99.9% PLANT-BASED, 100% DRUG FREE INGREDIENTS INCLUDING 32 SUPERFOODS:  Oils – Extra Virgin Olive oil (O2), Activated Olive Oil (O3), Flaxseed Oil (O2), USDA Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil (O4), Caneberry Fruit (Red Raspberry Seed Oil) (O2), USDA Organic Clove Bud Essential Oil (O2), USDA Organic Peppermint Essential Oil (O7).  TRACE NUTRIENTS:  Thirteen (13) minerals/elements - boron; calcium; iron; iodine; zinc; magnesium; selenium; chromium; manganese; molybdenum; sodium; potassium; copper. Twenty four (24), L-Amino acids O2 oxygen X 24 (includes the 20 necessary to build proteins and all the 9 essential amino acids). All these amino acids provide O2, and some of the 24 provide O3 (5 each), and O4 (3 each). Without amino acids the body cannot produce healthy RNA and DNA (nucleic acids), one of four organic compounds found in ALL living things and Paradise Oil too. 32 Superfoods as follows: spirulina blue-green algae; 4 each medicinal mushrooms: Reishi, Maitake, Chaga, and Cordyceps, 9 each vegetables: cauliflower; spinach; kale; broccoli; beets; carrots; garlic; parsley; asparagus. 9 each fruits as follows: blueberry; cherries; strawberries; grapefruit; blackberry; cranberries; oranges; pineapple; grapes. Five each energy and oxygen providing "healthy" phospholipids: Omega-3s - ALA; EPA; DPA; DHA; and omega-9 olive oil (oleic). Four other superfoods: wheatgrass; alfalfa; barley grass; dandelion. The 4 organic compounds found in all living things (found in no other oil or product). The "Six Ingredients of Life." Twenty-nine (29) fruit juices: 16 fruit and 13 vegetable juices. Twelve (12), plant-based vitamins: A; B1; B2; B3; B5; B6; B12; C; D; E (alpha-tocopherols); K; Choline, iron, and iodine. Naturally-occurring elements: carbon; hydrogen; oxygen; nitrogen; sulfur; phosphorus, aka "Six Ingredients of Life" which are about 97.5% of the mass of the average human body. NOTE: Zero percent (0%), of 95 medicines studied don't contain the "Six Ingredients of Life" or the "FOUR ORGANIC COMPOUNDS" found in all living things.

Paradise Oil Provides 32 Superfoods! Superfoods provide a long list of vitamins and minerals and are vital in promoting good health. "Within the human body superfoods play an important role . . . in prevention of degenerative diseases and health promotion (Proestos, P. 576)." Just the superfood blueberry alone in Paradise Oil provides 18 of the total 23 "L" plant-based protein creating amino acids, 11 vitamins, 10 trace elements, omega-3 and 6 "healthy" and energy providing phospholipids, and more. Superfoods are micronutrients more nutrient-dense and lower in calories for BETTER "HEALTH" beyond the plain and more simpler means of nutrition. In Paradise Oil these superfoods help in the following ways: lower cholesterol, are antimicrobial, regulate metabolism and fight inflammation, help to prevent cancer, strengthen the immune system (70% in the gut), improve the management of Type 2 Diabetes, and assist in providing disease-fighting antioxidant protection exceeding the levels one gets from their daily diet, are just a few of the benefits.  

32 SUPERFOODS BENEFITS (all listed above in BOLD BLACK at top of page):  a. help in the release of energy; b. are rich in antioxidants protecting cells from damage and may lower the risk of diseases; c. electrolyte balance; d. normal bone function and blood clotting; e. are needed by the nervous system; f. deliver enhanced immune system responses (selenium), which assist in making the immune system "healthy" and also strengthens the immune system; g. many are anti-inflammatories; h. some are polyphenols which protect the red blood cells  (erythrocytes), from free radical damage; i. are anti-cancer (all reduce the risk of cancer); j. assist in heart health benefits; k. help improve the benefits from exercise and protect against oxidative stress (spirulina); provide iron for muscle health; m. phospholipids attract and absorb oxygen improving the "health" of cells; n. luteins from green leafy vegetables assist with eye health; o. superfoods are necessary for good bone health and maintenance. 

PROPERTIES PROVIDED BY THREE USDA ORGANIC ESSENTIAL OILS: MRSA, other antibacterial agents, strong antioxidant, also has antimicrobial properties against various human pathogens, antifugal properties, anti-inflammatory and antinociceptive compound effects, helps open airways, is anti-anxiety, anticonvulsant, antiulcer, antihypertensive, skin penetrating, aromatic cannabis terpene, for soothing problematic skin conditions, relief of arthris pain, organic compound and sesquiterpenoid. 

Paradise Oil 36 BeneficialProperties:

1. Anti-aging
2. Antibacterial
3. Anti-cancer
4. Anti-carcinogenic
5. Antifungal
6. Anti-infectious
7. Anti-inflammatory
8. Anti-itch
9. Antimicrobial
10. Antimutagenic
11. Antioxidant
12. Antiparasitic

13. Antiseptic
14. Anti-viral
15. Astringent
16. Balsamic
17. Cicatrizing (closure healing)
18. Conditioning
19. Decongestant
20. Emollient
21. Expectorant
22. Fungicide
23. Healing
24. Immune Stimulant

25. Insecticide
26. Lubricating
27. Moisturizing
28. Moisture Retention
29. Oxygen providing
30. Penetrating
31. Stimulant
32. Sudorific substance
(assists in the removal of toxins)
33. Vasodilator
34. Will NOT clog pores
35. Bactericide
36. Antibiotic

All Babies are born predisposed to sickness and disease! An Ivy League University reported in 2014 that a newborn baby begins life with a 35-year exposure to chemical germ cells passed to it from both its mother and grandmother. In current year 2022 this has been going on now for 32 straight years. Find a list of the "categories" of products with damaging and sometimes toxic ingredients (in next paragraph) that often penetrate skin to be later measured in blood and urine samples after being applied on skin.  Even low dose exposure to chemical ingredients accumulate over time and negatively affect every organ (heart, lungs, kidneys, liver) and tissue in a baby’s body. Chemical ingredients do cross the placenta, just like alcohol and cigarette residue. A woman applies 100-300 sickness and disease causing/or contributing blood polluting chemicals a day to her skin/body and if pregnant, those chemicals are passed to her unborn baby. From 200 – 287 “fully untested for safety” toxic, hormone and immune system disrupting , and cancer-causing chemicals are in every newborn baby’s blood. About 5 lbs. of contaminating chemicals can build up in the adult body a year. The U.S. National Poison Data System reported in 2015 that prescription drugs killed almost 500,000 people (or 1,370 per day). Those drugs are also passed to a developing baby. Cord blood cell polluting chemical ingredients are in prescription drugs, plastics, drinking water bottles (even PVC free plastics), medicines, cosmetics, hair colorings/dye, perfumes, fragrances, personal care products, and other products. From (1990-2015 a period of 25 years), every generation born is sicker than the generation born the year before and the U.S. life expectancy 2014-’17, continues to drop. There are no deaths from plant-based vitamins, nutrients, essential oils, minerals, the four organic compounds found in all living things, and vegetable oils.  

A very short (may not seem like it but it is) of product categories  whose ingredients can have very long-lasting effects. The 99.9% plant-based nutrients in Paradise Oil are free of these effects. Ingredients in these products pass through mother's cord blood to her infant (pass from one generation to the next measured for as long as 35 years), weakening the immune system, contributes to actual loss of IQ in newborns, more sickness, illness and diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, sepsis (aka blood infection), obesity, diabetes, gender bending chemicals some of which 'feminise' boys, follows:

1. Acne Treatment

2. Anti-aging

3. After Shave

4. Antiperspirant/deodorant

5. Mascara

6. Baby bubble bath

7. Baby shampoo

8. Body wash

9. Body lotion

10. Blush foundation

11. Body Oil, treatment

12. Body oil

13. Bronzer/highlighting

14. Bubble bath

15. Bath oil/salts/soak (including sea salt)

16. Body spray

17. Body wash/cleanser

18. Cologne

19. Cuticle treatment, nail treatment

20. Deodorant

21. Depilatory

22. Eye liner/mascara

23. Eyelash/eye shadow

24. Foundation

25. Fake tan

26. Foot moisturizer

27. Facial powder

28. Facial moisturizer/treatment

29. Facial cleanser

30. Fragrance including other kinds (aka parfum and spray fragrance) for both men and women

31. Glitter

32. Hair gel

33. Hair coloring

34. Hair bleaching

35. Hair conditioner

36. Hair spray

37. Hair treatment/serum

38. Hand cream

39. Hair relaxer

40. Lipstick

41. Lip gloss

42. Lip balm

43. Moisturizer

44. Mask

45. Makeup

46. Mouthwash

47. Nail care products

48. Nail polish 

49. Nail polish remover

50. Nail varnish

51. Nail glue

52. Nail primer

53. Perfume

54. Skin care products

55. Shampoo

56. Spray fragrance

57. Styling gel/lotion

58. Styling mousse/foam

59. Sunless tanning

60. Sunscreen: moisturizer

61. Scar treatment

62. Serum/Hair treatment

63. Talc powders (cancer-causing)

64. Toners/astringents

65. Vericose/spider vein treatment

66. Wound treatment

67. AND a long list of other 'categories' with harmful to human and pet health ingredients

Source: http://www.thefutureofhealthnow.com/top-cancer-causing-chemicals-beauty-products . . . www.DR.Jones.TV

Total daily applied poisons (toxic) from use of 11 bathroom products (10 with links to cancer) applied onto the skin = 492 total poison ingredients found in shampoo, perfume, nail varnish, lipstick, hairspray, fake tan, foundation, eyelash/eye shadow, deodorant, blush/foundation and body lotion. See #9, 10 , 20, 23-25, 36, 40, 50, 53, 55 above.


1. Oxygen (a "healthy" cell breathes oxygen for energy. Cancer cells become weaker in presence of oxygen). Sixty-nine (93%) of the 74 in common nutrients with red blood cells in Paradise Oil are oxygen providing (some are oxygen attracting). 

2. 100% Pure grade USDA Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil

3. Red raspberry seed oil

4. L-Alanine amino acid

5. Alfalfa

6. Apricots

7. L-Arginine amino acid

8. Asparagus

9. B6 vitamin

10. B12 vitamin

11. Barley grass

12. Beets

13. Beta carotene (vitamin)

14. Vitamin E in the plant forms of gamma-, alpha-, and delta-tocopherols

15. Broccoli

16. Brussels sprouts

17. C (vitamin)

18. Cabbage 

19. Carrot

20. Cauliflower

21. Cherries

22. Chlorella

23. Cranberry

24. D (vitamin)

25. Blue-green algae

26. Folic acid (vitamin)

27. Garlic

28. Grapes

29. Kale

30. L-Lysine amino acid

31. Mushroom (Reishi and Shiitake)

32. Blueberries

33. Omega-3 PUFA (EFA)

34. Orange

35. Parsley

36. Pineapple

37. Papaya

38. Selenium (mineral)

39. Spinach

40. Strawberries

41. L-Valine amino acid

42. Wheat grass