "Monoterpenes  . . . They provide the *carcinogenesis  process at both the initiation and promotion/progression stages. In addition, monoterpenes are effective in treating early and advanced cancers.  . . .  limonene . . . has been shown to prevent mammary, liver, lung, and other cancers (Gould, 1997)." Limonene is one of the seven terpenes in Paradise Oil to assist the body in numerous ways.  *Definition of carcinogenesis - the initiation of cancer formation. Normal cells are transformed into cancer cells (end of short definition).   ". . . 80% of your immune system is located in your digestive tract, making a healthy gut a major focal point if you want to achieve optimal health (Mercola, J., 2013)." Paradise Oil is made BIOLOGICAL GREEN™ (a formally defined term) that is superior to organic, green, natural, all natural, labels. Paradise Oil includes monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids, as well as potassium and vitamin D as FDA "Healthy" guidelines advise to manufacturers. There are no nutrients/ingredients in Paradise Oil that cause disease or damage a healthy gut. Paradise Oil is not swallowed!  Paradise Oil is applied on skin does not pass through the digestive tract like many disease causing pathogens (bacteria) do. Harmful chemicals, man-made, synthetic chemicals in 90% of vitamins sold are often labeled 'natural' or 'food based' are serious health concerns. "We should be concerned about taking synthetic vitamins and other unnatural nutrients because published research in the last few years concludes two important things: First, synthetic and other unnatural nutrients are mostly ineffective in preventing disease. Second, these chemicals  . . . have been shown to increase incidence of cancer and heart disease . . . almost all vitamins on store shelves, and those used to fortify foods (even 'natural' foods), are synthetic (Maffetone , Phil. , Dr. 2015)." Synthetic chemicals and unnatural nutrients in a wide variety of what we swallow harms your immune system. Paradise Oil which is applied on skin, not swallowed, does not pass through the gut, and doesn't cause harm to the immune system! There are no unnatural nutrients in Paradise Oil! 


The specialty Paradise Oil made of nutrients will not rob the body of nutrients (including oxygen which is 65% of the mass of the human body). Cells know what nutrients they need and feed themself the nutrient(s) they need while they release other nutrients they need less of. A cell will only hold so many (total percent of) nutrients. What was just described is different for each and every person. The nutrients in one person's cells will not be the same nutrients in another person's cells. Medicines and other products rob the body and cells of nutrients! The protein of red blood cells is hemoglobin. Hemoglobin carries oxygen (energy) from the lungs to cells throughout the body. Paradise Oil includes all the nutrients in trace and other amounts hemoglobin is made of, no medicine of 95 studied provides the nutrients to the red blood cell membrane like Paradise Oil does. Red blood cells respond favorably to the 74 nutrients in Paradise Oil and so does skin, a few of the 74 nutrients in this oil are: potassium, calcium, oxygen, 20 each L-amino acids (the only amino acids that will make protein), protein, carbohydrates, lipids/fatty acids, and nucleic acids. The last four found in all living things. Even the most expensive cosmetic creams can't live up to the claims that they repair skin from within, a study finds. "What you put on your skin matters just as much as what you eat (Hyman , M.D.)." Over 30% of the material the cell membranes are made of are polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs), and Paradise Oil provides ten (10), PUFAs, and four (4) monounsaturated acids, per FDA "Guidance for industry (2016)." No medicine provides 74 cell energy nutrients as Paradise Oil does. A study of 95 total population medicines resulted in seven medicines (7%) of the 95 providing six (6), cell energy nutrients each. The lack of energy from medicines is easily explainable by only six cell energy nutrients in 7% of almost 100 medicines studied. Paradise Oil provides 74 cell energy nutrients, compared to only six found in seven medicines, from 95 medicines studied. This by itself explains the low energy medicines provide to cells. Unlike medicines Paradise Oil has no known side-effects, adverse reactions and will not rob the body and cells of nutrients which medicines do. The use of medicines and their "antinutrients"  steals oxygen from cells in amounts they do not resupply. Medicines provide 30% (six out of 20) of the vital nutrients for the red blood cell membrane. Paradise Oil provided all 20 (100%) of the vital nutrients for red blood cell membrane. Paradise Oil is made of five nutrients that help in the production of red blood cells (increase the count) and six (6), nutrients for increasing the count of white blood cells. Quantum mechanics/or physics recognizes and accepts that all of us are made up of energy, not matter (matter being the Newtonian belief). Quantum mechanics accepts the truth that "Life begins on the membrane! (Pompa, DC., 2013)."   " . . . the membrane conducts some things across while keeping other things out. . . . Again, the membrane is a semiconductor (Lipton, PhD., 2005)." Remember it's been more than 300 years and medical students and doctors still remain untrained/ or not trained enough in regards to nutrients and energy. It doesn't end here, medical research ignores the benefit's energy quantum mechanics, plays in regards to being healthy and combating disease. In the body atoms are constantly releasing and absorbing energy. Unlike Newtonian physics, quantum mechanics is energy and energy is movement! Energy is always moving, all living things move, animated by energy. Nonliving things like a rock do not move. Nonliving things do not include the "four organic compounds" found in all living things or the "six ingredients of life" both of which are in Paradise Oil. Unlike medicines, drugs, medications, pharmaceuticals, and over-the-counter medicines/or other products. Paradise Oil is made for all living things, no other oil is, and no medicine is! Energy (quantum mechanics) drives cellular respiration, digestion, muscle(s) depend on fatty acids energy, and a long list of activities. "Almost all the normal body energy requirements can be provided by free fatty acids without using carbohydrates or proteins for energy (Peskin , BSEE-MIT. , and Rowen , M.D. 2015)." Free fatty acids are released during a number of things - including deep frying. The medical establishment does not accept and ignores fatty acid nutrients. "Many physicians/medical doctors are surprised by the following from the Textbook of Medical Physiology, page 973: "During much of the day [the vast majority], of muscle tissue depends not on glucose (blood sugar) for its energy but on fatty acids (Peskin, BSEE-MIT, and Rowen, M.D., 2015)."   If fatty acids were accepted by the medical establishment, if that establishment was honestly concerned about health, combating sickness, and the curing of diseases they would not ignore measuring fatty acids routinely in blood tests! While there are certified labs that do measure fatty acids, hospitals and doctors ignore all measures of fatty acids in blood tests, they do, or have done for them. Fatty acids are almost half of the brain's weight. Fatty acids are 44% of the nutrients on the red blood cell membrane, again "life begins on the membrane (Pompa, DC., 2013)."  The majority of energy to the brain is provided by fatty acids. A scientific fact is: "Carbohydrates ARE NOT your body's preferred energy source (Peskin, BSEE-MIT, & Rowen, Robert., J., M.D., 2015)." An additional benefit from the book "Basic Medical Biochemisry, A Clinical Approach' states "the body oxidizes (burns as fuel) more fatty acids (fats and oils) each day than any other fuel. Fatty acids (fats and oils) are the major fuel in humans;  540 calories are used in a 12-hour period in the . . . resting state versus 280 calories of glucose (carbohydrate) or 80 calories of amino acids (Peskin, BSEE-MIT & Rowen, M.D. , 2015)." "There are no serious research funds available for studying energy medicine (Lipton, PhD., 2015)." 


Every disease starts from a lack of what cells need to be healthy. Inflammation is a major cause of ALL DISEASE! Paradise Oil provides the very best "oxygen active" parent omega-6 and omega-6 (GLA) for anti-inflammatory protection! Every disease also starts from what cells do not need, medicines, drugs, prescription drugs, pharmaceuticals, etc. . Cells need to be full of nutrient energy (1.4 volts each), and oxygen, to be healthy! An active transport process which includes ATP (ATP is energy produced in the cell) stores energy in all the cells while providing the required energy cells need by moving the nutrients like sodium and potassium and a long list of other red blood cell nutrients across the cell membrane so they can be used to power biological (occur naturally) processes. Paradise Oil includes 74 oxygen providing nutrients to the cell membrane. No medicine or other product provides as many nutrients for the cell membrane as Paradise Oil. By ignoring cell energy Newtonian physics accepted by physicians also ignores the process of moving energy like sodium and potassium, just two of the 74 nutrients in Paradise Oil.  In reality 95 medicines studied provided no potassium and only one medicine (1% of the medicines), provided sodium. Both potassium and sodium are energy providing nutrients. The ninety-five medicines studied robbed the human body and oxygen providing red blood cells of almost half (50%), of the nutrients in the healthy oxygen transporting red blood cells. The 95 medicines provided only eight of the vital nutrients the body and red blood cells need to be healthy. Ninety-five medicines (meaning all 95 each provided) just two nutrients hydrogen and carbon to the red blood cell membrane, and no fatty acid nutrients for the cell membrane wall. Paradise Oil provides three cell wall fatty acids to strengthen cells. Paradise Oil provides 74 nutrients to the red blood cell membrane after applied on skin. The calculated approximate energy of medicine is 1,551 kilocalories/mole, and for Paradise Oil a calculated 5,284 kilocalories/mole. Paradise Oil has at least 3.4:1 energy advantage over medicine. No energy calculations for the twenty L-amino acids (the only amino acids that will make protein) in Paradise Oil are included, if they were included the energy advantage Paradise Oil has over medicines would increase even more. No medicine provides all the following plant-based energy nutrients! Medicines do not include or provide 20 energy and oxygen providing L-amino acids (again the only amino acids that make protein), are in Paradise Oil. No medicine provided the energy providing "six ingredients of life" like Paradise Oil does. No medicine in the study provides the energy providing twenty fatty acids (ten polyunsaturated) in Paradise Oil. No medicine provided the "four organic  compounds" found in all living things. Paradise Oil does provide the four organic compounds. No medicine provides all twenty of the most vital and energy naturally-occurring nutrient elements for the red blood cells and the body, like Paradise Oil does. No medicine provides the nine (9), energy providing vitamins Paradise Oil does. More facts: the "antinutrients" in medicines  (deplete/rob the body and oxygen providing red blood cells of the following 23 nutrients (this is not a complete list): "beta-carotene, biotin, calcium, chromium, copper, inositol, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, sodium, tyrosine, vitamins: B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, C, D, E, K, and zinc (Pelton, RPh, PhD, CCN, & LaValle, RPh, DHM, NMD, CCN, and Hawkins, RPh, MS, & Krinsky, RPh, MS., 2001)."   Paradise Oil provides and assists to replenish all 23 listed oxygen and energy providing nutrients medicines rob from the body. A detailed study of 95 medicines reveals very few of the 23 nutrients are replenished by medicines. Only 1% of medicines provided sodium, 2% provided phosphorus,  and vitamins weren't provided by any of the 95 medicines. If vitamins were provided by medicines they would be the synthetic form causing damage to cells, all tissues and organs. 


"Among the most ignored side-effects, which are quite common and can be life threatening, are nutrient depletions. Most medications will rob your body of essential nutrients (Klopouh, Yuliya. Director of Pharmacy.  2016)." The 23 nutrients depleted by medicines are energy and oxygen providing. The depletion of calcium by medicines makes it harder for the brain's nervous system to communicate (Berkson, MA, DC, CNS, ACN, 2010). And on and on for the other 22 nutrients the 95 medicines studied rob. Unlike medicines, the specialty Paradise Oil made of only nutrients will not rob the body, red blood cells, hormone and immune systems of a single nutrient. " . . . if all the cells in the body were healthy and functioning normally you couldn't possibly be sick.  . . . It is NOT possible to be sick if your liver is healthy Period. Burn that fact into your consciousness. Accept it, understand it, and do it (Sutter , K.R., Dr., 2006)." Only by considering all the activities of all the cell energy switches "on" and "off" at any given time can the behavior of cellular energy be understood completely. Remember "The cells are not fed. They feed themselves (Carey, M.D., & Schussler, M.D, 1896)."

Blood cells, skin cells, all cells, DO NOT CRAVE, DO NOT WELCOME, contaminating and harmful chemicals they are not made of! We feed our cells and our blood (we make our own blood) more of what they ARE NOT made of and not enough nutrients cells ARE MADE OF. Man-made synthetic chemicals in almost everything made for the human and pet body are not essential to a cell. Cells are made of nutrients, cells crave what they are made of!  There is no beneficial marginal return for a cell when they are fed chemicals! Cells do not crave medicines, prescription drugs, personal care products, pharmaceuticals, medications, over-the-counter drugs/medicines, FDA-Approved prescription drugs and the endocrine-disrupting chemicals, toxic chemicals, and cancer-causing chemicals in the majority of all those things. Cells desire and crave for Nutrients!  For every man-made chemical there are approximately six (6), hazardous substances. Cells do not crave synthetic chemicals anymore than "purified water" craves "toxic water."  What level of "oxygen-active" nutrients with the highest energy, what fatty acids, what minerals, what naturally-occurring nutrient elements, what plant-based vitamins, what L-amino acids, "four organic compounds" found in all living things, and what/or how many of the "six ingredients of life" have you applied on your skin which is quicker, more effective, more efficient, to assist in making your blood cells healthy, have you provided to your blood cells today? How many oxygen molecules did you provide to your blood cells today?  How many nutrients have you fed your red blood cells today? Neither medicines, supplements, nor any other oil, (please compare them all to this oil), will provide the nutrients that keep humans "healthy" per FDA guidelines originated from exploding stars and still do today, as Paradise Oil does. The word "healthy" per 2017 FDA guidelines: includes FATTY ACIDS, ELEMENTS, and VITAMINS! All of those are in Paradise Oil, they aren't all in medicines, supplements, or hardly anything else. Also not found in medicines, any other oil, medicine, or product are the number of oxygen atoms  and oxygen molecules of O2, O3, O4, and O7, found in Paradise Oil. 


Benefits provided by all forms of oxygen atoms in Paradise Oil are:

1. Stimulation of growth of skin cells;

2. Shortens/accelerates the healing time for skin wounds and ulcers;

3. Reduced swelling and redness;

4. Cleans and sterilizes the epidermis;

5. Calms the nerves and reduces the amount of pain in skin conditions;

6. May increase cellular function and cellular memory;

7. Acts as a free radical scavenger of harmful toxins;

8. Acts as a moisturizing facial conditioner;

9. Aids in healing processes and reduces scarring (read note below):

NOTE to #9. Apply as soon as possible after cut or surgery to scalpel cuts, after surgical staple removal. Apply to gauze of waterproof bandage and on the cut (both places) and apply bandage. Repeat as necessary, every 24 to 48 hours. 

10. Promotes healthy skin conditions;

11. Use for removing makeup;

12. Good for use on animal/pet wounds, skin tumors, dry spots, etc. Will not harm per if licked. 

13. Provides relief of sunburned skin;

14. Provides pain relief and quicker healing from insect bites and bee stings;

15. Can be used as an under arm deodorant;

16. Is one of the best BIOLOGICAL GREEN remedies for hemorroids;

17. Relieves and often eliminates pain of sore muscles;

18. Wrinkle reduction (oxygen is #1 for anti-aging and it;s found in almost no products);

19. For maintaining oral health and help prevent periodontal disease;

20. Treatment of cuts and burns;

21. Headaches, and more.

A single drop of this oil applied/rubbed, inside each nostril, or under each nostril, assists in expelling waste, and opening up the sinus passages for easier breathing. A drop of Paradise Oil on a Q-tip applied onto the roof (top of) mouth goes immediately into the bloodstream, every tissue and organ in just a few seconds of time. I can personally share the morning a mini-stroke victim with slurred speech was told to open his mouth as I applied using a Q-tip Paradise Oil onto the roof of his mouth. Before I could count to five the mini-stoke victim was again speaking as clear as I was. The first word out of the person's mouth was "WOW!"


Each of us was born and lives today because stars  have exploded and died. At least 232 pounds of space dust reaches the earth every day. This dust of the ground breathed into the nostrils was the beginning of man and woman becoming a living being (short version of Genesis 2:V7). Nutrients from star stuff brought us life in the beginning and continue to do so today. The problem is we have turned our backs on plant-based nutrients and have grown to be believers in all we hear making us complacent in regards to the truths of science. The word science and the word medicine should not be in the same sentence. We actually prefer to purchase all the things we do which do to us more harm than good!  All things considered medicines do more harm than benefit. Medicines rob more energy from the body and cells than they replace. Robing more nutrients from the use of medicines and not replenishing a greater amount than stolen, leaves the body worse, not better. While every person has the right to be wrong ignoring all the facts and still refusing to be right is the worst decision-making of all. That is the do-nothing approach to health, and the easiest route to take.  The late Carl Sagan (astrophysicist, astrobiologist, astronomer, planetary scientist, author, and science popularizer), had it right when he said: "We are made of star stuff." Elements from the stars provide: water (a nutrient), and other nutrients as follows: raw honey, olives, olive oil, pomegranates, herbs, flax, sprouted grain bread (a.k.a. Ezekial bread), wine, lamb, bitter herbs, cedar tree oil, myrrh oil, frankincense oil, spices, leaves of the trees/or essential oils (NKJV Revelation 22:2), vegetables, and poultice (e.g., figs). No synthetic, man-made chemical ingredients, with little to no beneficial energy, with names few of us can read or pronounce on tens to hundreds of thousands of product labels, the ingredients used to make medicines, and a long list of other products can return and assist cells to better health and assist in keeping them healthy too. Medicines will rob cells of nutrients and vitamins which they do not replace. Ninety percent of store bought synthetic vitamins made of chemicals not nutrients will also contribute to sickness and disease. Medicines help keep cells sick, and for others diseased until death. Life expectancy has declined for the past three years, 2017 - 2019, and more and more people are on medicines each year. 



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