99.9% PLANT-BASED INGREDIENTS:  Oils – Extra Virgin Olive oil (O2), Activated Olive Oil (O3), Flaxseed Oil (O2), USDA Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil (O4), Caneberry Fruit (Red Raspberry Seed Oil) (O2), USDA Organic Clove Bud Essential Oil (O2), USDA Organic Peppermint Essential Oil (O7).  TRACE NUTRIENTS:  Thirteen (13) minerals/elements - boron; calcium; iron; iodine; zinc; magnesium; selenium; chromium; manganese; molybdenum; sodium; potassium; copper. Twenty two (22), L-Amino acids O2 oxygen X 22 (includes the 20 necessary to build proteins and all the 9 essential amino acids). Superfoods. The 4 organic compounds found in all living things (found in no other oil or product). The "Six Ingredients of Life." Twenty-nine (29) fruit juices: 16 fruit and 13 vegetable juices. Twelve (12), plant-based vitamins: A; B1; B2; B3; B5; B6; B12; C; D; E (alpha-tocopherols); K; Choline. Naturally-occurring elements: carbon; hydrogen; oxygen; nitrogen; sulfur; phosphorus, aka "Six Ingredients of Life" which are about 97.5% of the mass of the average human body. NOTE: Zero percent (0%), of 95 medicines studied don't contain the "Six Ingredients of Life" or the "FOUR ORGANIC COMPOUNDS" found in all living things.

PROPERTIES PROVIDED BY THREE USDA ORGANIC ESSENTIAL OILS: MRSA, other antibacterial agents, strong antioxidant, also has antimicrobial properties against various human pathogens, antifugal properties, anti-inflammatory and antinociceptive compound effects, helps open airways, is anti-anxiety, anticonvulsant, antiulcer, antihypertensive, skin penetrating, aromatic cannabis terpene, for soothing problematic skin conditions, relief of arthritis pain, organic compound and sesquiterpenoid. 

Paradise Oil 36 BeneficialProperties:

1. Anti-aging
2. Antibacterial
3. Anti-cancer
4. Anti-carcinogenic
5. Antifungal
6. Anti-infectious
7. Anti-inflammatory
8. Anti-itch
9. Antimicrobial
10. Antimutagenic
11. Antioxidant
12. Antiparasitic

13. Antiseptic
14. Anti-viral
15. Astringent
16. Balsamic
17. Cicatrizing (closure healing)
18. Conditioning
19. Decongestant
20. Emollient
21. Expectorant
22. Fungicide
23. Healing
24. Immune Stimulant

25. Insecticide
26. Lubricating
27. Moisturizing
28. Moisture Retention
29. Oxygen providing
30. Penetrating
31. Stimulant
32. Sudorific substance
(assists in the removal of toxins)
33. Vasodilator
34. Will NOT clog pores
35. Bactericide
36. Antibiotic

All Babies are born predisposed to sickness and disease! An Ivy League University reported in 2014 that a newborn baby begins life with a 35-year exposure to chemical germ cells passed to it from both its mother and grandmother. Even low dose exposure to chemical ingredients accumulate over time and negatively affect every organ (heart, lungs, kidneys, liver) and tissue in a baby’s body. Chemical ingredients do cross the placenta, just like alcohol and cigarette residue. A woman applies 100-300 sickness and disease causing/or contributing blood polluting chemicals a day to her skin/body and if pregnant, those chemicals are passed to her unborn baby. From 200 – 287 “fully untested for safety” toxic, hormone and immune system disrupting , and cancer-causing chemicals are in every newborn baby’s blood. About 5 lbs. of contaminating chemicals can build up in the adult body a year. The U.S. National Poison Data System reported in 2015 that prescription drugs killed almost 500,000 people (or 1,370 per day). Those drugs are also passed to a developing baby. Cord blood cell polluting chemical ingredients are in prescription drugs, plastics, drinking water bottles (even PVC free plastics), medicines, cosmetics, hair colorings/dye, perfumes, fragrances, personal care products, and other products. From (1990-2015 a period of 25 years), every generation born is sicker than the generation born the year before and the U.S. life expectancy 2014-’17, continues to drop. There are no deaths from plant-based vitamins, nutrients, essential oils, minerals, the four organic compounds found in all living things, and vegetable oils.