Use after pain from scoliosis surgery and pain to sacroiliac joint (SI joint).

Feb. 25, 2019, Charles and Shirley Garrett, (Odessa, TX.) –It’s been two weeks since our visit with you. We got the 2 FL. OZ. bottle of PARADISE “Body In A Bottle” Oil on the tenth of February.As we discussed Shirley had surgeries in 2006 for scoliosis. In 2008 and 2009 she had knee replacement surgeries on both knees which were a total success, no pain to date in her knees. The doctors believe the ongoing pain in the sacroiliac joint in her left buttocks comes from the 2006 scoliosis surgery. I apply the oil every day and at night before Shirley goes to bed to her left buttocks, in between her toes and on the top and bottom of her feet. I also use the oil in other places such as her crotch area. Shirley tells me the pain subsides shortly after the oil is applied and she’s able to sleep and sleep all night. She could not sleep all night on the pain medication she took every 4 hours, day and night. She woke up a few days ago and said “I have no pain this morning.” That has not been the case when she was on the pain medication. Shirley is running out of her pain medication. I’m surprised using the oil the last two weeks just how far a few tiny drops go, it takes so little to get results. About 1 fluid ounce which is half the bottle remains after two weeks of daily use. The oil does quickly relieve Shirley of her pain each time I apply it on her.

Use on foot neuropathy. 

2015, Cheryl Watkins, Golden, Colo. - "I have foot neuropathy as a result of severe vitamin B deficiency and high doses of antibiotics. My feet are often numb, sometimes feeling like pins and needles are sticking me. It is extremely painful, in addition I have dry, flaky skin on one foot. I decided to apply Paradise Oil and massage it into my feet. It is effective against the dry skin and lasts all day long. So far the neuropathy doesn't seem completely resolved but massaging my feet with Paradise Oil does seem to ["wake up"] my feet in the morning and reduces the numbness. That alone is a huge help and my quality of life and ability to stay active has increased dramatically." 

90 Year Old With Diabetic Neuropathy

2018, December, Ben Livingston - "I used Paradise Oil on my neuropic feet, every other day for a period of 30 days to learn if it would restore my ability to walk. I purchased one 2 fluid oz. bottle and didn't use half of it. I used just a few drops a day.  The use of the oil was successful! On the eighth day there was an actual reduction in pain and increase in my ability to walk. From day ten on, I don't recall any other changes. After 30 days use no pain or dizziness, or side effects from its use. My other medications come with side effects. I continue to use the oil on my neuropic feet and it has definitely improved the circulation of my blood. I was worried about the amputation of my left foot before using the oil since the color of it has been getting darker and darker with time. Today my left foot has returned to the same healthy color as rest of my body. It's my opinion the use of Paradise Oil has prevented the amputation." 

Diabetic - Hot, dry, diabetic feet.

2015, W.A. Livingston, CDR, USN, (retired) - "I'm an 85 year-old retired naval aviator and mechanical engineer. After 8 years with diabetes, my feet were hot, dry, and very uncomfortable. Within 20 minutes of soaking in Paradise Oil my feet were soft and very comfortable again."

Healing of kitchen burns. 

2015, Cheryl Watkins - "I've used Paradise Oil on kitchen burns on both my hands and forearm. It keeps my skin soft while healing and leaves my skin completely clean and soft after the wound heals. It speeds up the healing and there's no evidence of the burns left." 

Use on Scar Tissue after Surgery.

2016, Karen Givan, (Lubbock, TX.) - “About a year ago an operation left me with a 6 inch scar,  with extensive scar tissue. I had learned about this oil, and bought some and began using it immediately. In the first month this treatment oil softened the skin tissue and flattened it out to my surprise. A second operation about 5 years back left scar tissue about 1/4 inch long and elevated about 2cm. After about three weeks of using Paradise Oil on this older scar tissue it softened it and diminished about 50% of its height. I still use the oil about twice a week to keep the scar tissue soft.”

To Relieve Muscle and Joint Pain.

Aug. 8, 2017, Russell Bennett (Midland, TX.) – “I am 58 years old and have lived an active life. I enjoy doing things that most people of my age should probably not be doing. I don’t like to be limited by the pain that can result from being overactive. As a result of my overactive lifestyle, I have suffered from muscle and joint pain for years. In the past I have used medications e.g., Mentholatum Deep Heating Rub, Aspercreme, Sportscreme, Bengay, and several others that I cannot remember off hand to relieve the pain that often accompanies the aftereffects of doing more than I should. I recently started using Paradise Oil and find it superior to any other product that I have used in the past.”

To Relieve Dry Lips.

2016, Megan Chasteen, Columbus, Indiana - "Your oil healed my dry lips in one use!" 

Complete Elimination of finger pain.

G. Satterwhite, BSRN (Registered Nurse), Lubbock, TX., 2016 - "Is this oil a miracle or what? My fingers are better than they have been in over a week, and I'm pain free. Wow!! I'd make a commercial for you and the oil." 

Use on Gout in big toe.

May 22, 2016, Jeanne Erwin (wife of Ron Erwin), Midland, TX. - "I had gout in my big toe that was quite painful. I rubbed some of the Paradise Oil on it and it was better when I woke up the next day. The second day I rubbed more oil on it and it was completely gone the third day." 

Use on mosquito bites.

2015, Cheryl Livingston, Rockport, Texas - "On the whim one day I decided to try Paradise Oil on some mosquito bites I had received while working outdoors in south Texas. I massaged a single drop over the top of and into the bite for a few seconds, then moved to the next bite repeating the same process. By the time I had applied Paradise Oil to the last 4 mosquito bites, the first three no longer itched." 

Use on Severely Arthritic Crippled Hands, All Kinds of Insect Bites, and Skin Problems.

2016, May 22, Mr. Ron Erwin – “After several years of aches and pains, using anything I could find, or treatments suggested by my doctor for use on my crippled and useless hand, a friend suggested that I use a 100% drug free product called Paradise Oil. Within a few hours after the first use my pain was gone and some flexibility to my hands had returned. Within a couple of days of continued normal use, the flexibility to my hand had returned. Several months later with occassional use of a few drops each day I don’t have anymore problems with pain in my hands, or the use of them. In the meantime I started using the oil on all kinds of insect bites and on skin problems. This is the best stuff I’ve ever used! I think every household should have a bottle of this oil around.” 

Knee Surgery (Rheumatoid Arthritis) Patient User With Very Hot Swollen Knees.

2016, Feb. 26, Carolyn Odell (Golden, Colo.) - "Last summer I was walking around my hilly block and my left knee gave out. I saw my RA doctor 2 days later - unable to walk much and with very swollen and hot knees. He took x-rays and injected my knees with prednisone. On Jan. 12, 2016 I had surgery. During the wait before surgery I used Paradise Oil and both my knees started to improve and the swelling went down. I am now using it to help heal the incisions after surgery. So things are going well. I am walking without aids, cane, walkers, etc., two weeks after surgery on both knees and still using the Paradise Oil."

Use as a Skin Moisturizer.

2015, Cheryl A. Watkins (Rockport, TX.) - "I found that using PARADISE OIL on my hands, arms, and elbows as a moisturizer works better than any other oil, or product of any kind that I've used before. The many plant-based skincare nutrients in this oil really make a difference. I recently turned 60 and the skin on my elbows is softer than it's been since childhood. I also like the subtle aroma of the essential oils. An added bonus when massaging in the oil is the deep breathing aromatherapy. Nice way to start the day."   

Use on Skin Cancer Patient After Surgery.

April 10, 2016, G. Satterwhite, BSN/RN (a medical professional, Lubbock, TX.) – “My mother had major trauma to her nose in regards to removing tissue. So they did a skin graft from her shoulder blade to the side of her nose. She had an appointment Friday the 15th, for removal of 14 stitches at her shoulder blade and 16 stitches around the skin graft. They were to remove the stitches on Friday, but the Paradise Oil has accelerated the healing process and the stitches can be removed four days earlier (tomorrow Monday the 11th). There are absolutely no signs of infection. Wow!!! Awesome product!!!”

Use on knee injury from a medical professional (BSN/RN).

Aug. 15, 2017, Ginny Satterwhite, BSN/RN (Lubbock, TX.) – “In July I fell in my bathroom and suffered a concussion, and debilitating knee injury. I refused treatment for five days. I could not put any weight on the knee and remained bedfast. I eventually ended up in the hospital for 23 days. The swelling was tremendous and movement was difficult. With Lidocaine patches and Voltaren gel, a high powered gel with Ibuprofen, I got no relief! I had some Paradise Oil in my bag and started applying it three times a day while in the hospital. My therapist could tell I was in much less pain, and both of us could move my knee with greater ease. I stopped the lidocaine and was only using oral Ibuprofen and Paradise Oil. I’m convinced all the “BIOLOGICAL GREEN” nutrients worked much more effectively than prescription medication. I told this to the nurses, my therapist and doctor who could all see the results (reduced swelling), and tell I was feeling better. I am now walking again with only a bit of help from my walker which I will not need in 7-10 days. I have now used this oil on wounds, on cuts from a nasty fall, on skin cancer, and this knee injury. The oil works so very well and I stand behind your products.

Use on Neuropic Feet of 91-Year Aged Type II Diabetic to Improve Blood Circulation and Reduce Pain.

December 2, 2018 – W.A. (Ben) Livingston (Midland, TX.) – “I used Paradise Oil on the neuropathy in my feet. My left foot has no nerve activity at alland the doctor tells me it is dead, along with my toenails. Every other day for a period of one month I used the oil to learn if it would restore my ability to walk. I can report: The use of the oil was successful and I didn’t even use near half the bottle during the month! The first reduction in pain came the day after my first use of the oil. On the eighth day there was more actual reduction in pain and increase in my ability to walk and maintain my balance. From the tenth day forward, I don’t recall any other changes. After 30 days use there is no more pain or dizziness. The only occasional dizziness I have is directly associated with the use of other medicines for my diabetes that I’ve been on for years. I continue to use the oil on my feet and it has definitely improved the blood circulation in them. The color of my feet has changed too, from brown to healthy flesh color like the rest of my body. The dry spots on my left foot are almost entirely gone. I was worried about amputation before using the oil and it’s my opinion the use of Paradise Oil definitely prevented that.”