Four Facts Listed Here Only!

Fact #1: After applied on skin red blood cell test data results measured by certified medical laboratory show the fatty acids in this oil can regenerate cell membranes in five minutes, or less. This assists in combating sickness and disease.   

Fact #2: Red blood cell membranes are 40% lipids, and fatty acids are components of lipids. 

Fact #3: Fatty acid deficits contribute to every disease. 

Fact #4: One hundred percent (100%), of the time medical doctors completely ignore measuring oxygen transporting red blood cell fatty acid deficits which is about 40% of what is wrong with us. 

Every person needs a bottle of this 99.9% plant-based oil (100% drug free) for you, your family, and your pet. Besides using Paradise Oil on myself, I use this oil on my dog and cats all the time making sure to keep it away from their eyes. A fact to never forget: We all make our own blood. We all make our own blood!  A doctor on television promoting a product leaves out one important fact about the product. Freeze-drying fruits and vegetables removes the oxygen  which decreases the product benefits greatly to cells. The removal of all these high-energy molecules results in less energy for the cells. Unless you cannot eat fresh fruits and vegetables are the only legitimate reasons to deprive your body of cellular oxygen, and less high-energy molecules.   

No other oil (CBD, Hemp, Hemp Seed, Fish Oil, Omega-3 oil, Krill oil, etc.), fruits and vegetables, or nutritional supplement, taken by mouth will place higher concentration of oxygen providing nutrients for high-energy and cellular respiration in the red blood cell membrane (every cell has one), as quickly (5 minutes or less), as Paradise Oil. Paradise Oil is applied on skin, there is no swallowing. 

Per gram, the topical and transdemal through skin delivery methods employed by Paradise oil is more effective and efficient delivering vital cell nutrients to the cell membrane than swallowing is. Swallowing requires use of energy for digestion reducing the total energy for physical exertion. The majority of what we swallow never benefits the red blood cells. More vital nutrients are eliminated by the body than make it into the bloodstream.

Paradise Oil assists in combating ALL diseases because all of them include deficits of oxygen providing fatty acids, and in a few cases surpluses. Fatty acids from cold-pressed oils like Paradise Oil provide 2.25 times more energy per gram than sugars/carbohydrates. Unlike all the things we swallow this remedy oil applied on skin goes to work in 5 minutes, or less, after application. Unlike a pain product advertising that three weeks is quick. Three weeks to the majority is really 30,240 minutes. Your choice 30,240 or 5 minutes? When did 21 days  become quick acting? How much of the product is used over 21 days. How much must a person buy to last three weeks? As little as six drops (about 0.25g) of Paradise Oil can relieve pain immediately, or, 3-5 minutes, or less. Using six drops per day the two fluid ounce bottle of this "body in a bottle" specialty remedy oil would provide the equivalent of about 237 applications, lasting about 34 weeks, or 8.5 months. At $65 per bottle at six drops per application the cost per application is about 27 cents. 

A "Qualified Health Claim" with strong supporting evidence. High levels of oleic acid reduce coronary heart disease risk. Applied onto skin Paradise Oil is purposely made to provide high concentration of oleic acid (omega-9)! At one hour after application of 9g Paradise Oil on test participants the oleic fatty acid increased average +.61% per test participant. Total increases occured in 90% of measures after each test participant applied equal amount Paradise Oil on identical areas of skin. While "healthy" oleic omega-9  increased 90% of the time, while damaging saturated fatty acids decreased in 56% of test participants and didn't change 6% of the time. Thirty-eight percent of test participant measures of saturated fatty acids increased because the test participants cells needed more. "The cells are not fed, they feed themselves (M.D.'s Carey & Schussler)." You may think your fish oil omega-3s are benefitting your body when in reality your cells need more omega-6s or 9s. Cells craving "healthy" or "less healthy" fatty acids will uptake more of the other when they are available. Paradise Oil provides 74 vital nutrients the body, skin, brain, nervous system, tissues, and organs. Most importantly they are the same "body in a bottle" nutrients the body is made of! They are not woman/man-made synthetic chemicals damaging the body.    

The claims made on this website are real honest measured changes to combat diseases based on hard data from blood cell testing. Data analysis is valid and reliable quantitative (measured) data by a CLIA-certified medical laboratory. Test participants are human. Test results include both before (Control) and after a single application on skin of Paradise Oil (a specialty remedy oil). Customer Testimonials are provided on website too. 

Our Money Back Guarantee: Paradise Oil is more effective, efficient, and faster acting than anything swallowed! Vital information background directly linked to diamond bullet points below: Cells are made of energy not matter. Cells must have the particular nutrients they need to stay "healthy" or they will uptake (take in) less desirable, often contaminating chemicals that increase cell death, result in sickness and diseases.

The composition of no two people (including twins) red blood cells are the same. Everyone's oxygen transporting red blood cells outnumber all other cells in the body and everyone's red blood cells have different nutrient compositions.  Nutrients one person's cells crave another person's cells may ignore. Taking marine-based fish oils, omega-3s may be of no benefit to many unless one knows their cells need more omega-3s. The human body at every stage of life includes higher concentrations of omega-6s than omega-3s. Paradise Oil is designed this way. Since creation from before birth until death cells have higher concentrations of omega-6s than omega-3s. Thinking one is going to change this fact will make body worse not better. All omega-3s in Paradise Oil are plant-based. Recently it was discovered "Sufferers who took greater than 1 gram of omega-3 fatty acids every day had a 49% elevated danger of creating atrial fibrillation (irregular rapid heart rate), . . . compared with 12% ... that took lower than 1 gram ... ." Source: Title: Omega-3 supplements could elevate risk of atrial fibrillation - CFT. 

Professor Virchow "The Pope of Medicine" the father of modern pathology and great authority on cancer cells and cellular diseases discovered that all diseases resolve into 'An altered or changed state of cell.' Oxygen for high-energy is the most important essential and disease fighting nutrient in the body! Paradise Oil provides a long list of oxygen providing nutrients to red blood cell membranes unlike freeze-dried fruits and vegetables which are free of  vital oxygen and the energy from oxygen. Avoid "freeze-dried" products providing no oxygen for cellular respiration, vital for high-energy. Fatty acids provide high-energy oxygen and "Fatty acids can regenerate the cell membrane (Dr. Dan Pompa)." Medicines and drugs cannot regenerate cell membranes, they do not provide the fatty acids to do so.  

♦ Provides the world's #1 anti-aging, cellular respiration, accelerated wound healing element/high-energy molecule, oxygen.

♦ Paradise Oil and hemp seed oil (a cannabis plant) both share seventy-six percent (twelve in number) of the same fatty acids. The difference is Paradise Oil is 100% free of hemp oil and the cannabis plant. Fatty acids not found in Paradise Oil, found in hemp seed oil/or hemp oil are C20:2 (.06%) and C22:1 (.18%). 

♦ Pain relief - Apply directly to site of pain. No other 100% drug free product, including slower acting swallowed medicines provides faster reduction and elimination of pain after use/application on skin. Honest evidence-based data backed up by real world user testimonials (read testimonials) including valid and reliable certified laboratory measured test participants red blood cell test data results legitimize our claims, unlike other products. 

♦ The following superfoods good for kidneys health, fighting diseases, promoting heart health, weight loss, anti-aging, and increasing energy after application on skin of Paradise Oil are:

a. cabbage; b. carrots; c. cauliflower

d. garlic; e. kale; f. Shiitake mushrooms; g. spinach; h. grapes;

i. pineapple; j. extra virgin olive oil.


♦ Oleic acid in Paradise Oil is ten to one hundred times (100X), more potent per gram than RESVERATROL in wine. In test participants this "healthy" omega-9 acid increased in 100% of test participants an average of +.61% after a single application on skin of 9g Paradise Oil.  

♦ Saturated fatty acids: No one can honestly say that ALL saturated fats are "unhealthy" saying so blatently ignores scientific facts. A University of Minnesota Medical School release titled: New Research Finds Saturated Fats Can Lower Change of Cognitive Function Over Time, May 5, 2020. ". . . PhD Danni Li, ... found a positive association with a lower change of cognitive function over 20 years. . . . more than 3,000 participants. . . were followed for over 20 years. Usually people think that saturated fatty acids are bad for your health," Dr. Li said. "That's why people avoid fats and have concerns over saturated fatty acids, but our study shows that those very long-chained saturated fatty acids are good for cognitive function. Dr. Li says saturated fatty acids . . . work as building blocks for cell membranes and energy sources. . . . Dr. Li also discovered . . . people who do not like fish and salmon, which are high in omega-3 fatty acids, can get the same cognitive benefit by eating nuts and dairy products. . . . saturated fatty acids are a benefit for cognitive function." 

Every kind of plant oil and animal oil includes some saturated fatty acids. Before birth saturated acids are in a baby's cells. All varieties of tuna (fish) contain saturated fatty acids (source: Title: The skinny on tuna fat: health implications, free online The same saturated acids in tuna (including fat free), are in Paradise Oil too. The monounsaturated and polyunsaturated "healthy" fatty acids in tuna are also in Paradise Oil. 

*Lauric - Reduces the risk of heart disease. Provides more good cholesterol (HDL) beneficial effects than any other saturated acid. After one use of 9g Paradise Oil on skin there was a -.26% average decrease per test participant in 100% of test participants in one hour after use. 

*Myristic - Raises bad (LDL) cholesterol more than other fatty acids. Has no ill affects on good (HDL) cholesterol. Increased in 25% of test participants avg. +.11%. In remaining 75% of test participants decreased average of -.10% per test participant in first hour after applying 9g Paradise Oil on skin. 

*Palmitic - The most abundannt saturated acid. Is found in more than 50% of all the saturated acids eaten in the United States. Raises bad (LDL) cholesterol without affecting HDL good cholesterol. Increased in 50% of test participants average of +.13% per test participant and decreased average of -.08% in remaining 50%, in 1 hour after 9g Paradise Oil applied on skin.

*Stearic - Is most likely the most healthy/or least unhealthy saturated fatty acid. Fourteen percent converts into oleic omega-9 acid. In a forty day study of people with up to 11% of their total caloric intake being stearic it did not raise their risk of heart disease. After a single 9g application of Paradise Oil on skin of test participants stearic decreased an average of -.08% per test participant during the first hour after application.

*Source: Title: 10 Types of Saturated Fat Reviewed, (, free online. 


♦ The omega-3 Index average increase was +.15% in 56% of test participants after one application on skin. All omega-3s in Paradise Oil are plant-based, 0% from fish/or other marine sources.   

♦ All diseases are deficits or in fewer cases an abundance of fatty acids! The medical establishment and medicines ignore fatty acids and don't even measure them in blood tests. The fatty acids in breast milk, a few diseases or disorders are addressed below. Also addressed are the fatty acids necessary to improve the "health" of cells. 

For information purposes breast milk includes the following fatty acids: DGLA omega-6 which can kill cancer cells, decreased -.04% percent per person tested. This result indicates no person in the test red blood cells needed more DGLA. Linoleic (LA), a oxygen magnet" and Parent Essential Oil, an omega-6 did not change from control. Arachidonic (AA), omega-6 is found in meat and eggs but neither of those are in 99.9% plant-based Paradise Oil. In each person tested AA increased an average of +.17%. DHA omega-3 decreased an average of -.05% per person tested, and EPA omega-3, barely decreased -.03% per test participant. All the changes were after one application of 9g Paradise Oil on skin of each test participant.

A "healthy" body and red blood cell membrane contain more good fatty acids that can regenerate the cell membranes, than bad! 

CANCER - Women usually have smaller organs than men. The smaller liver in women increases the difficulty of eliminating a long list of disease-causing chemicals in the body. The fatty acids vital to treating all kinds of cancers are DGLA omega-6 usually at a deficit in cancer patients. All our test participants were cancer free. This omega-6 can kill cancer cells. "If you could deliver DGLA precisely to a cancer cell it could promote ferroptosis and lead to tumor cell death (Watts , Jennifer . 2020)." The article is free online: Title - Fatty Acid Induces Cell Death in Cancer Cells, July 13, 2020. The second fatty acid is "less healthy" saturated palmitic is usually found in high levels. Palmitic stimulates CD36 protein which signals all kinds of cancers to spread (metastasize). Test participants measured levels of DGLA (omega-6), after a single use of Paradise Oil decreased up to -.04% indicating test participants oxygen transporting red blood cells had plenty. In one test DGLA increased +.08% over 8 hours. The greatest increase of DGLA was +.13% at six hours. Total palmitic levels increased in 50% of test participants an average of +.13% per person. The other half of people tested data measured a decrease of -.08% at 1 hour after a single 9g of Paradise Oil was applied on skin. Half of the test participants with  concentration decreases helped in batting cancer. Palmitic as all saturated/less than healthy fatty acids do not conduct oxygen. When saturated fatty acids levels decrease it allows for good/healthy fatty acid concentrations to increase.    


Observations with a follow-up 35 years later showed that there was no association betwen the omega-3s ALA, EPA, and DHA and Alzheimer's disease. What they did discover was that more than 60% of people that survive a stroke will have some cognitive dysfunction, and a 33% will have dementia. 

GLA, DGLA, LA, (AA) Arachidonic (all omega-6s). DGLA can kill cancer cells. Palmitoleic omega-7, DHA omega-3,  Oleic, Eicosenoic and Nervonic (the last three Omega-9s). Arachidonic (AA) and DHA assist in preserving brain function and structures. AA omega-6 is neuroprotective and assists in preserving brain function and structures. A few months after birth AA performs vital roles in the growth of the brain in infants. AA is found in every cell of the body, it's a natural blood thinner, reducing the chance of blood clots. DHA omega-3 is the most concentrated fatty acid in EVERY REGION of the human brain. Both AA and DHA play critical roles in the first year of life. Both are important in brain development and prevention of age-related neurode-generative disease. About 60% of the brain is fatty acids. AA and DHA "healthy" polyunsaturated fatty acids form about 25% of the total gray matter of the total brain. Omega-6 aracidonic is in every "healthy" cell in the body, it's a natural "blood thinner" which reduces the chance of blood clots. 

After a single application of Paradise Oil on skin of test participants (none inflicted with AD) red blood cells (RBCs), did not uptake any GLA, DGLA, LA, Palmitoleic, because they did not need any. Total DHA plant-based omega-3 in test participants decreased -.05% per test participant because their red blood cells needed no more. Decreases are linked with cognitive decline during aging and with the onset of sporadic Alzheimer's disease. Arachidonic acids increased a total of +.17%. Oleic omega-9 acids increased an average of +.61% per test participant. Nervonic omega-9 decreased an average -.03% per test participant, and eicosenoic omega-9 decreased -.004% per person tested.   

CROHN's Disease - Palmitic (saturated/not so healthy), having too much of this fatty acid worsen's inflammation in the gut. Paradise Oil IS NOT SWALLOWED so it never gets close to the gut to cause inflammation. According to research literature all omega-6s are at deficit levels in people with this disease: GLA, DGLA, DTA, DPAn-6, Eicosadienoic, (AA) Arachidonic, and (LA) Linoleic a PEO (parent omega-6) and "oxygen magnet."

After one use of Paradise Oil the concentration of palmitic remained below the average level commonly found in test participants. After a single use of Paradise Oil on skin the levels increased in half of test participants. The omega-6s: GLA, DGLA, DPAn-6, eicosadienoic, LA, did not increase (red blood cells did not need more of). DTA increased average of +.02% per person tested and arachidonic omega-6s did increased average of +.17% per person tested. 

A test participant with Crohn's disease after one application, in less than an hour decreased their less than "healthy" concentration of saturated fatty acids -.78%. Saturated acids do not conduct oxygen and a decrease permits an increase in good oxygen providing "healthy" fatty acids. 

SUICIDE AND BRAIN TRAUMA - DHA omega-3 is at deficit levels. The total change in test participants was -.05% per person. No test participants red blood cells needed and more DHA. 

SCHIZOPHRENIA - Fatty acids are about 60% of the human brain. About 20% of the energy expenses of the adult brain come from fatty acids. Oxygen the #1 body nutrient is better soluble in fatty acids than in water; since this is the case the blood brain barrier is not a barrier for oxygen (O2). Both DHA and AA are in the brain. There is no good, valid and reliable research that supports that any vitamin or fatty acid will cure schizophrenia. What is known: "Schizophrenia is associated with blood DHA and AA deficits and progressive neuropathological brain changes. . . characterized by reduced cortical white matter microstructural integrity. . . . evidence suggest that polyunsaturated biostatus is positively associated with white matter microstructural integrity in schizophrenia patients (McNamara et al., P.22)." 

Arachidonic (AA), omega-6 is in every cell in the body functioning as a natural blood thinner, reducing the chance of blood clots. Electron rich DHA omega-3 decreased in test participants an average of -.05% per person indicating no red blood cells needed more. DHA in the cell membrane, every cell has one, attracts and absorbs oxygen necessary metabolism. Arachidonic increased after a single 9g application on skin of Paradise Oil an average of +.17% per test participant. 

♦ Paradise Oil "U.S. Patent No. 9,139, 754 B1" is engineered by design, includes USDA Organic, Natural, and BIOLOGICAL GREEN (defined term), nutrient ingredients. After a single use comparison test to a similar oil, Paradise Oil decreased the unhealthy saturated fatty acids in red blood cells in no more than five minutes by 406%. Test results for both oils measured by a Certified Laboratory. 

The vital fatty acids, and other nutrient cell benefits provided by Paradise Oil are superior to those from medicines (medicines deplete vitamins), pain relief products, vitamins, drugs, neutraceuticals, fruit(s) and vegetable(s) products, freeze-dried products (remove all oxygen), other oils (including essential oils), supplements of all kinds, and foodstuffs. Paradise Oil is not a foodstuff. 

Nothing is swallowed, no injections or needles, and best of all no doctor visit. U.S. Patent No. 9,139,754 B1 Paradise Oil (a cell remedy oil) is applied on skin and works much faster than any product or medicine swallowed, or, applied on skin. Unlike the 30 muscles and the energy lost/or used during digestion of foodstuffs, less muscle energy is used applying Paradise Oil on skin. Paradise Oil users are increasing their energy supply 5 minutes after application on skin. No other product is in the red blood cell membrane as quickly renewing the cells. This remedy oil is 100% drug free, 99.9% plant-based, very deep penetrating and BIOLOGICAL GREEN. Guaranteed to deliver increase in red blood cell oxygenation and energy five minutes after application. In limited testing fatty acid energy increases have lasted up to eight hours. Test participants "oxygen magnet" fatty acids increased 129% five minutes after 9g application on skin. Increases in oxygenation have been measured up to eight hours, in limited testing. Paradise Oil is ideal for athletes, (cuts, scrapes, sprains, pulled muscles, muscle aches, bruises, etc.) anyone diagnosed with disease, the sick or everyone feeling fine for proactive protection to combat future sickness and disease, or for any person striving to be "healthy" with ongoing use. Quickly delivers a complete range of red blood cell renewing "healthy" nutrients that medicines, CBD oil, fish oils, omega-3s, hemp oil, drugs, pharmaceuticals, and FDA-Approved human drugs ignore, and cannot come close to matching. Those products lack the vital nutrients, to make cells "healthy", as Paradise Oil does. "Healthy" must include predomi-nantly monounsaturated (e.g., olive oil, or omega-7) and polyunsaturated (e.g., flaxseed oil) fatty acids. Paradise Oil includes 14 "healthy" monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids. All 14 are also in "healthy" red bood cells that transport oxygen. One of these 14 fatty acids is oleic (omega-9). Oleic is quite interesting, it's a key ingredient in the Mediterranean diet. In a study of 74,609 "healthy" people ages 60 and above it was linked with a 33% drop in cardiovascular deaths. The interesting does not stop here. As it turns out oleic acid is 10X to 100X (x=times), more potent than resveratrol in wine. Resveratrol in wine stresses cells. Stressed cells must activate sirtuins to repair the damage caused by the stress. Oleic acid unlike resveratrol in wine does not stress cells. To relieve the stress even more resveratrol is needed to activate sirtuins to repair the damage the stress has caused. Resveratrol is also used in anti-aging but is inferior to Paradise Oil which provides more oxygen the #1 nutrient ingredient for staying young. Per gram resveratrol provides less than half the oxygen per gram compared to Paradise Oil. 

A short list of how this oil is used from "Customer Testimonials" are: immediate back pain elimination, 50% reduction in healing time following broken chest rib (92 year old), pain reduction/or elimination, headaches, muscle aches, improved blood circulation, sunburn, tooth and gum aches, neuropic feet, skin moisturizer, use after surgery to accelerate healing of scalpel cuts (e.g., knee surgery), rheumatoid arthritis, on very hot swollen knees, to reduce inflammation, Shingles, mosquito/or other insect bites, use on gout, elimination of finger pain, use on cuts/or scratches, to relieve dry skin/or lips, to relieve itchy skin, to reduce the scar tissue after surgery, use on knee injury, sore muscle and joint relief, long list of skin problms including skin cancers, use on severely crippled arthritic hands, use on kitchen burns, diabetic feet pain relief, diabetic peripheral neuropathy, foot peripheral neuropathy, use after scoliosis surgery and pain to sacroiliac (SI) joint, a drop in each nostril to clear nose and sinus. Again the above is just a short list.  

Paradise Oil polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids regenerate red blood cell membranes (the skin of every cell in the body), and provide 2.25 more energy than carbohydrates to assist in combating Alzheimer's disease, Crohn's disease, Parkinson's disease, Schizophrenia, and other diseases and mental Illness. Paradise Oil IS APPLIED ON SKIN NOT SWALLOWED! Five minutes after applied on skin, some 30,000 minutes less than a three week quick start, Paradise Oil is working. Treats skin with all the vital skin cell nutrients on the way in and red blood cell membranes in the bloodstream. The details are below. 

Paradise Oil cell remedy, cellular oxygen and energy providing and cell membranes regeneration oil is a benefit to anyone ages 6 years and up, and terrific for athletes. 

What Paradise Oil does:

". . . disease is not a thing, animate or inanimate, but a condition due to a lack of some inorganic constituent in the blood, it follows naturally that the proper method of cure for disease is to supply to the blood that which is lacking. In the treatment of disease the use of anything that blood is not made of is unnecessary; and to give poisons to a sick person is simply barbarous and inhuman. True, many have survived it, but equally many have been hurried thus to their graves (P. 15)." George Washington Carey , M.D., BOOK: The Biochemic System of Medicine - Comprising - The Theory, Pathological Action, Therapeutical Application, Materia Medica, And Repertory , 1896.

Certified lab measured valid and reliable results of the sickness and disease combating effectiveness of this red blood cell membrane remedy and regeneration oil on diseases are calculated. Also tested were two swallowed fish oils so a comparison with Paradise Oil could occur. Remember, nothing is swallowed using Paradise Oil. Unlike all things swallowed, applied on skin Paradise Oil is guaranteed to ALWAYS benefit skin first, on the way in to bloodstream then in red blood cell membranes, more benefits occur. This oil with more than 60 oxygen providing nutrients is energy providing and anti-aging too. Paradise Oil is built BIOLOGICAL GREEN!    

Paradise Oil is a topical (apply on skin) and transdermal (through the skin into bloodstream) remedy oil. This oil is not a food! It outperforms by placing more vital cell nutrients in the red blood cell membrane than all things swallowed.

♦Define the Problem - Blood cells are oxygen deprived and contaminated by toxic chemicals, endocrine-disrupting chemicals, and cancer causing chemicals.

♦Action Plan - Step outside-the-box! Avoid the status-quo and cell contaminating approaches universally used and accepted by the population contributing to sickness and disease(s).

♦Conduct A Study of Medicines and Benefits to Cells From Their Use - Found no medicine provides the "six elements of life" or "four organic compounds found in a living things." Discovered that medicines deplete vitamins. No medicine provides the number of polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids required to make, and, keep cells "healthy" as defined by latest FDA nonbinding definition of "healthy." 

♦Find a Best Solution to Defined Problem - The Solution are the identical fatty acids and 74 nutrients in total found in both Paradise Oil (a remedy oil) and red blood cell membranes.


Engineered-by-design Paradise Oil is made of and provides 74 identical nutrients to the body, brain, and red blood cell membranes, they rely on. No drug,  medicine, pharmaceutical, supplement, herb, neutraceutical or personal care product provides the nutrients Paradise Oil does. Unlike medicines and drugs made of chemicals and the contaminants in them negatively impacting one's health, Paradise Oil is free of contaminants. Medicines deplete vitamins in the body. One example is Metformin which depletes vitamin B12, folic acid, and the naturally-occurring nutrient CoQ10. Paradise Oil is the opposite of medicines by  providing eight plant-based vitamins and 20 naturally-occurring elements/or minerals. 

There is no other cell remedy and regeneration oil providing the abundance of "compatible and good for cells and body nutrients" as Paradise Oil. No other oil or non-oil product, drug, or  medicine, can positively effect "healthy" as this BIOLOGICAL GREEN oil. No other product has a topical and transdermal method of delivery after applied on skin, quickly penetrates skin to cell membrane in five minutes or less.

According to our customers the benefits of this oil are wide-ranging. There's one customer who fell hurting his shoulder at 90 years of age.  The customer was a type 2 diabetic whose left foot was neuropathic. He tells me he treated his hurt shoulder and a few minutes later his left foot starts feeling better too. When he learned the oil quickly enters the bloodstream after being applied on skin it made sense to him that in the bloodstream this remedy oil travels everywhere, helping relieve the pain in his left foot too. Paradise Oil provides a long list of oxygen atoms and molecules (O, O2, O3, O4, and O7). Sixty-five percent of the mass of the body is oxygen. Oxygen is the best anti-aging, accelerated healing, and best energy providing nutrient!

Quick Energy For Athletes and Quick Pain Relief and Healing Too! This oil is 100% drug free, 99.9% plant-based. Workouts lasting for less than one hour and more than an hour can rely on Paradise Oil for for fuel energy. Fatty acids can turn to glucose for quick energy and fats are provided for fuel after glucose/carbohydrates are gone. The quick energy from speedy oxygen delivery sources and supplemental oxygen from nutrients is available in a few minutes time after application of skin. Fats provide 2.25 times more energy than carbohydrates. There are three USDA organic essential oils, which are considered as food supplements (not drugs), by the FDA. The delivery of plant-based nutrients have been measured by a certified lab, over four years of testing. The lab data shows in as little as five minutes nutrients including oxygen are in red blood cell membranes. This oil is designed to deal with cuts, sprains, tired and sore muscles, muscle aches and sprains, blisters, dry skin, anti-aging, itchy skin, to list just a few. In my home and a few more I know of Paradise Oil is used for everything a person can think of, and is great addition to carry in first-aid kit. Besides band-aids and bandages you could throw out all the other things since Paradise Oil will do all things better.  

Fatty acid deficits contribute to EVERY sickness and Disease. - Medicines completely ignore the data and measure of the vital contributions to human body and red blood cell membranes that fatty acids provide. The fatty acids including the essential and parent essential oils in Paradise Oil quickly regenerate up to 40-45% of the same/identical nutrients red blood cell membranes are made of. Cells are made of nutrients, NOT man-made synthetic chemicals. Valid and reliable certified lab measured results show after applied on skin the nutrients in this oil are QUICKLY in red blood cell membanes, in five minutes, or less. 

Paradise Oil fatty acids in just a few minutes time after applied on skin are regenerating the 40-45% lipids/fatty acids nutrients the red blood cell membranes are made of. Certified valid and reliable lab measured data results report the changes from CONTROL (fatty acids measures before exact amounts of Paradise Oil was applied on skin of each test participant). CONTROL measures are fatty acid concentrations (in %), taken before any oil was applied to test participants body. After CONTROL measurements all test participants apply identical 9g Paradise Oil to same parts of body. Paradise oil provides the same nutrients the human body, brain, nerve system are made of. The human brain is 60% fatty acids, nerve cell membranes are over 50% lipids/fatty acids, and as already mentioned red blood cell membranes are 40-45% fatty acids. "Fatty acids are obviously important in combating all diseases but the medical establishment can only ignore them." (James Livingston , 2021). Paradise Oil provides at least 74 nutrients the body, brain, red blood cells, and nerve cell membranes are made of. These 74 nutrients are in compliance with the new nonbinding FDA defintion of "healthy" for food stuffs, which Paradise Oil is not (a food stuff). Paradise Oil is applied on skin, not swallowed.  


Putting one's trust in "wrong things" like medicines does not lock a person out from taking action doing "right things" like regenerating cell membranes, which no medicine, drug or other product will do. "In the field of medicine, the Food and Drug Administration is the most influential organization in the world.  . . . Experts in the food and healthcare industry agree: the FDA is responsible for an immeasurable amount of pain and suffering worldwide. . . . The FDA underreports their numbers ( Use this link to keep reading about the FDA and deaths. 

Red blood cells transport oxygen throughout the entire body. Red blood cells outnumber all the other cells combined in the body. Red blood cell nutrients provided by 95 medicines were studied (more below). The results help to explain why so many are sick and stay sick. If we are not constantly providing the identical nutrients (particularly polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids) of the right kinds to our cells we are contaminating our cells, and feeding our cells contaminants that allow sickness and disease(s) to take over at some point in time.  Contaminating cells is what we have decided to do. If you have NOT HAD the correct plant-based oil with proper fatty acids today you are by FDA nonbinding definition NOT "healthy." Paradise Oil provides to red blood cells 74 identical nutrients the cells are made of. Red blood cells are made of 100% nutrients including 40-45% lipids/fatty acids. "Fatty acids can regenerate the cell membrane (Dr. Dan Pompa)." "Life begins on the membrane (Dr. Bruce Lipton)." A healthy life begins and ends on the cell membranes. Medicines cannot regenerate a cell membrane or keep a cell healthy. There are no chemicals other than some chemical elements from the Periodic Table of The Elements in red blood cells. The chemical contaminants in oxygen transporting red blood cells we put there, because "we all make our own blood." Ninety-five medicines were studied in the book Molecules And Medicine , E.J. Corey , Barbara Czako , Laszlo Kurti , Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology Harvard University , publisher John Wiley & Sons, Inc. , copyright 2007. We found no medicine not made of synthetic chemicals. No medicine will keep a red blood cell alive, or healty. 

Title: Study: FDA is responsible for up to 73 million deaths since 2005, March 24, 2018)." The study reveals the number of deaths per day can be range from 178 deaths per day (862,000 since 2005), to 15,120 deaths per day (73,000,000 since 2005)." According to the FDA, around 862,000 people have died because of FDA-approved drugs, vaccines and devices since 2005 ( The FDA admits "their statistics are far from accurate." A former FDA Commissioner admits to underreporting numbers "by as much as 100 fold."  There's nothing safe about medicines and use of them. We have turned our backs on what our cells are made of to regenerate themselves, which is fatty acids and put trust in things called chemicals made for nonliving things like a rock. 

We’re All Stardust and Oxygen, From in The Beginning.

U.S. Patent No. 9,139,754 B1

For people/or pets with "Essential Fatty Acids Deficiency" and everyone else without it. A apply on skin, quick acting with pure substances one of a kind treatment oil for whatever ails you from A – Z, (arthritis, anti-aging, to zoster/herpes zoster/shingles, to name just a few). Valid and  reliable lab test measured results report the  majority of the time this oil was applied on skin of test participants, in 5 minutes or less, it lowered the trans-fatty acids linked to "LDL" bad cholesterol and improved the essential fatty acids (EFAs), in 75% of people tested. Data from the test also showed the Omega-3 fatty acids of 100% of test participants increased at the 5 minute mark after this oil was applied on skin without the use of fish oil. Half of the test participants Omega-3 Index also improved. Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins are known to improve blood flow. Every home, emergency kit, and backpack needs a bottle! Is highly absorbable and deep penetrating with 99.9% plant-based nutrients including fruits, veggies, and more. Paradise Oil is 100% drug free, and medicine free. Includes 19 vital to skin nutrients, 20 nutrients to assist in bone building, and 61 oxygen providing blood cell and energy nutrients (carbohydrates, oxygen atoms, L-amino acids, etc.) found in a red blood cell to assist in rebuilding health and cellular energy and repair. A high concentration of oxygen atoms helps speedup healing (including wound healing), assist in reducing nerve damage, relieve and stop pain, help rejuvenate life into weakened dirty cells in everyone, and restore vital nutrients present at the time of creation. Includes: the ‘four organic compounds’ found in ALL living things; ‘the 6 ingredients of life’; the ‘20 essentials for life’; and ‘Oxy3 (providing 3 oxygen atoms).’

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1. The Who, What, When, Where, How, and, Why, of Hormone/Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals.

2. Lab Measured Results - Two Comparisons of Omega-3s Delivery - Swallowing Fish Oil and Paradise Oil on Skin. 

3. Star Stuff Elements for Cell Regeneration.

4). Blood Tests Are Not An Honest Reflection of A Person's Health. 

7 Unique Advantages

Please compare the advantages listed below to CBD Oils, any other oil, medicine, prescription drug, personal care product, or any other product.

Drugs kill! For example the common painkiller opioids. Paradise Oil doesn't kill. 

•Is BIOLOGICAL GREEN™;    •Includes ALL 6 Nutrient Classes; •Is free of damaging chemicals;    •Use “as is” or add to other products;    •Provides vital nutrients and oxygen atoms to red blood cells;   •Includes skin and bone-building nutrients.


1).   Is a BIOLOGICAL GREEN product (a defined term). A few of the distinguishing traits are: the ingredients are very deep penetrating nutrients, including naturally-occurring elements present at the creation that are safe to humans, and animals, nutrients are eco-friendly, free of groundwater and air contaminants; includes up to 36 beneficial properties.A few of those properties are: anti-aging, anti-cancer, anti-itch, healing, and antibacterial. Also includes the BEST/Number 1 form of vitamin E mixed alpha, delta, and gamma tocopherols to protect skin from the suns damaging UV rays, etc. No other product or oil includes all of 1 – 6!

2).  Includes all 6 nutrient classes: Proteins, lipids, minerals, carbohydrates, vitamins, purified water (trace amount).

3).  Is free of ALL of the following: A). damaging and gender bending endocrine disrupting chemicals; B). toxic chemicals; and C). cancer-causing chemicals. One, two, or all three of the listed damaging chemicals are found in the majority of all products. One or more are also found in newborn babies. Almost 87% of teens bodies include, one, two or all three A). – C). listed here. These three or, one, or two, are very often found in about 90% of medicines, OTC products, perfumes, prescription drugs, personal care products, cosmetics, hair/nail colorings, shampoos, soap suds with 1.4-Dioxane which is never found on any ingredients label, but is in at least 8,000 products, and causes cancer.

4). Use “as is” or add some amount to any skin lotion, add a drop or two to toothpaste before or during brushing. Add to other products to help reduce the damaging impacts, and improve the product. Skin is the largest organ and Paradise Oil nutrients, some found all living things and no other product are what healthy skin and cells are made of (not chemicals). Sixty percent of chemicals in a wide variety of products applied to skin enter the bloodstream. Inside the bloodstream they accumulate and damage cells, every organ and tissues. Less that 1% of chemicals in products we all buy have not been tested for safety.

5). We all make our own blood! Beware of what you put on your skin and feed it! Unlike all other oils, and products this specialty oil includes 61 vital oxygen (O), providing red blood cell nutrients in trace and other amounts to help replenish oxygen and provide a boost in cellular energy to the body and red blood cells through the skin. Pure substances (naturally-occurring elements), from exploding stars, assist in restoring and rebuilding health. A long list of vital plant-based nutrients: L-amino acids, vitamins, olive oil, and 27 superfoods, many in the photo above (e.g., kale, mushrooms, algae, alfalfa leaf, spirulina, and more) provide oxygen (O), atoms. Proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, and nucleic acids found in all living things and this oil, provide additional oxygen atoms for uptake by red blood cells and skin cells. No other product provides comparable and vital oxygen atom providing nutrients. No other element/ingredient is more important to life and living, and almost all wound healing processes than oxygen! Oxygen is the number 1 nutrient for anti-aging and healthy cell life. Cancer cells love sugar and hate oxygen.

6). Includes 20 apply on skin, essential bone-building plant-based nutrients to assist bone health.

7). Fish Oil benefits without the fish oil! Measured results after applied on skin show increase in omega-3 fatty acids, including EPA, found in fish oil. 

Is BIOLOGICAL GREEN™ Includes ALL 6 Nutrient Classes. Is free of damaging chemicals. Use “as is” or add to other products. Provides oxygen atoms to red blood cells. Includes skin and bone-building nutrients



Use on Scar Tissue after Surgery:

2016, Karen Givan, (Lubbock, TX.) - “About a year ago after an operation I was left with a six inch scar, with extensive scar tissue. I had learned about this oil, and bought some and began using it immediately. In the first month this treatment oil softened the scar tissue and flattened it out to my surprise. A second operation about 5 years back left scar tissue about 1/4 inch long and elevated about 2cm. After about three weeks of using Paradise Oil on this older scar tissue if softened it and diminished about 50% of its height. I still use the oil about twice a week to keep the scar tissue soft.”

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