Twenty naturally-occurring elements (producers of energy) in Paradise Oil and 95 medicines were compared. What was learned follows:

Paradise Oil is a BIOLOGICAL GREEN specialty oil, it IS NOT A MEDICINE. Paradise Oil is 100% drug free. 

1). No medicine included the "six elements of life" like Paradise Oil. 

2). A total 5284 kcal/mol energy from Paradise Oil was provided and available 100% of the time by the "most important" 20 naturally-occurring elements in the human body. Far less energy 1551 kcal/mol is provided by "most important" elements in medicines. The total energy from a total of eight elements found in 50 medicines, or 53% of the total 95 medicines, provides 3733 kcal/mol less energy than Paradise Oil. Paradise Oil provides 3.4 times more vital cell energy (calculated), compared to medicines. 

3). Paradise Oil provided average 265 kcal/mol greater cell nutrient energy per element advantage compared to medicine lower average 194 kcal/mol cell nutrient energy per element. The 99.9% plant-based elements and other nutrients in the oil provided a calculated energy advantage of 71 kcal/mol per element compared to medicines. Scientifically medicines may include semi-synthetic derivatives 40% of the time. Semi-synthetic derivatives provide less energy per mol compared to 99.9% plant-based elements and other nutrients!

4). Ten "trace elements" or 100% of "trace elements" in Paradise Oil provide calculated total 2568 kcal/mol energy. The "trace elements" in medicines included  just one(1), "trace element" providing a calculated total 68 kcal/mol. The total energy for cells provided by "trace elements" is an estimated 38 times greater from Paradise Oil compared to the cell energy provided by 95 medicines in the study. 

5). The "TOP TEN" elements in Paradise Oil provided calculated total 2722 kcal/mol energy for health of cells. The "TOP TEN" elements in 95 medicines provided a total calculated 1483 kcal/mol. Paradise Oil has an estimated cell energy advantage of 1.9 times greater than provided by medicines. 

6). Compared to medicines which contain one, two, or all three of the following Paradise Oil is free of them all.

A). Cancer-causing chemicals;

B). Toxic chemicals;

C). Endocrine-disrupting chemicals

7). Paradise Oil includes all four organic compounds found in all living things, 79% of medicines don't. Based on the data and study of 95 medicines almost 80% of medicines DO NOT INCLUDE the four organic compounds found in all living things. From a biological and scientific basis medicines are more suitable for use on non-living things than living things. The four organic compounds are found in all living things! Medicines do not include the organic compounds so contamination of cells is more likely to occur using medicines. 

8). Twenty L-amino acids (for production of proteins), carboxylic acids, terpene alcohols, are also in Paradise Oil, not in medicines.