You cannot contract a disease if your "healthy!" Paradise Oil rebuilds and rejuvenates oxygen transporting red blood cells to "healthy." Lab certified fatty acids analysis test results of red cells prove it time and time again in less than 5 minutes after applied on skin. 
100% Money Back Guaranteed to make red blood cells "healthier" after a single 9g application on skin. When your red cells are "healthier" you are too!

The answer to every question below for medicines (including FDA-Approved), prescription drugs, energy supplements, aspirin, energy drinks is "no." The answer in regards to Paradise Oil is "yes." Cells cannot be "healthy" with any "no" answers.

"Healthy" cells must have all nine of the following! No medicine, prescription drug, or pharmaceutical can help to make blood cells healthy without all nine of the following:

Does it always provide protein?

Does it always provide oxygen?

Does it always provide carbohydrates?

Are nucleic acids in the product?

Are the fifteen "healthy" fatty acids in the product?

Are the "six elements of life" in the product?

Are the "four organic compounds" in all living things in the products you buy? See the first four nutrients listed above. 

Is the product 100% free of side effects and adverse reactions?

Are there at least 20 L-amino acids (plant based amino acids) in the product?


One of a kind Advantages, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee PLUS Lab Measured Results that Medicines, All other Oils, Prescription Drugs, Personal Care Products, Supplements of Anykind, Anti-aging Products, Cannot Provide, as follows:

VITAL ANNOUNCEMENT And INFORMATION: Paradise Oil is 100% free of drugs, marine and fish oils! This oil provides every nutrient found in milk except lactose and vitamin B9, while being 100% dairy free. On an equal weight basis compared to other products Paradise Oil 1). outperforms; 2). is more beneficial to cells; 3). accelerates wound healing; 4).  lasts longer in cells (up to eight hours measured results) for pain relief, 5). provides more cellular energy and pain relief than omega-3 fish oils, CBD and Hemp oils, Sportscreme, Relief Factor, *Balance of Nature (less whole fruits, vegetables, and superfoods than Paradise Oil), 5-hour ENERGY®, Mentholatum, Aspercreme, Bengay, Extra Strength Tiger Balm, and a long list of others. Paradise Oil is applied on skin there is no swallowing involved! 

*"Research indicates that the benefits of whole fruits and vegetables cannot be distilled down into a pill (Oct. 16, 2018, Dr. Ronald Hoffman," Pills are not the equal of real fruits and vegetables. 

The same test participant was used in all the following Paradise Oil and fish oil tests, so results could be compared. Swallowing omega-3 fish oils in our lab tests decreased the levels of omega-3s in the red cells -.24% (avg.). Compare those results to Paradise Oil resulting average decrease of measured omega-3s was -.15%, or -.09% less, after applying Paradise Oil on skin. Paradise Oil makes no claim to increasing omega-3s compared to the two omega-3 fish oils sold that are supposed to raise omega-3s but did not. Valid and reliable test results from a certified lab report swallowing omega-3 fish oils (9g) in two different tests decreased the levels of omega-3s in both the cells and the body. All of the following "Healthy" fatty acids increased more after use of 9g Paradise Oil on skin compared to 9g fish oils swallowed: Omega-9s (3 each), increased average +.20% after use of Paradise Oil (2 tests) compared to two different fish oil results (2 tests). Omega-6s increased average +.20% more than swallowed omega-3 fish oils. After swallowing two fish oils damaging saturated fatty acids increased average +.50% per saturated fatty acid  compared to Paradise Oil saturated fatty acids levels  increase average of +.12%, or -38% less than fish oils. Saturated fatty acids are the #1 fatty acids in red blood cells @41% concentration. The goal is to lower saturated fatty acids so "healthy" fatty acids can increase in concentration, not increase their levels as occurs after taking omega-3 fish oils. Fish oils increased them which harms the body and cells, ages the body (omega-3s  promote aging) and weakens the immune system increasing the risks of becoming sick, getting a disease.  

      Paradise Oil is one of just a few products in the world that delivers biological molecules including most important oxygen topically and transdermally through the skin into the bloodstream, in five minutes or less after applied on skin. All results are certified lab measured. Every person's red blood cells are contaminated! Paradise Oil requires no doctor appointment, no needles, no injection, or swallowing, simply apply a few drops on skin. Made of 74 in common to red cells and the body (includes pets and animals too) oxygen providing nutrients, 99.9% plant-based, 100% drug free. It's a fact that no person can control the "health" of their body and blood cells by simply swallowing "healthy" nutrients, or taking medicines. It's not sugar or carbohydrates, but oxygen that is the highest-energy molecule powering multicellular life! If your not providing oxygen atoms or molecules in all you swallow or apply on skin your not regenerating your cell membranes. All cells have a membrane! Medicines and "healthy" should not be used in the same sentence unless it's to point out how opposite the two are. A study of medicines reveals medicines lack most important fatty acids used for aerobic cellular respiration. No medicine provides the "six elements of life" to be "healthy" making it imperative for everyone to obtain both fatty acids of the right kinds and "six elements of life" daily to have the chance to be "healthy." Omega-3s and fish oils fail the test. It's an untruth for anyone to think simply swallowing "healthy" foodstuffs, fruits, vegetables, supplements of all kinds, etc., will make cells "healthy" it's not that simple.   

     No person is "healthy" unless they've had their fatty acids in their red blood cell membranes measured! The two most misunderstood, over used, and misused in literature of word(s) are: "health" and "healthy." Neither is possible to obtain without personal knowledge, measure, and analysis of each person's fatty acids in their red cell membranes. Red cells are 40% fatty acids/lipids! TV commercials and product advertising are so untruthful and pretend. Very few  products we buy have a chance of making us "healthy" when so few of them provide fatty acids., and even less can deliver them to a red cell membrane. Compounding matters the medical profession cannot tell you your cells are "healthy" when that profession ignores measuring fatty acids in the blood tests they perform. It's my opinion the medical profession ignores fatty acids because there are NO fatty acids in any hospital to assist nursing a patient to health. The medical profession has no problem contaminating red cells with chemicals of all kinds to keep patients returning. It's easier to treat symptoms and ignore cures. Since the first medicine until the more than 20,000 prescription drug products today, taking one or more of: medicine, prescription drug, "healthy" fruits and vegetables, does not result in "healthy" red blood cells, or body! Life expectancy continues to decline with all these products of all kinds, medicines and drugs included. All products sold pretend swallowing their product will change you for the better and not include a single fatty acid to honestly do so. All the products made lack the smorgasbord of in common to blood cell and body nutrients and the ability to deliver them to the cell membranes in order to be honestly "healthy." Another fact to contend with: we don't feed our blood cells, blood cells, feed themselves! No two people's red cells are nutritionally the same, but all "healthy" people will have a blend and synergy provided by proper blend and concentration of fatty acids that will enable regeneration of cell membranes. The proper "healthy" fatty acids mix for my body will not be the proper mix for another person's body.  

♦ 1. Applied on skin Paradise Oil results Vs. Swallowed Omega-3 fish oil results.  Just because you swallow what you believe is good for your health does not mean it's going to reach a cell membrane so it can improve your health. Why does it take 2 to 3 weeks for swallowed 100% drug free Relief Factor to provide pain relief? It takes 100% drug free applied on skin Paradise Oil less than 5 few minutes to provide pain relief. Myself and others have experienced immediate relief (a few seconds) after Paradise Oil contacts the area the pain originates from. Why is this? More times than not what we swallow no matter how healthy a product it is, doesn't benefit our cells! According to a lengthy study dietary supplements are a waste of money. Swallowing nutrients is so old school, less effective, and less efficient, compared to 21st century topical and transdermal Paradise Oil. Just like omega-3 fish oils, Relief Factor too is less effective and less efficient because it's swallowed. We took blood samples of real humans comparing two swallowed high quality omega-3 fish oils and applied on skin Paradise Oil. Paradise Oil is 100% fish/marine oil free outperforms all omega-3 fish oils tested. Red cells blood tests results:  Paradise Oil displaced less EPA and DHA nutrients in red blood cell membranes than omega-3 fish oils. Instead of increasing EPA and DHA levels after swallowing two fish oils the concentrations of both, were lowered average -.37%. The reasons people take fish oils are to increase EPA and DHA fatty acids, not lower the concentrations by -.37%. To make matters worse most fish oils aren't even fish oil. Paradise Oil on the other hand applied on skin decreased EPA and DHA concentration only -.15%, or -.22% less. Another difference fish oils make and claim to customers is the increase of both EPA and DHA. Paradise Oil makes no such claim to increase EPA and DHA. Another measure (the omega-3 index) decreased 75% of the time after fish oil use. One product is honest the other not so much.The same plant-based 74 in common red blood cell and body nutrients red blood cells are made of Paradise Oil provides. Fish oils do not provide the same 74 nutrients to regenerate red cells! Paradise Oil can be applied in private places. Paradise Oil also provides more whole fruits and vegetables and 32 superfoods compared to Balance of Nature, which is definitely NOT the best whole fruit and vegetable product. 

♦ 2. Certified lab measured results confirm Paradise Oil outperforms omega-3 fish oils! Polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs), and monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs) are both "Healthy" fatty acids. Paradise Oil (applied on skin), and two swallowed fish oils were tested. The average increase in eleven PUFAs after a single use of Paradise Oil was +.35% per acid. The same eleven PUFAs were measured after swallowing two high quality fish oils. The PUFAs from fish oils increased average +.04% and +.06%. in red cells, compared to more beneficial +.35% from applied on skin Paradise Oil. Four MUFAs increased average +6.1% after Paradise Oil was applied on skin and +.53% and +.14% average after swallowing the two omega-3 fish oils. These valid and reliable test results provide continuing proof that Paradise Oil on skin outperforms oils swallowed. Unlike fish oils every use of Paradise Oil makes skin better, because the oil is applied on skin while also providing all the nutrients skin cells are made of. Topical and transdermal delivered Paradise Oil unlike fish oils and other swallowed oils/foodstuffs have to pass through the esophagus, stomach, and intestine, are diluted and weakened only smaller concentrations actually reach cells. Paradise Oil is anti-aging and fish oils are pro-aging (accelerate the aging of body and skin). Fish oils do not slow aging or have longevity benefits, like Paradise Oil.  

♦ 3. Can be used in private places. Paradise Oil is 100% drug and gimmick free. This oil is BIOLOGICAL GREEN (defined), tested on people for five years, and comes with a money back guarantee. Made of 74 in common to red blood cell and body nutrients. This topical oil provides more energy than 5-hour Energy®, and test confirm Paradise Oil last for at least eight hours. The test results of this specialty and remedy oil provide valid and reliable certified lab measured results. We know of no other product reporting lab measured data on the building blocks for humans (fatty acids), for all to see. 

♦ 4. Paradise Oil is allergy free! This oil requires no swallowing. Provides higher lab measured levels of beneficial energy in much quicker time (5 minutes or less) than dietary supplements, medicines, pharmaceuticals, energy drinks, herbs, neutraceuticals, and prescription drugs, measured in oxygen transporting red cell membranes after applying on skin.

♦ 5. Greater bioavailability of 74 in common to skin, body, and red blood cell membrane nutrients in five minutes or less after application on skin. Nutrients still remain up to eight hours after one application on skin. 

♦ 6. RESULTS DRIVEN - Six Drops on Skin and Resulting Lab Measured Effectiveness - Scientific testing, clinical testing, other products boast about, is little to do and means nothing. Tell us the results, because valid and reliable RESULTS count - not testing! Ask yourself what the results of a product are before buying it. Products not made of in common cell nutrients cannot make cells better/or healthy! 

Any product in the universe can be scientifically of clinically tested! Paradise Oil is about testing, but more importantly RESULTS. Red blood cell test and nutrients analysis performed by a CLIA certified blood lab. Six drops of Paradise Oil (0.25g), about $0.28, was applied on hands of a diseased user of Paradise Oil. The omega-3 index of the test participant increased +.32% (4.05% - 4.37%), after a single use of six drops on skin. Four each omega-3s (ALA, EPA, DPAn-3, and DHA) of the test participant increased +.49% after a single six drops use on hands after 3 minutes.  This is proof that 99.9% plant-based Paradise Oil free of all marine oils can increase the omega-3 index without buying omega-3 products or fish oils. Two fish oils tested lowered the omega-3 index (movement in the wrong direction) 75% of the time after swallowing.  


♦ 7.  Lab Measured Increases in cell regenerating fatty acids increased the Omega-3 Index after just one application on skin after using  99.9% Plant-based Paradise Oil - After a single use of Paradise Oil the omega-3 index increased in 58% of test participants an average of +.15%. This +.15% average increase (range +.01 to +.38%) in omega-3 index after one use of Paradise Oil is beneficial.  PLEASE CONTINUE READING, THANK YOU! The lab measured omega-3 index results after taking two high quality omega-3 fish oils were swallowed (2 separate tests), follow: - One fish oil tested was 1500mg EPA and 1000mg DHA. The second fish oil tested was 800mg EPA and 600mg DHA. The omega-3 index decreased average of -.29% and -.04% is movement in the wrong direction after swallowing the two fish oils. The American Heart Association recommended dose for fish oils was followed! Each fish oil tested on different days. The two fish oils made the omega-3 index worse which is opposite of expected results, and provides more reasons for not wasting money on them. 

Omega-3 Index Results Summary: The ONLY increases in the omega-3 index came after using Paradise Oil! Swallowing omega-3s and fish oils resulted in test participants omega-3 index measures to get worse (decrease), not get better (increase). Valid and reliable data results are proof that Paradise Oil, 100% free of fish/marine oils outperforms the two fish oils.   

♦ 8. Is the only 99.9% plant-based, both topical and transdermal, oil of any kind providing numerous valid and reliable blood lab measured cause and resulting beneficial effect "healthy" results. No medicine, pharmaceutical, prescription drug, other oil, liquid, gel capsule, skin cream,  or wound healing product can provide equal disease combating beneficial results, as quickly, lasting up to 8 hours (lab measured).  The cause of every disease is a deficit of one or more fatty acids. The use of Paradise Oil on skin positively effects/regenerates the fatty acids in red blood cell membranes in less that 5 minutes after applied on skin. Pain relief begins in just a couple of minutes time. Increased levels of MUFAs and PUFAs fatty acids in red cell membranes makes the red cells and body "healthy," Every user has healthier skin, red cell membranes, and healthier cellular energy after application of Paradise Oil on skin. Paradise Oil acts much quicker bypassing the stomach and gut and first pass effects which reduces the effectiveness of all swallowed products. Paradise Oil isn't swallowed!  


All fifteen "healthy" fatty acids measured are in Paradise Oil. A single use of Paradise Oil on skin one hour after application results follow: 48% (avg.), of 15 fatty acids measured increased. The average level of "healthy" and beneficial increase was +.32% from Control measures of test participants taken prior to testing. Average forty five percent (45%), of 15 fatty acids decreased average of -.25% from Control measures in each test participant. Seven percent of measures at 1 hour did not change from Control. Compared to Control measures taken prior to test The "healthy" acids concentration increased in 48% of test participants following a single skin application of 9g Paradise Oil. This single application benefitted the health of each test participant.  

♦ 9. Decrease in damaging saturated fatty acids (Paradise Oil), and increase in damaging acids after taking two fish oils! 100% marine oil and drug free, 99.9% plant-based Paradise Oil was tested against two high quality omega-3 fish oils in equal amounts (9g of each swallowed), on real people 8 damaging saturated fatty acids (SFAs), in the omega-3 fish oils increased average +1.73% per test participant. These results are damaging to cells and the body. No one wants to tell you the secret of damaging saturated fatty acids in omega-3 fish oils. The #1 acids in concentration in fish oils are saturated fatty acids! Increasing SFAs is damaging to the body and cells! In 100% of our omega-3 fish oils test damaging saturated fatty acids ALWAYS increased more than omega-3s. This +1.73% increase is more valid and reliable data confirming omega-3 fish oils make the body and cells worse, not better! The same eight SFAs after 9g Paradise Oil was applied on skin decreased the damaging SFAs -.75% (average) in test participants, resulting in a healthier body and red cells.  

It's ALWAYS beneficial to health to reduce SFAs because the concentrations of healthier fatty acids increase when damaging fatty acid levels decrease. In regards to SFAs decreasing after a single use of 9g Paradise Oil on skin almost 90% of test participants red cells were healthier as a result.     
♦ 10. Medicines are selective toxins poisoning the body (P. 102, Lustig, Robert,. M.D., Book: Metabolical). Many medicines deplete the body of vitamins. Gaps in knowledge will always be linked to the use of medicine(s), vitamins, supplements of all kinds, and fish oils (omega-3s). Avoid the following buzz words: whole-food, natural (a snake bite and a tornado are examples), food-sourced, food-state, and others. Unlike medicines "alternative medicines" in the Mayo Clinic Book of Alternative Medicine get a "green light". Many of the alternative medicine nutrients getting the "green light" by the Mayo Clinic are in Paradise Oil. A few alternative medicine "green light" nutrients in Paradise Oil are: gamma-linolenic omega-6 fatty acid, USDA organic tea tree essential oil (a medicinal oil), superfood vitamins, minerals and vital oxygen absorbing fatty acids: B3, B6, B12, C, D, calcium (a mineral), and omega-3 fatty acids (4 each in Paradise Oil). A study of 95 medicines found that no medicine (not a single one), provided all six (6), essential red blood cell elements of life: (carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorus and sulfur). No medicine in 95 provided the four red blood cell organic compounds (protein, carbohydrates, lipids, and nucleic acids) found in all-living things. No medicine studied provided the value nutrients for maintenance, rebuilding or rejuvenating a contaminated blood cell to healthy. All red cells are contaminated, and synthetic vitamins contribute to their contamination. Since 90% of vitamins are synthetic the body doesn't have the capability to process them so the body targets them for removal. Paradise Oil vitamins are plant-based which is the #1 form for the body to process and cells to absorb. Synthetic store bought vitamins have LOW ABSORPTION and must be transformed by the body in order to be of any benefit, if at all. The body burns through a lot of energy to convert vitamins into useable forms the body and cells can use. More energy is lost than benefits gained using synthetic vitamins.  

It's naive for any scientific and/or biological thinker to conclude medicines and/or  drugs help make red blood cells healthy or better, they definitely do not. Medicines are not red blood cell regenerating but the fatty acids in 100% drug free Paradise Oil are. Everything that medicines are not and the nutrients they do not provide, Paradise Oil is, and does provide. Some illegal drugs that can be used in medicines are: cocaine, heroin, magic mushrooms, ketamine, MDMA, LSD, and cannabis (source:  20 May, 2016). Paradise Oil is 100% drug free. This specialty and remedy oil does provide the most important healthy  monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids for health, we covered earlier. Medicines make red cells worse and the cells proceed to make the body worse. In almost every medicine and generic, brand name, and prescription drug are one or more of the following: #1). endocrine-disrupting chemicals; #2). cancer-causing chemicals, or, #3). toxic chemicals. Some medicines will have #1 in them, others will have #1 and #2 in them. Other medicines and drugs will have all three (#1-#3), in them. A 2019 study of neonatal intensive care units found that 60% of the units are  contaminated with BPA (bisphenol A) an industrial chemical and endocrine-disruptor used to make plastics and 80% of them contained dangerous parabens. Parabens (endocrine disruptors) are commonly found in cosmetics and body care products, and artificial preservatives. Paradise Oil is free of the three. The HUGE problem with all medicines is there inability to regenerate blood cells with the vital nutrients oxygen providing red cells must have to stay healthy.

♦ Cannot overdose on use of Paradise Oil. You can however make your clothes and bed sheets oily, if you jump in bed quickly after applying the remedy oil. One hundred percent of the population (including every sick and diseased person) can benefit from the 74 synergistic in common to red blood cells,  oxygen and energy providing nutrients in this specialty remedy oil. Tests data results show the nutrients in red cell membranes are regenerating in five minutes or less, after Paradise Oil is applied on skin effecting health in positive ways.  
♦ Every vital element/mineral essential for cell life, including vitamins, the four organic compounds, a medicinal oil (USDA organic tea tree oil), "Green light" alternative medicines all in 99.9% plant-based forms in pass through the skin topical and transdermal forms are in U.S. Patent No. 9,139,754 B1 Paradise Oil. This specialty remedy oil is not just any oil. It's made of only body and cell nutrients not uncommon to the body chemicals found in medicines. Medicines do more damage and provide very little benefit to cells. Paradise Oil is unlike any other oil or product of any kind we are aware of, including all drugs and medicines. Unlike all of those products Paradise Oil is made of 74 in common red cell nutrients that are in red cell membranes (every cell has a membrane). You cannot overdose on Paradise Oil used on skin because it is made of nutrients, that skin, blood cells, tissues, organs, and about 60% of the brain are made of. 
♦ Paradise Oil Provides 32 Superfoods! - "Within the human body superfoods play an important role in . . . prevention of degenerative diseases and health promotion (Proestos, P. 576)." Just the superfood blueberry alone provides 18 protein creating amino acids, 11 vitamins, 10 trace elements, omega-3 and 6 "healthy" fatty acids, and more. Superfoods are micronutrients more nutrient-dense and lower in calories for BETTER HEALTH beyond the plain and more simpler means of nutrition. In Paradise Oil 32  superfoods help as follows: lower cholesterol, are antimicrobial, regulate metabolism and  fight inflammation, help to prevent cancer, strengthen the immune system, improve the management of type 2 diabetes, and assist in providing disease-fighting antioxidant protection exceeding the levels one gets from their daily diet, are just a few.
The 32 superfoods in Paradise Oil are:
Blue-green algae:
1. Spirulina
Medicinal mushrooms:
2. Reishi; 3. Maitake; 4. Chaga;
5. Cordyceps
Superfood vegetables:
6. Cauliflower; 7. Spinach; 
8. Kale; 9. Broccoli; 10. Beets;
11. Carrots; 12. Garlic;
13. Parsley; 14. Asparagus
Superfood fruits:
15. Blueberry; 16. Cherries;

17. Strawberries; 18. Grapefruit;

19. Blackberry; 20. Cranberries;
21. Oranges; 22. Pineapple;
23. Grapes
Superfood lipids/fatty acids:
24-27. Omega-3s (ALA, EPA, DPA, DHA); 28. Omega-9
Olive oil
Other superfoods:
29. Wheatgrass;
30. Alfalfa;
31. Barley grass; 
32. Dandelion

Superfoods benefits:

a. help in the release of energy;

b. are rich in antioxidants protecting cells from damage and may lower the risk of diseases;

c. electrolyte balance;
d. normal bone function and        blood clotting;
e. are needed by the nervous system;
f. deliver enhanced immune system responses (selenium), which assist in making the immune system healthy, also strengthens the immune system;
g. many are anti-inflammatories;
h. some are polyphenols which protect the red blood cells from free radical damage,
i. are anti-cancer (all reduce the risk of cancer);
j. assist in heart health benefits;
k. help improve the benefits from exercise, protect against oxidative stress (spirulina);
l. iron is needed for muscle health;
m. attract and absorb oxygen improving health of cells;
n. luteins from green leafy vegetables assist with eye health.
o. superfoods are also necessary for good bone health and maintenance.
♦ Twenty-two oxygen and energy providing plant-based L amino acids (13 more than found in hemp oil) are core nutrients in Paradise Oil the body has to have to make proteins. 

Oleic omega-9 in Paradise Oil is 10X to 100X (ten to 100 times) more potent than resveratrol in wine.  This specialty oil also provides 14 additional "healthy" fatty acids, one omega-7, three omega-9s, six omega-6s, and four omega-3s. One of the omega-6 can kill cancer cells. These acids attract and absorb oxygen and provide oxygen to every red cell membrane. Every cell has a membrane. Oxygen delivered topically and transdermally results in higher levels of available quick energy in cell membranes than proteins and carbohydrates combined can provide. Fatty acids regenerate red blood cells (no medicine or drug can). Above are just a few of the long list of benefits and effects that vital superfood nutrients in Paradise Oil provide to skin and red cells. 
Multiple Use Remedy Oil - Very long list of uses, anticancer, Shingles, treating insect bites, skin moisturizing and treatment, anti-aging, anti-itch, accelerated wound healing, accelerated wound closure, assist in treatment of all diseases, and more. Is both topical and transdermal therefore every application on the skin surface also travels beneath the skin. For example: every use of Paradise Oil for arthritis improves your skin too. Used on a bruise Paradise Oil improves the skin both on and beneath the skin surface. After entering the bloodstream the healing and healthy affects of in common to body nutrients travel throughout the body. Clients report a use on sore shouders also relieves the pain in their neuropathic feet. Every use for sore muscles, cuts, bruises, wound healing, insect bites, healing of surgical scalpel/or surgical cuts, headaches, etc., makes the skin better, making this oil a multiple use remedy oil.    
♦ Taking omega-3s accelerates aging making the body frow older quicker. Unlike omega-3s - 99.9% plant-based and BIOLOGICAL GREEN Paradise Oil nutrients are are anti-aging. 
♦ Certified lab measured results on real people, not pets or animals. Provides fourteen oxygen transporting red cell membrane rebuilding and regenerating lipids in five minutes time after as little as 6 drops (0.25g), or more, up to as much as you want to apply on skin is used. After a single 6 drops use on hands a diseased user's omega-3 index increased +.41% at the five minute mark, and +.37 at one hour. Another test participant omega-3 index was still increasing compared to Control 7 hours after application on skin. The level of increase +.11% . The highest level of omega-3 index increase for this same test participant was +.38% at 5 hours, compared to Control.   
♦ Provides nutrients that lower BAD LDL cholesterol and boost protective HDL good cholesterol.

♦ No medicine, quick energy product, drug, pharmaceutical, herb, neutraceutical, dietary or other supplement, can compete in providing as many unique "*healthy" benefits. *As defined by Sept. 2016 "Use of the Term "Healthy" in FDA non-binding document. 

♦ Add this value added specialty multiple use, remedy, accelerated wound healing, insect bites, Shingles combating, and all disease fighting oil to any product to make it better. If added to water-based product please shake before use to disperse the oil which floats on water. 

Every person needs a bottle of this 99.9% plant-based oil (100% drug free) for you, your family, and your pet. Besides using Paradise Oil on myself, I use this oil on my dog and cats all the time making sure to keep it away from their eyes. A fact to never forget: We all make our own blood. We all make our own blood!  A doctor on television promoting a product leaves out one important fact about the product. Freeze-drying fruits and vegetables removes the oxygen  which decreases the product benefits greatly to cells. The removal of all these high-energy molecules results in less energy for the cells. Unless you cannot eat fresh fruits and vegetables are the only legitimate reasons to deprive your body of cellular oxygen, and less high-energy molecules.   

No other oil (CBD, Hemp, Hemp Seed, Fish Oil, Omega-3 oil, Krill oil, etc.), fruits and vegetables, or nutritional supplement, taken by mouth will place higher concentration of oxygen providing nutrients for high-energy and cellular respiration in the red blood cell membrane (every cell has one), as quickly (5 minutes or less), as Paradise Oil. Paradise Oil is applied on skin, there is no swallowing. 

Per gram, the topical and transdemal through skin delivery methods employed by Paradise oil is more effective and efficient delivering vital cell nutrients to the cell membrane than swallowing is. Swallowing requires use of energy for digestion reducing the total energy for physical exertion. The majority of what we swallow never benefits the red blood cells. More vital nutrients are eliminated by the body than make it into the bloodstream.

Paradise Oil assists in combating ALL diseases because all of them include deficits of oxygen providing fatty acids, and in a few cases surpluses. Fatty acids from cold-pressed oils like Paradise Oil provide 2.25 times more energy per gram than sugars/carbohydrates. Unlike all the things we swallow this remedy oil applied on skin goes to work in 5 minutes, or less, after application. Unlike a pain product advertising that three weeks is quick. Three weeks to the majority is really 30,240 minutes. Your choice 30,240 or 5 minutes? When did 21 days  become quick acting? How much of the product is used over 21 days. How much must a person buy to last three weeks? As little as six drops (about 0.25g) of Paradise Oil can relieve pain immediately, or, 3-5 minutes, or less. Using six drops per day the two fluid ounce bottle of this "body in a bottle" specialty remedy oil would provide the equivalent of about 237 applications, lasting about 34 weeks, or 8.5 months. At $65 per bottle at six drops per application the cost per application is about 27 cents. 

A "Qualified Health Claim" with strong supporting evidence. High levels of oleic acid reduce coronary heart disease risk. Applied onto skin Paradise Oil is purposely made to provide high concentration of oleic acid (omega-9)! At one hour after application of 9g Paradise Oil on test participants the oleic fatty acid increased average +.61% per test participant. Total increases occured in 90% of measures after each test participant applied equal amount Paradise Oil on identical areas of skin. While "healthy" oleic omega-9  increased 90% of the time, while damaging saturated fatty acids decreased in 56% of test participants and didn't change 6% of the time. Thirty-eight percent of test participant measures of saturated fatty acids increased because the test participants cells needed more. "The cells are not fed, they feed themselves (M.D.'s Carey & Schussler)." You may think your fish oil omega-3s are benefitting your body when in reality your cells need more omega-6s or 9s. Cells craving "healthy" or "less healthy" fatty acids will uptake more of the other when they are available. Paradise Oil provides 74 vital nutrients the body, skin, brain, nervous system, tissues, and organs. Most importantly they are the same "body in a bottle" nutrients the body is made of! They are not woman/man-made synthetic chemicals damaging the body.    

The claims made on this website are real honest measured changes to combat diseases based on hard data from blood cell testing. Data analysis is valid and reliable quantitative (measured) data by a CLIA-certified medical laboratory. Test participants are human. Test results include both before (Control) and after a single application on skin of Paradise Oil (a specialty remedy oil). Customer Testimonials are provided on website too. 


♦ The omega-3 Index average increase was +.15% in 56% of test participants after one application on skin. All omega-3s in Paradise Oil are plant-based, 0% from fish/or other marine sources.   

♦ All diseases are deficits or in fewer cases an abundance of fatty acids! 

A "healthy" body and red blood cell membrane contain more good fatty acids that can regenerate the cell membranes, than bad!   

♦ Paradise Oil "U.S. Patent No. 9,139, 754 B1" is engineered by design, includes USDA Organic, Natural, and BIOLOGICAL GREEN (defined term), nutrient ingredients. After a single use comparison test to a similar oil, Paradise Oil decreased the unhealthy saturated fatty acids in red blood cells in no more than five minutes by 406%. Test results for both oils measured by a Certified Laboratory. 

The vital fatty acids, and other nutrient cell benefits provided by Paradise Oil are superior to those from medicines (medicines deplete vitamins), pain relief products, vitamins, drugs, neutraceuticals, fruit(s) and vegetable(s) products, freeze-dried products (remove all oxygen), other oils (including essential oils), supplements of all kinds, and foodstuffs. Paradise Oil is not a foodstuff. 

The only laboratory measured applied on skin (nothing swallowed) product that is improving red cells in five minutes of less after application. Again, nothing is swallowed, no injections or needles, and best of all no doctor visit. U.S. Patent No. 9,139,754 B1 Paradise Oil (a cell remedy oil) is applied on skin and works much faster than any product or medicine swallowed, or, applied on skin. Unlike the 30 muscles and the energy lost/or used during digestion of foodstuffs, less muscle energy is used applying Paradise Oil on skin. 



Quick Energy For Athletes and Quick Pain Relief and Healing Too! This oil is 100% drug free, 99.9% plant-based. Workouts lasting for less than one hour and more than an hour can rely on Paradise Oil for fuel energy. Fatty acids can turn to glucose for quick energy and fats are provided for fuel after glucose/carbohydrates are gone. The quick energy from speedy oxygen delivery sources and supplemental oxygen from nutrients is available in a few minutes time after application of skin. Fats provide 2.25 times more energy than carbohydrates. There are three USDA organic essential oils, which are considered as food supplements (not drugs), by the FDA. The delivery of plant-based nutrients have been measured by a certified lab, over four years of testing. The lab data shows in as little as five minutes nutrients including oxygen are in red blood cell membranes. This oil is designed to deal with cuts, sprains, tired and sore muscles, muscle aches and sprains, blisters, dry skin, anti-aging, itchy skin, to list just a few. In my home and a few more I know of Paradise Oil is used for everything a person can think of, and is great addition to carry in first-aid kit. Besides band-aids and bandages you could throw out all the other things since Paradise Oil will do all things better.  



We’re All Stardust and Oxygen, From in The Beginning.

U.S. Patent No. 9,139,754 B1

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