We’re All Stardust and Oxygen, From in The Beginning.

U.S. Patent No. 9,139,754 B1

Paradise Oil providing 47 fatty acids and a long list of blood cell nutrients (not chemicals) blood cells are made of is not FDA-Approved and never could be. It is free of harmful and damaging to blood cells and tissues of the body drugs and chemicals which it must include, or any other product must include in order to be be FDA-Approved.  Fentanyl is a lab-made opiod that's  FDA Approved for the treatment of severe pain. Treating severe pain is just one thing Paradise Oil can do, in ways completely opposite of Fentanyl. A few online articles you can read for your own education are: 1). pbs.org Title:"FDA increasingly approves drugs without conclusive proof they work" 2). ethics.harvard.edu/blog/new-pre... Title: New Prescription Drugs: A Major Health Risk With Few Offsetting Advantages , Author: Donald. W. Light. 3). statnews.com/2017//05/act ... Title: Failure to warn: Hundreds died while taking an arthritis drug, but nobody alerted patients , Author: Charles Piller, June 2017. 

Paradise Oil provides 36 Beneficial & Healthy Side Effects (listed below): There are no harmful side effects or adverse reactions  associated with use of Paradise Oil. This is the ONLY PRODUCT KNOWN made of identical nutrients to blood cells. Gram per gram delivers 500% to 1000% more fruit and vegetable lab measured nutrients to cell membranes than fruits and vegetables in powered form mixed with a liquid or in a gel cap. Valid and reliable blood lab measured results after 6 drops rubbed on hands follow: 77% or 20/26 of "healthy" oxygen and energy providing nutrients increase in red blood cell membrane in 5 minutes  to 1 hour. Concentrations of eleven (11) total, omega-3, 6, 7 and 9 acids all increased while the omega-3 index increased as well.  Technically Paradise Oil meets all the specifications of a "medicated oil" but is 100% drug free, requires no doctor visit, or prescription. Paradise Oil is applied on skin topical and transdermal special remedy oil. Lab measured results in red blood cell membranes of human test participants after use of 9 grams Paradise Oil (the exact weight of three saltine crackers) are listed below. 


Honest Fact: No one is healthy! No one! Fatty acids are the keys to "health".  The following 36 beneficial side effects do not result following use of any other product, food, drug, medicine, herb, oil, neutraceutical, fish oils, supplement, pain relief, fruit and vegetable products/supplements, or energy product. Products like Balance of Nature and Relief Factor, and a long list of others cannot come close in matching the performance of this oil. Paradise Oil, 100% drug free, 99.9% plant-based - lab measured valid and reliable ability (complete opposite of anecdotal not necessarily true/unreliable talk of users of other products) to quickly improve blood, no matter  one's "health" condition. Lab measured blood test results from a certified blood lab of human test participants prove the 74 identical oxygen and energy providing nutrients in applied on skin Paradise Oil a specialty treatment and remedy oil are also in oxygen transporting red blood cell membranes. No matter what condition you're in use of unique Paradise Oil on skin can only make any "health" condition better, not worse!  Paradise Oil is applied on skin (topical) passes through the skin (transdermal), and into red blood cell membranes providing oxygen, cellular energy, increasing oxygen saturation levels, in less time than swallowed water is digested. 

Whether you want these 36 benefits, or happenings after 9 grams Paradise Oil (medicated oil), is applied on skin (a little less than 1/6th of a bottle), all of the following may occur. 

1. Reduces pain in minutes after applied on skin (in some cases acts in few seconds time);

2.  Every test participant followed the same rules applying 9g of Paradise Oil on their skin in the same areas. Some people tested had disease and others did not. To coin in his own words his discovery, James (Jim), Livingston informs us that "Every disease is a deficit of fatty acids." The following is proof. 

Test Participants With Disease 2a). - - - 

9 grams Paradise Oil on Skin ("Healthy" Oleic Omega-9 measured in red blood cells).                                                 

2a). Oleic C18:1n9 (omega-9) "Healthy" fatty acid change from control in people with disease.  Range -0.03% to +2.68%, Avg. Change Per Test Participant +0.77% (Reminder: Every sickness and disease is a deficit or surplus of fatty acids in red blood cell membranes as +0.77% average uptake of "healthy" oleic acid change shows). This +.77% uptake of "healthy" oleic acid in red blood cell membranes in the cell membranes of diseased test participants is 3.34 times greater than in test participants free of disease.

 As a group the test participants living with disease REDUCED their total red blood cell concentrations of unhealthy saturated fatty acids -2.54% (measured 5 minutes after application) which is terrific after a single 9g use of Paradise Oil on skin, One (1), hour after application the total decrease in the red blood cells was -0.88%. "Free of disease" test participants reduced their unhealthy saturated fatty acids levels a total of -0.35%, one hour after application. 

LAB MEASURED SATURATED (Unhealthy) FATTY ACIDS TEST RESULTS: The results from above show both groups: the "diseased" and "free of disease" group, both groups unhealthy saturated fatty acids decreased after the first use of 9g Paradise Oil on skin. The total certified lab measured test results show people living with disease benefit more from use of Paradise Oil than people with no disease, because their red blood cell membranes are unhealthy, more damaged and toxic than the red blood cell membranes in "free of disease" test participants. Both groups were measured healthier after use of the oil! 

Test Participants "Free of Disease", Change in Oleic acid. - - - The Avg. Change Per Test Participant having no disease was +0.23% (none of these test participants have disease so the uptake of "healthy" fatty acids in red blood cell membranes is less than a body infected with sickness, or, disease as shown above in

2a). Test Participants With Disease

2b). - - -  Eicosadienoic (omega-6) "healthy acid"

This time we're measuring the change in eicosadienoic C20:2n6 omega-6 fatty acid after 9g Paradise Oil applied on skin. The change is the difference from "Control" measures taken at beginning of test before oil applied on bodies.  

2b). On diseased test participants eicosadienoic acid increased an average of +0.044% per test participant. The range of increases was +0.02% to +0.12%. (Reminder: Every sickness and disease is a deficit or surplus of fatty acids in red blood cell membranes as +0.044% average increase in concentration shows). This average increase per test participant is 8.8 times greater than the change in disease free test participants (read next). 

Test Participants Free of Disease, Change in Eicosadienoic (omega-6) - - - The average change in this fatty acid in the disease free test participants is -0.005%. The range was -0.02% to +0.01%, or 8.8X less than change in test participants with a disease.   

Test Participants With Disease 2c). - - -

2c). On diseased test participants  alpha-linolenic omega-3 "healthy" fatty acid increased an average of +0.33% per test participant after a single 9g application on skin. The range of increases ran from +0.02% to +0.51%. (Reminder: Every disease is a deficit of fatty acids in red blood cell membranes, sometimes a surplus). 

Test Participants Free of Disease, Change in "healthy" alpha-linolenic omega-3 fatty acid  increased an average of +0.21% per test participant after a single 9g application on skin. 

CLIA laboratory measured results of human test participants with one or more diseases (see above) after one use of 9g Paradise Oil on skin were healthier within one hour. Eighty percent of diseased test participants oleic (omega-9) test participants fatty acids levels were "healthier" after a single use. One hundred percent of eicosadienoic (omega-6) diseased test participants fatty acids were "healthier" after a single use. In conclusion, 80% of alpha-linolenic fatty acid (omega-3), levels in test participants increased (were healthier) within one hour after 9g application of Paradise Oil on skin.   

3.  Compare to Balance of Nature with 31 fruits and vegetables. Unlike Balance of Nature (which is not "whole" or "healthy"), fruits and vegetables which start out as whole, end up not being whole or "healthy" since product does not provide MUFA and PUFA fatty acids. Whole fruits and vegetables contain all their natural juices.  Both juices and oxygen are lost in processing to powder form or by freeze-drying. Processed fruits and vegetables that lose oxygen and liquid content in processing are no longer "whole fruits and vegetables." Carnation Instant Breakfast also provides no oxygen atoms or molecules for energy from the powder (processed) form. All Paradise Oil nutrients are whole, in liquid form, provide all the juices, all the oxygen, and do  provide all the "healthy" fatty acids. 99.9% plant-based and 100% drug free Paradise Oil provides 3 each superfood fats, 19 total superfood fruits (9 each), and 10 each superfood vegetables.  Another 5  superfoods (wheatgrass, alfalfa, dandelion, barley grass and the element selenium). In addition to selenum 19 additional naturally-occurring elements/minerals, 12 daily greens, 18 high energy and all diseases combating "healthy" omega-3, 6, 7 and 9 fatty acids, 12 mushrooms, 24 proteinogenic L-amino acids (to make protein), 13 most important vitamins, and more are in Paradise Oil. On a equal amount basis (gram per gram) Paradise Oil combination of 74 in number, identical/in common nutrients also in red blood cell membranes deliver more cellular, and muscle energy (2.25 times more than carbohydrates and proteins), greater oxygen saturation, cell regeneration nutrients in less than 5 minutes time. Swallowed water is slower digesting than Paradise Oil passes through skin and into cell membranes. Water is not digested in less than 5 minutes time. Swallowed energy is the slower route compared to Paradise Oil topical and transdermal routes. 

4. Provides energy to white blood cells to improve the immune system; 

5. Paradise Oil is 100% free of marijuana but the two do share seven (7), fatty acids with red blood cell membranes. Paradise Oil is egg and yoke free but egg yoke and Paradise Oil do share six (6), fatty acids with red blood cells.  Paradise Oil is 100% milk free but the two do share six (6), fatty acids with red blood cells. 

6. Paradise Oil contains no marijuana (is 100% cannabis free), but the three USDA organic essential oils in U.S. Patent No. 9,139,754 B1 Paradise Oil and marijuana both provide the following seven  terpenes: ocimene, terpinolene, caryophyllene, E-caryophyllene, myrcene, limonene, and linalool. Terpenes are the "groovy features" in marijuana. The uplifting effects of these terpenes are: 1). anti-convulsant, 2). anti-inflammatory, 3). anti-viral, 4). anti-fungal, 5). insect repellents, antioxidant, 6). antiseptic, 7). antibacterial, 8). pain reliever, 9). relief for insomnia, 10). antinociceptive, 11). anticancer, 12). antidiabetic, 13). antihyperalgesic, 14). gastroprotective effects, 15). promotes calmness, and 16). antimicrobial.   

7.  Improves cognitive decline from dimentia and Alzheimer's disease providing 60% of the nutrients (fatty acids) the human brain is made of; 

8.  Improves skin cells, red blood cells, and white blood cells after each use;

9. Reduces and eliminates skin wrinkles;

10. Non-allergenic;

11. Anti-aging; 

12. Provides nutrients to help combat all diseases (both proactively, and after disease infects the body);

13. Proactively helps to reduce chance of having disease;

14. Improves "health" according to nonbinding definition of;

15. Free of all damaging side effects;

16. Improves blood circulation;

17. Improves eye health;

18. Increased omega-3 index after a single use in 45% of test participants; 

19.  Provides all nutrients and 24 proteinogenic L-amino acids to make proteins;

20. Increases energy for muscles to use (increases oxygen saturation levels);

21.  Lowers bad LDL cholesterol within one hour after use;

22. Helps combat obesity by lowering bad LDL cholesterol; 

23.  Lowers saturated fatty acid levels;

24.  Feeds adipose tissue and the liver the energy plant based nutrients they need; 

25. Provides broad-spectrum UV protection; 

26. Vitamins and minerals protect and restore blood brain barrier;

27. Is anticancer;

28. Nine (9), grams on skin of Paradise Oil outperforms 36 times more (322 grams) USDA organic BEETROOT Juice swallowed not from concentrate (the best sold), over 1 minute to 2.5 hour time period. Outperformed beets without swallowing a drop. [Read #24];

29. Greater nitric oxide boost for oxygen and energy than beets/BeetRoot juice as measured in test participants; 

30. Carboxylic acids/lipids support the energetic demands of the brain; 

31. Provides fatty acids found in male sperm;

32.  Lab measured increase of magnesium, copper, vitamin D, alpha-vitamin E (the strongest vitamin e), concentrations measured in test participants; 

33. Helps to prevent premature cell death. Regenerates, rebuilds, and rejuvenates more than 80% of cells in body;

34. Eliminates intestinal malabsorbtion associated with swallowing of vital "healthy" fatty acids and long list of vitamins, minerals, elements, six ingredients of life, and four organic compounds found in all living things.   

35. Provides the six ingredients of life: carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, phosphorus, and sulphur. 

36. Provides the four organic compounds found in all living things: protein, carbohydrates, lipids/fatty acids, and nucleic acids. 

WIDE RANGE OF USES: The key  to Paradise Oil is that it's as near to human "Body in a bottle" as can be. Provides more in common/identical (99.9% plant-based, 100% drug free, no toxic chemicals, no toxins, no endocrine-disrupting chemicals, no cancer-causing chemicals in many other products, no gender-bending chemicals, etc.) nutrients cells are made of than any other product. This oil is U.S. made of same nutrients we are all made of. Is a U.S. Patent topical and transdermal specialty remedy oil can do no harm to cells or the body. There are no side effects or harmful adverse reactions. Use of Paradise Oil combats iatrogenic illness/disease [doctor caused disease]. Paradise Oil is made to be used for what ails you from A (e.g., Alzheimer's  disease - Z (Zuska's [breast] disease]). Ideal uses are for anything(s) going wrong on skin and beneath the skin. This would include anything. Paradise Oil can be used to treat insect bite and do all the following at same time as well: lowers LDL bad cholesterol, moisturizes skin, increases saturated oxygen level in red blood cells, stops neuropic foot/leg pain, and more. A short list of the many uses from customers follows: arthritis (including rheumatoid arthritis), cuts, bruises, wound closure (including after surgery), accelerated healing, itching (use on misquito bites after bitten or before to keep from being bitten), brown spots, skin cancer, dry skin, cracking skin, sunburn, insect bites, joint pain, cracked rib(s), back pain, migraine headache, pain after surgery, Shingles, pain to sacroiliac (SI) joint, internal and external hemorrhoids, foot neuropathy, diabetic peripheral neuropathy, hot and dry diabetic feet, poison oak and poison ivy, muscle pain, lowers saturated (less healthy) fatty acids, Lowers LDL bad cholesterol, knee injury (including swollen knees), reducing size of old scar tissue, minimize scar tissue if used after surgery, to relieve dry chapped lips, eliminate finger pain, use on gout, improve blood circulation. 

Additional Unique Advantages: Outperformed two fish oils in tests with no swallowing. Provides a total of  30 "healthy" PUFA, MUFA, 15 each, and (15 unique fatty acids). High concentrations of lab measured oleic acid help reduce coronary heart disease risk. 

You name the product (including drugs and medicines) no other product for skin, body, and red blood cells provides measured valid and reliable certified lab results on human test participants like Paradise Oil! No medicine, other oil, supplement, 100% drug free product, can provide more "HEALTHY" nutrient benefits for oxygen transporting red blood cells than 99.9% plant-based 100% drug free Paradise Oil.

Paradise Oil, a specialty oil is a: organic remedy, healing, and energy oil that is applied on skin and quickly provides measured pain relief, wound  healing, and cellular respiration results. Many test participants experience relief immediately, or within 2-5 minutes. 

This oil provides oxygen to red blood cell membranes. This oil provides medicinal nutrients from biblical times, is anti-cancer oil, skin treatment oil, AND most importantly red cell nutrients oil. Paradise Oil rebuilds and rejuvenates red cells while helping to combat ALL diseases. More than 1 billion people are affected by forms of malaria and red blood cell abnormalities. Red blood cell abnormalities are the most common inherited disorders in the world (ashpublications.org https://doi.org/10.1182/blood-2008-07-161166  Title: Red cell membrane: past, present, and future. Mohandas, N., & Gallagher, Patrick G.,).  



A "Short List" of Uses (Read "Testimonials for details):

1. In nearly 90% of test participants bad cholesterol raising saturated fatty acid levels were lowered in one hour, or less, after one 9g Paradise Oil application on skin. This oil IS NOT swallowed. Lowering saturated fats: 1). lowers bad LDL cholesterol; 2). helps red blood cell membranes to be soft and pliable and not rigid as saturated fatty acids make them; 3). Lowering saturated fatty acids helps one lose weight too.  

2. Cracked rib and stone bruise - healing time cut 50%. 

3. Instant back pain relief.

4. Used to diminish pain following scoliosis surgery and pain to sacroiliac joint (SI joint).

5. To stop the itch from mosquito bites.

6. To relieve dry lips.

7. Foot neuropathy (peripheral neuropathy).

8. Use on gout on big toe. 

9. Quick relief and healing from kitchen burn. 

10. Complete elimination of finger pain. 

11. Used as skin moisturizer. 

12. Use on severely arthritic crippled hands, insect bites, and skin problems. 

13. Relieve joint and muscle pain. 

14. Use on knee injury by a medical professional. 

15. Use on scar tissue following surgery.

16. Improve blood circulation and reduce pain in feet of 94 years aged type II diabetic.

17. Used on hot, dry, diabetic feet. 

18. Use on peripheral neuropathy in diabetic. 

19. Knee surgery (rheumatoid arthritis) - User has very hot & swollen knees. 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Talk Is Cheap! Two different fish oils/or omega-3s and Paradise Oil were tested for performance with surprising valid and reliable lab measured results.  The combined fifteen "healthy" red cell membranes monounsaturated (4 each, omega-7s and 9s) and polyunsaturated (11 each, omega-3s & 6s), fatty acid data results follow. Fatty acids travel across cell membranes into red blood cells. Every cell has a membrane!

Paradise Oil is a applied on skin BIOLOGICAL GREEN remedy oil providing 74 in common red blood cell membrane nutrients. The synergistic effect of 74 nutrients in this oil and red blood cells is more than 10 times more beneficial to oxygen transporting red cells, (about 84% of the cells in the body) compared to two different high quality swallowed omega-3 fish oils. Valid and reliable lab measured performance test results is not provided by any other product we know of. This is the first time a topical oil (Paradise Oil) made of all the nutrients found in skin treats and improves skin first, next entering the bloodstream to provide transdermal benefits that rebuild, rejuvenate, and regenerate red blood cell membrane nutrients improving "health" while doing so. Two omega-3 fish oils were also valid and reliably tested, providing before and after red blood cell test results, the only diffference they were swallowed. Unlike Paradise Oil there is no proof fish oils or omega-3s from marine sources are "healthy" since they contain mercury and methyl- mercury (all forms of mercury are toxic). Mercury from fish oils accumulates in the body every time they are consumed.  Toxic mercury damages the kidneys, the nervous system, the liver, and the immune system (70% of which is in the gut). Fish and other marine sourced omega-3s all turn rancid as soon as they are removed from the water. Organic mercury in fish oils (fish contain extremely toxic/poisonous methylmercury) can easily pass, and does pass, from the lungs in humans to the bloodstream. Swallowing 3g of the two fish oils was less beneficial and "healthy" than applying 3g Paradise Oil on skin in two separate tests of both fish oils and Paradise Oil. About the omega-3 increases - compared to control measures 3g Paradise Oil on skin increased omega-3s +.44% .  Let's compare Paradise Oil +.44% increase after applied on skin to fish oils. Swallowed fish oil omega-3 levels changed after taking the two different omega-3 fish oils. The total of the averages after testing two different omega-3 fish oils decreased total omega-3 levels -.15% . Paradise Oil applied on skin increased omega-3s average of +.44% and swallowing omega-3 fish oils decreased omega-3s average of -.15% (which is below zero). Paradise Oil outperforms omega-3 fish oil omega-3 concentrations by +.59% average. Lab measured results from a certified lab prove rancid /toxic fish oil omega-3s are a absolute waste of money doing more harm than benefit.

In regards to the delivery of "healthy" and vital monounsaturated fatty acids at 5 minutes and 1 hour there is little difference between the two omega-3 fish oils results (3g swallowed) and applying 3g of Paradise Oil on skin. Another big difference in omega-3 fish oils and Paradise Oil is fish oils do not contain DGLA omega-6 fatty acids that can kill cancer cells. All the data results show taking fish oils makes the human body more unhealthy/or less healthy! This means your more "healthy" applying Paradise Oil on skin than swallowing omega-3 fish oils. Summary - Paradise Oil on skin valid and reliable lab measured results prove omega-3 nutrient delivery to the red blood cell membranes is about 4 times more after 3g Paradise Oil on skin than swallowing omega-3 fish oils. Read more details below.    

You cannot contract a disease, if your red blood cells nutrients they are made of, and uptake are healthy!" Paradise Oil (an "organic oil" or "organic remedy oil") rebuilds, rejuvenates, and regenerates oxygen transporting red blood cells to "healthy" which no medicine or FDA-Approved prescription drug, pharmaceutical, or energy supplement, will do.  Lab certified high cellular energy and ALL DISEASE COMBATING fatty acids analysis test results of red cells prove in one test after another all the data on this website. In 5 minutes, or less, after applying 9g, of Paradise Oil on skin this organic oil improves "health" of red blood cell nutrients, improves skin and increases the "healthy" concentrations of MUFA and PUFA fatty acids to combat all disease. Every disease is a deficit of  high energy providing and "healthy" all disease combating fatty acids. Paradise Oil provides the vital fatty acids to assist the rebuilding of, the  rejevenation of, and to regenerate oxygen transporting red blood cells.   

100% Money Back Guaranteed to make red blood cells "healthier" after a single 9g application on skin. When your red blood cells are "healthier" you are too! No one, I repeat, no one has healthy red blood cells!

Uses of Paradise Oil - 1.5 Minute Read. Here's a list of some of the many uses of applied on skin Paradise Oil from purchasers, and the maker. The majority of users have immediate relief, or relief within five minutes after application on skin. Uses are: 1.Insect and bug bites (including mosquito and scorpion sting). 2. *Combats ALL diseases (Shingles, skin cancer, arthritis, et alia.). 3. Headache relief (including migraine - apply on forehead). 4. All kinds of pain relief. 5. Skin moisturizer. 6. Sun protection. 7. Poison Oak & Poison Ivy 8. Cracked ribs. 9. Uses in private places. 10. Pain after surgery. 11. Foot neuropathy. 12. Kitchen burns. 13. Knife cuts. Arthritic crippled hands 14. Muscle and joint pain. 15. Back pain - shoulder pain - knee pain. 16. Reduce scar tissue surgery (including those from surgical scalpel cuts) and accelerate/shorten healing and closure time. 17. Dry lips. 18. Hand and finger pain. 19. Gout. 20. Hot swollen knees. 21. Diabetic peripheral neuropathy (numbness in the legs). 22. Diabetic feet (reduce pain and swelling). 23. Dry and cracked skin. 24. Itchy skin. 25. Opening up sinus passages. 26. Tooth and gum pain reduction/elimination. 27. Relief of swelling and inflammation. 28. Anti-aging. 29. Skin wrinkles reduction/elimination. 30. Skin disorders. 31. Bruising. 32. Improves blood circulation. 33. Reduce appearance of/or eliminate skin brown spots. To name a few. 

*Deficits of high energy providing and "healthy" all disease combating fatty acids (aka MUFA and PUFA acids) are major contributors to every disease the medical establishment neglects to measure in red cells and ignores correcting deficits. Fatty acid concentrations must be measured to proactively lower the risk and help manage fatty acid deficits from occurring that contribute to every sickness and disease, during every person's lifetime. NO one is honestly "healthy" without knowledge of the concentrations of fatty acids in their red blood cell membranes! This is a fact!


The answer to every one of the 9 questions below for medicines (including FDA-Approved), prescription drugs, energy supplements, aspirin, energy drinks is "no." The answer to everyone of the questions in regards to Paradise Oil is "yes." Cells cannot be "healthy" with any "no" answers.

"Healthy" cells must have all nine of the following! No medicine, prescription drug, or pharmaceutical can help to make blood cells healthy without all nine of the following:

Does it always provide protein?

Does it always provide oxygen?

Does it always provide carbohydrates?

Are nucleic acids in the product?

Are the fifteen "healthy" fatty acids in the product?

Are the "six elements of life" in the product?

Are the "four organic compounds" in all living things in the products you buy? See the first four nutrients listed above. 

Is the product 100% free of side effects and adverse reactions?

Are there at least 20 L-amino acids (aka plant-based proteinogenic amino acids) in the product?


One of a kind Advantages, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee PLUS Lab Measured Results that Medicines, All other Oils, Prescription Drugs, Personal Care Products, Supplements of Anykind, Anti-aging Products, Cannot Provide!

VITAL ANNOUNCEMENT And INFORMATION: Paradise Oil is 100% drug free, and free of marine and fish oils! Unlike almost every other product eaten and for skin, including cosmetics, personal care products and medicines, Paradise Oil is free of all of the following: 700,000 to 2.1M toxic and poisonous chemicals every person in the U.S. is exposed to daily, 1,482 endocrine-disrupting chemicals, 256 known human carcinogens, free of 372 gender-bending chemicals, and free of more than 85,000 toxic  chemicals (source: nrdc.org/issues/toxic-chemicals , and sitn.hms.harvard.edu/ flash... Oct.25, 2016) people use daily that have never been tested for safety. These chemicals are used in foods, toys (including baby toys), cosmetics, household cleaners, etc. Paradise Oil provides every nutrient found in milk except lactose and vitamin B9, while being 100% dairy free. Paradise Oil ALSO provides Mediterranean diet nutrients (except nuts, spices and animal, including fish and seafood proteins). On an equal weight basis compared to other products Paradise Oil: 1). outperforms; 2). is more beneficial to red cells; 3). accelerates wound healing; 4).  lasts longer in cells (up to eight hours measured results) for pain relief, 5). provides more cellular energy and pain relief than omega-3 fish oils, CBD and Hemp oils, Sportscreme, Relief Factor, *Balance of Nature (less energy and whole fruits, vegetables, and superfoods than Paradise Oil), 5-hour ENERGY®, Mentholatum, Aspercreme, Bengay, Extra Strength Tiger Balm, and a long list of others (read testimonials). Paradise Oil is applied on skin there is no swallowing involved! 

*"Research indicates that the benefits of whole fruits and vegetables cannot be distilled down into a pill (Oct. 16, 2018, Dr. Ronald Hoffman, drhoffman.com/article/are-balance-of-nature-fruit-and-veggie-pills-as-effective-as-they-claim?)." Dr. Jenny Jia an instructor of general internal medicine at Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago has this to say. "Vitamins and minerals are a distraction and offer minimal to no benefit for healthy American adults, Jia noted (Mann, Denise, HealthDay Reporter, usnews.com/news /health-news/articles/2022-06-21 . .  Title: Vitamins, Supplements Useless For Most People: Expert Panel)." Pills are not the equal of real fruits and vegetables. If the fruits and vegetables are freeze-dried that process removes all the oxygen needed to break down food our body has to have for energy. Energy from oxygen is vital for combating  diseases. Some huge "red flag" products sold in air-tight pouches, or gel caps are often signals that freeze-drying has occurred. Direct-to-consumer advertising rarely provides valid and reliable facts about freeze-dried products. Freeze-drying removes both water and oxygen (both extremely important and essential nutrients) because exposure to oxygen after fruits, veggies, or other freeze-dried packaged products are freeze-dried will cause those products to go rancid (old/stale, and more). 


PARADISE OIL - THE CHANGES TO RED BLOOD CELL MEMBRANES TEST RESULTS: A total of 397 valid and reliable nutrient measures (data points)of red blood cell membrane nutrients occurred. Half the measures were associated with two tests of Paradise Oil 9g applied on skin. The other half of the nutrient data measures were associated with two omega-3 fish oil tests, 9g swallowed. The tests measured fifteen "healthy" fatty acids as follows:

a. 7 each omega-6;

b. 4 each atmospheric oxygen absorbing omega-3s;

c. 1 each omega-7;

d. 3 each omega-9,

e. 8 each damaging saturated;

All 15 (a.- d.) are energy and oxygen providing red blood cell (about 84% of all cells in body) nutrients. Also measured were eight in number unhealthy and damaging saturated acids. The total number of lipids measured was 23. The purpose of the test was to measure changes in concentrations before tests and after Paradise Oil and omega-3 fish oils were used. Positive (+), and negative (-) test results will show increases and decreases in the "healthy" fatty acids (omega-3, 6, 7 and 9) and unhealthy saturated acids. It's important to distinguish that "Healthy" results of saturated (more damaging/less healthy) fatty acids result in negative (-) measures, whereas positive (+) increases of saturated acids are damaging. Want to see negative (-) numbers/or decreases in saturated fatty acids!

RED CELLS - About 84% of all the cells in the body are red blood cells (RBCs), aka erythrocytes (healthline.com). Women usually have fewer RBCs than men. Red blood cells /or red cells transport oxygen from the lungs to the tissues. Red cells outnumber all other cells in the human body combined, but they have no nucleus. Every cell in the body has a membrane composed of lipids/or fatty acids (about 40%), proteins (about 52%), carbohydrates (approximately 8%). 

All red blood cell tests results were analyzed by a CLIA certified medical blood lab. 

EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids are the primary reasons people take omega-3 fish oils!


"HEALTHY" OMEGA-3 TEST FINAL RESULTS SUMMARY: Paradise Oil (applied on skin) - Paradise Oil is 99.9% plant-based, 100% drug free, and contains 0% marine/or fish oils, which are rancid and toxic shortly after removed from the water. Compared to control measures valid and reliable measured changes in concentration to omega-3 test results following use of 3g Paradise Oil on skin: EPA decreased NEGATIVE -.01% . DHA decreased NEGATIVE -.04% . The total decrease in omega-3 EPA & DHA at 1 hour = Negative

-.05% . Paradise Oil outperformed both omega-3 swallowed fish oils in regards to maintaining omega-3 CONTROL levels that existed before tests.


Omega-3 Fish Oils, #1 and #2 -

FISH OIL #1 (swallowed) EPA 1500 mg and DHA 1000 mg per 3 grams the daily dose recommended by the American Heart Association. Both EPA and DHA omega-3s decreased -.25% at 1 hour after swallowing this omega-3 fish oil. Taking omega-3s is not supposed to decrease omega-3s! This omega-3 decrease is a NEGATIVE -.20% (or 4 times greater decrease) than Paradise Oil applied on skin results. FISH OIL #1 swallowed EPA and DHA omega-3s were outperformed by Paradise Oil by a margin of 4 times less decrease. 

FISH OIL #2 (swallowed) EPA 800 mg and DHA 600 mg per 3 gram dose. The EPA is 700 mg less and DHA 400 mg less than fish oil #1 above. Both EPA (decreased -.03%) and DHA (decreased -.04%) at 1 hour after swallowing this (lower in concentration and quality) fish oil a total of NEGATIVE -.07% . Taking omega-3s is not supposed to decrease omega-3s! Just like fish oil #1 this is a greater decrease than the total  -0.05% decrease result after applying Paradise Oil on skin. Fish Oil #2 was outperformed by Paradise Oil again.  

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


"HEALTHY" OMEGA-6 (7 Each) FINAL TEST RESULTS SUMMARY AT 1 HOUR: Paradise Oil compared to 2 different omega-3 fish oils: #1 Fish Oil EPA 1500 mg and DHA 1000 mg per 3g dose. Fish Oil #2 800 mg EPA and 600 mg DHA per 3g dose.  

Paradise Oil (applied on skin) - Compared to control measures valid and reliable measured changes to omega-6s test results: NEGATIVE -0.05% decrease in total omega-6 levels.


Fish Oil #1(3g swallowed) - Changes to "healthy" omega-6s after swallowing this omega-3 fish oil resulted in NEGATIVE -1.45% total decrease in omega-6s compared to control measures. Compared to Paradise Oil, Fish Oil #1 decrease in omega-6 levels is 29 times more after swallowing this oil. 


Fish Oil #2 (3g swallowed) - The changes to "healthy" omega-6s after swallowing resulted in a "healthy and beneficial" increase of +0.21% . Fish Oil #2 outperformed BOTH Paradise Oil and Fish Oil #1 in regards to omega-6 increases! 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Paradise Oil (applied on skin) -  Compared to control measures valid and reliable measured changes to one omega-7 show a POSITIVE +.01% increase in concentration at 1 hour.


Fish Oil #1 (3g swallowed) - At 1 hour changes to "healthy" omega-7 after swallowing resulted in a POSITIVE +.04% increase in concentration.This exceeds the +.01% increase from applied on skin Paradise Oil. 

Fish Oil #2 (3g swallowed) - 

Changes to "Healthy" omega-7 after swallowing this omega-3 fish oil resulted in a NEGATIVE -.03% per decrease in the omega-7. Fish oil #2 results are the worst! 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Paradise Oil (applied on skin) -

Compared to control measures valid and reliable measured changes resulted in a POSITIVE INCREASE of +.03% in total omega-9 levels. 

Fish Oil #1 (3g swallowed) - The changes to "healthy" omega-9s after swallowing this omega-3 fish oil resulted in POSITIVE INCREASE of 

+.56% increase in total omega-9 levels. This increase is 19 times greater than the increase after using Paradise Oil. 

Fish Oil #2 (3g swallowed) - The changes to "healthy" omega-9s after swallowing this omega-3 fish oil resulted in NEGATIVE decrease of -.36% in total omega-9 levels. Compared to Paradise Oil and Fish Oil #1 this is the worst performing product in regards to omega-9s. 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Damaging and Less Than Healthy Saturated Fatty Acids (8 each) Results Follow:

Paradise Oil 3g Applied on Skin -Compared to control measures taken before oil applied on skin the valid and reliable lab measured results show a NEGATIVE -.29% decrease at 1 hour which is good and beneficial to "health".


The changes to control levels of eight damaging saturated fatty acids after swallowing two fish oils follows. 

 Fish Oil #1, (3g swallowed) - The changes to saturated fatty acids after swallowing this omega-3 fish oil increased +.82% at 1 hour (which is unhealthy and bad). 

Fish Oil #2, (3g swallowed) - The changes to saturated fatty acids after swallowing this lower quality omega-3 fish oil compared to fish oil  #1 follows: at 1 hour

concentrations increased +.26% 

(which is unhealthy and bad).


SATURATED DATA RESULTS FINAL SUMMARY: The lab measured "healthy" advantage goes to Paradise Oil applied on skin. Compared to the two fish oils, Paradise Oil provides saturated fatty acid lowering of -.29% . Only applied on skin Paradise Oil provided benefits better for "health" and combating all diseases! Both fish oils resulted in a "more unhealthy" body after swallowing while setting the body up for more sickness and disease, not less.  

In other valid and reliable tests saturated fatty acids decreased in 86% of the test participants after just a single 9g application of Paradise Oil on skin. 


Saturated fatty acids (C16:0, C18:0, C20:0, C22:0, and C24:0) are the #1 fatty acids in red blood cells at about 41% (mean) concentration, for all five. Other saturated fatty acids measured besides the above five are: C10:0, C12:0, and C14:0. One goal of Paradise Oil is to lower saturated unhealthy and damaging fatty acids, which  so "healthy" fatty acids can increase in  concentration and Paradise Oil lab results show it successfully meets this goal.  ALL our valid and reliable measured test results show omega-3 fish oils in our small number of tests increase levels of damaging saturated fatty acids by +.82% and +.26% for the two omega-3 fish oils tested and  swallowed. Unlike BOTH omega-3 fish oils, Paradise Oil applied on skin decreased saturated fatty acids -.29% .  Our test results show taking omega-3 fish oils makes "health" worse not better! Only Paradise Oil applied on skin improved "health." Fish oils in ALL tests raised the levels of saturated fatty acids harming the body and cells. Omega-3s actually age the cells and the body and accelerate aging. Omega-3s also weaken the immune system  increasing the risks of becoming sick, and getting a disease. 



      Paradise Oil is one of just a few products in the world that delivers biological molecules including most important oxygen atoms and molecules O2, O3, O4, and O7 topically and transdermally through the skin into the bloodstream, in five minutes or less after applied on skin. Compared to oral method of swallowing with several limitations like how a food or drug affect the digestive tract, the first pass, etc. All Paradise Oil results are certified and measured in a certified CLIA medical blood lab! Every person's red blood cells are contaminated! A newborn baby's red cells are contaminated before birth! Contaminants many cancer-causing found in both the maternal mother and grandmother's blood (on mother's side) are often found in baby's cord blood.

Paradise Oil requires no doctor appointment, no needles, no injection, or swallowing, simply apply a few drops on skin. This organic remedy oil is made of 74 in common to red cells and body oxygen providing nutrients, 99.9% plant-based, 100% drug free. We ALL make our own blood! It's a fact that no person can control the "health" of their body and blood cells by simply swallowing "healthy" nutrients, or taking medicines. It's not proteins or carbohydrates, but oxygen that is the highest-energy molecule powering multicellular life! High energy providing and "Healthy" all disease combating fatty acids in abundance in Paradise Oil also provide 2.25 times more energy than both carbohydrates and proteins combined. Unlike the energy from fats and fatty acids, the body cannot store proteins or oxygen. If your not constantly providing oxygen atoms and/or molecules and in common to red cell fatty acids in all you swallow or apply on skin your not regenerating and rebuilding your red cell membranes. Lacking the plant-based nutrients medicines cannot rebuild or rejuvenate red cell membranes, they only shorten their 90-120 day life by contaminating  them. Medicines and "healthy" should not be used in the same sentence unless it's to point out how opposite the two are. A study of medicines reveals medicines lack most important "healthy" monounsaturated (MUFA), and polyunsaturated (PUFA) high energy acids used for aerobic cellular respiration. No medicine provides the "six elements of life" to be "healthy" making it imperative for everyone to obtain all 15 MUFA and PUFA "Healthy" fatty acids of the right kinds and "six elements of life" daily to have the chance to be "healthy." Certified lab measured valid and reliable Paradise Oil results on test participants report an average 100.6% MUFA "Healthy" acids increase compared to CONTROL within one hour. Omega-3 fish oils increased less at 100.4% average. 

Paradise Oil compliant with FDA recommendation of "Healthy":

According to the unfinished and nonbinding recommendation of "Healthy" for labeling being written by the FDA the nutrient content:

". . . (1) Are not low in total fat, but have a fat profile makeup of predominantly monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats; (Title: Use of the Term "Healthy" in the Labeling of Human Food Products:

Guidance for Industry, Sept. 2016)."   


Unlike "Healthy" MUFA and PUFA fatty acids that increase the fluidity of red blood cell membranes, saturated fatty acids (SFAs), make cell membranes rigid. A good product like Paradise Oil will lower the concentration of SFAs! After a single 3g application on skin 88% of test participants damaging SFAs decreased which is beneficial to health, and 12% increased in concentration. The average healthy decrease in SFA levels in test participants after one each, 3g application on skin of Paradise Oil was total -.31% . The average total damaging increase in saturated fatty acids is +.02% . The healthy decrease is about 16X (times) greater than the damaging +.02% increase after a single 3g use of Paradise Oil on skin.  

One fish oil increased saturated fatty acids a total of +.47% and decreased remaining saturated fatty acids which is healthy, a total of -.21% . The better quality omega-3 fish oil tested raised unhealthy saturated fatty acids a total of +1.01% and lowered the others a total of -.19% .

SATURATED FATTY ACIDS SUMMARY: Paradise Oil on skin outperformed both omega-3 fish oils in reducing unhealthy saturated fatty acids the most! Both omega-3 fish oils made unhealthy saturated fatty acid concentrations worst, not better! 


NO other product can provide valid and reliable measured results of any kind! Compare Paradise Oil results to customer testimonials.  Omega-3s and fish oils fail the test! It's an untruth for anyone to think simply swallowing "healthy" foodstuffs, fruits, vegetables, supplements of all kinds, etc., will make cells "healthy" it's not that simple and bioavailability does not work that way.    

No person is "healthy" unless they've had the high energy providing and "healthy" all disease combating fatty acids in their red blood cell membranes measured! 

Maybe the two most misunderstood, over used, and misused word(s) in literature are: "health" and "healthy." Neither is possible to obtain without personal knowledge, measure, and analysis of each person's "healthy" fatty acids in their red cell membranes. Red cells are 40% fatty acids/lipids! TV commercials and product advertising are so untruthful and masterful at pretending the majority of products advertised can do what they cannot do. Where are their results? Very few  products we buy have a chance of making us "healthy" when so few of them provide "healthy" fatty acids and even less can deliver them to a red cell membrane. Compounding matters the medical profession cannot tell you your cells are "healthy" when that profession ignores measuring the 15 MUFA and PUFA "Healthy" acids in the blood tests they perform. It's my opinion the medical profession ignores fatty acids because there NO supply of MUFA and PUFA acids in any hospital to assist nursing a patient to health. The medical profession has no problem contaminating red cells with chemicals of all kinds to keep patients returning. It's easier to treat symptoms and ignore cures. Since the first medicine until the more than 20,000 prescription drug products today, taking one or more of: medicine, prescription drug, "healthy" fruits and vegetables, does not result in "healthy" red blood cells, or body! Life expectancy continues to decline with all these products of all kinds, medicines and drugs included. All products sold pretend swallowing their product will change you for the better and not include a single "healthy" fatty acids to honestly do so. All the products made lack the smorgasbord of in common to blood cell and body nutrients and the ability to deliver them to the cell membranes in order to be honestly "healthy." Another fact to contend with: We don't feed our blood cells. They feed themselves! No two people's red cells are nutritionally the same, but all "healthy" people will have a blend and synergy provided by proper blend and concentration of lipids/fatty acids that will enable regeneration of cell membranes. The proper "healthy" fatty acids mix for one person's body will not be the proper mix for another person's body.  

♦ 1. Certified lab measured results confirm Paradise Oil outperforms omega-3 fish oils! Read the comparison test results above for all Paradise Oil compared to two fish oils test results. Paradise Oil is anti-aging and fish oils are pro-aging (accelerate the aging of body and skin). Fish oils do not slow aging (test show they accelerate growing older faster). Fish oils do not have longevity benefits like Paradise Oil. 

2. Provides 74 in common/or identical red blood cell and body nutrients. All the nutrients are 99.9% plant-based and 100% drug free. Sixty-nine of the 74 each, or 93% of these nutrients provide the high energy molecule "oxygen" powering cell life, honest anti-aging, accelerated wound closure and healing, pain relief, and cellular respiration. Other provided forms of oxygen besides O2, are: O3, O4, O7. 

♦ 3. Free of all of the following one, or more, very often found in other products for use in the human body and on skin: 

a. 1,482 endocrine-disrupting chemicals. b. 256 known human carcinogens capable of causing cancer. c. 372 gender-bending chemicals found to 'feminise' boys.  d. 85,000 toxic/poisonous chemicals. 

♦ 4. Can be used in private places. Paradise Oil is 100% drug and gimmick free. This oil is BIOLOGICAL GREEN (defined), lab tested on people's red blood cell membranes for five years, and comes with a money back guarantee. Made of 74 in common to red blood cell and body nutrients, are reasons why it can be used in private places other products cannot. 

♦ 5. Paradise Oil is allergy free! 

♦ 6. Greater bioavailability of 74 in common to skin, body, tissues, and red blood cell membrane nutrients. After applied on skin these nutrients have entered the bloodstream and red cell membranes in five minutes or less. Red blood cells are oxygen transporting and outnumber all the other cells in the body combined. Nutrients remain in red cells up to eight hours after one 9g application on skin. 

♦ 7. RESULTS DRIVEN - Six Drops (about 0.25g), on Skin and Resulting Lab Measured Effectiveness - Scientific testing, clinical testing, other products brag about, has little to do and means nothing in regards to effectiveness or results. Tell us the results, because valid and reliable RESULTS count and matter more than testing! A test pilot can brag about testing a new jet all day and many will get excited to hear about it. The audience will be far less interested when the testing turns out to be the extension and retraction of the landing gear inside the hanger, it's not so exciting as a real take off and landing.

Ask yourself what the results of taking a product are, know the real benefits on people before buying it. Products not made of in common cell nutrients cannot make cells better/or healthy! One red flag is not being able to read and pronounce the ingredients, avoid that! This is why medicines fail making cells "healthy" they are  made of the nutrients that make cells and you, less "healthy."

Any product in the universe can be scientifically of clinically tested there is nothing at all "special" about that. Testing isn't special, only beneficial RESULTS are. Paradise Oil is about testing, but more importantly RESULTS. Red blood cell test and nutrients analysis was performed by a CLIA certified medical blood lab. Six drops of Paradise Oil (0.25g), about $0.28, was applied on hands of a diseased user of Paradise Oil. The omega-3 index of the test participant increased +.32%, from 4.05% control - 4.37% @5 minutes, after a single use of six drops of Paradise Oil rubbed on hands. Four each omega-3s (ALA, EPA, DPAn-3, and DHA) of the test participant increased +.49% after a single six drops use on hands of Paradise Oil after 3 minutes.These measures are  proof that 99.9% plant-based Paradise Oil free of all marine oils can increase the omega-3 index without buying omega-3 products or omega-3 fish oils. EPA and DHA omega-3s measures increased in 44% of test participants, decreased in 52% and no change in 4%. Two fish oils increased EPA and DHA in 25% of test participants (19% less than Paradise Oil) and decreased in 75% (25% higher than Paradise Oil use).  Two fish oils tested lowered the omega-3 index (movement in the wrong direction) in 75% of the measures of fish oils after swallowing.

♦ 8. Two tests of omega-3 fish oils, 3 grams swallowed (six grams total for both tests), were run. The fish oil test participant has no disease. Two other tests were run on a test participant with a disease, after applying 3 grams of Paradise Oil on skin (a combined total of six grams). The 5 minutes results:  The test participant living with disease experienced a combined total change, from two tests measuring just one "healthy" and high energy providing fatty acids of +4.01%. The fatty acid measured was omega-9 oleic in Paradise Oil.  Again, oleic increased +4.01% after 3g use on skin of Paradise Oil, by a test participant living with a disease.  

Now we look at two tests results on a test participant free of disease, not a omega-3 fish oil user, or eater of fish (important to note) that swallowed 3 grams (recommended dose by The American Heart Association) of two different omega-3 fish oils. In one test omega-3 fish oil "A" 3g was swallowed, in the other test omega-3 fish oil "B" 3g was swallowed. The total combined changes in 15 each fatty acids X 2 tests = 30 measured "healthy" acids resulted in a decrease of -.87% "healthy" phospholipid concentrations. Taking the two omega-3 fish oils made the test participate free of disease prior to tests less "healthy" by a negative -.87% not better! This is a valid and reliable measured data example of how omega-3 fish oils make a person worse (less "healthy" not more "healthy). 


♦ 9. Decrease in damaging saturated fatty acids (after use of Paradise Oil), and increase in damaging saturated acids after taking two fish oils!   Please read the Paradise Oil and two fish oils comparison test results towards the top of the page. Thank You! 

♦ 10. Medicines are selective toxins poisoning the body (P. 102, Lustig, Robert,. M.D., Book: Metabolical). Many medicines deplete the body of vitamins. Gaps in knowledge will always be linked to the use of medicine(s), vitamins, supplements of all kinds, and fish oils (omega-3s). Avoid the following buzz words: whole-food, natural (a snake bite and a tornado are natural too), food-sourced, food-state, and others. Unlike medicines "alternative medicines" in the Mayo Clinic Book of Alternative Medicine get a "green light". Many of the alternative medicine nutrients getting the "green light" by the Mayo Clinic in the book are in Paradise Oil. A few alternative medicine "green light" nutrients in Paradise Oil are: gamma-linolenic omega-6 fatty acid, USDA organic tea tree essential oil (a medicinal oil), superfood vitamins B3, B6, B12, C, D, and calcium (a mineral),  and 15 vital oxygen absorbing and attracting "healthy and high energy fatty acids" including omega-3, 6, 7, and omega-9s. A study of 95 medicines in a book from Dept. of Chemistry and Chemical Biology Harvard University, found that no medicine (not a single one), provided all six (6), essential red blood cell elements of life: (carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorus and sulfur). No medicine studied provided the four red blood cell organic compounds (protein, carbohydrates, lipids, and nucleic acids) found in all-living things. No medicine studied provided the vital nutrients for maintenance, rebuilding or rejuvenating a contaminated blood cell to healthy. All red cells are contaminated, and synthetic vitamins contribute to their contamination. Since 90% of vitamins are synthetic the body doesn't have the capability to process them so the body targets them for removal. Paradise Oil vitamins are plant-based which is the #1 form for the body to process and cells to absorb. Synthetic store bought vitamins (about 90% of vitamins sold are synthetic) have LOW ABSORPTION and must be transformed by the body in order to be of any benefit, or, benefit at all. The body burns through a lot of energy to convert vitamins into useable forms the body and cells can use. More energy is lost than benefits gained using synthetic vitamins.  

It's naive for any and all persons to think medicines and/or  drugs help make red blood cells healthy or better, they definitely do not. Medicines are not red blood cell regenerating but the fatty acids in 100% drug free Paradise Oil are. Everything that medicines are not and the nutrients they do not provide, Paradise Oil is, and does provide. Some illegal drugs that can be used in medicines are: cocaine, heroin, magic mushrooms, ketamine, MDMA, LSD, and cannabis (source: https://www.sbs.com.au/topics/science/humans/article/2016/05/20/7-illegal-drugs-that-could-be-used-in-medicines  20 May, 2016). Paradise Oil is 100% drug free. This specialty and remedy oil does provide the 15 most important "healthy"  monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids we covered earlier. Medicines make red cells worse, the cells then  proceed to make the body worse. In almost every medicine and generic, brand name, and prescription drug are one or more of the following: #1). endocrine-disrupting chemicals; #2). cancer-causing chemicals, or, #3). toxic chemicals. Some medicines will have #1 in them, others will have #1 and #2 in them. Other medicines and drugs will have all three (#1-#3), in them. A 2019 study of neonatal intensive care units found that 60% of the units are  contaminated with BPA (bisphenol A) an industrial chemical and endocrine-disruptor used to make plastics and 80% of care units contained dangerous parabens. Parabens are endocrine disruptor commonly found in cosmetics and body care products, and artificial preservatives. Paradise Oil is free of the three. The HUGE problem with all medicines is their inability to regenerate blood cells with the vital nutrients oxygen providing red cells must have to stay healthy. 

♦ 11. Cannot overdose using Paradise Oil because it's made with a high concentration of the same identical nutrients that skin, red blood cells, tissues, and organs and about 60% of the fatty acids that make up the human brain. 

One hundred percent of the world population (including every sick and diseased person) can benefit from the 74 synergistic in common to red blood cells, 93% of the 74 are  oxygen and energy providing nutrients in Paradise Oil. Tests data results show Paradise Oil nutrients are regenerating red blood cell membranes in five minutes or less, after this organic remedy oil is applied on skin effecting health in positive ways.  
♦ 12. Provides "green light" alternative medicine nutrients. Every one of the vital elements/or mineral  essential for cell life, including vitamins, the four organic compounds, a medicinal oil (USDA organic tea tree oil), "Green light" alternative medicines all in 99.9% plant-based forms in pass through the skin topical and transdermal forms are in U.S. Patent No. 9,139,754 B1 Paradise Oil. This specialty remedy oil is not just any oil. It's made of 74 each, in common/or identical to the body and cell nutrients not uncommon to the body chemicals found in medicines. Medicines do more damage and provide very little benefit to cells. Paradise Oil is unlike any other oil or product of any kind we are aware of, including all drugs and medicines. Unlike all of those products one of a kind Paradise Oil is made of 74 in common red cell nutrients that are in red cell membranes (every cell has a membrane). 
♦ 13. Paradise Oil provides all the amino acids to make proteins inside the body. Inside amino acids are: carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen the basic components of proteins. The body cannot store proteins or oxygen! Twenty-three, O2, O3, O4, oxygen and energy providing plant-based L-amino acids (13 more than found in hemp oil) are core nutrients the body has to have to make proteins. All 23 proteinogenic amino acids are in Paradise Oil and no other oil or product of any kind. 
♦ 14. Taking omega-3s accelerates aging making the body grow older quicker. Paradise Oil provides omega-3s in low concentrations, because: #1. they are a "bamboozle" of sorts; #2. are found in low concentrations in cells (before birth until death). Taking omega-3s have never changed that matter. The 99.9% plant-based and BIOLOGICAL GREEN Paradise Oil nutrients are anti-aging and increase longevity, unlike fish oil omega-3s.   
♦ 15. Certified lab measured results on real people, not pets or animals. Provides fifteen oxygen transporting red cell membrane rebuilding and regenerating fatty acids to red blood cell membranes in five minutes time after as little as 6 drops (0.25g), or more, up to as much as you want to apply on skin is used. After a single 6 drops use on hands a diseased user's omega-3 index increased +.41% at the five minute mark, and +.37 at one hour. Another test participant omega-3 index was still increasing compared to Control 7 hours after application on skin. The level of increase +.11% . The highest level of omega-3 index increase for this same test participant was +.38% at 5 hours, compared to control levels taken prior to test and after 12 hours fasting.   
♦ 16. In common to red blood cells and body nutrient assist in lowering BAD LDL cholesterol and boost raising protective HDL good cholesterol.

♦ 17. No medicine, quick energy product, drug, pharmaceutical, herb, neutraceutical, dietary or other supplement, can compete in providing as many unique "*healthy" benefits.

As defined by Sept. 2016 "Use of the Term "Healthy" in FDA non-binding document. 

A comparison of Paradise Oil human body and red blood cell nutrients in 95 medicines and Paradise Oil uncovered the following. A partial list of nutrients in both Paradise Oil and red blood cell membranes, are: protein, oxygen, carbohydrates, vitamins, the 'six elements of life', the 'four organic compounds', 20 L-amino acids, and 15 "healthy" monounsaturated and polyunsaturated phospholipids. None of the 95 medicines studied (compliments to Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology Harvard University), contained all the vital nutrients listed above to keep or maintain the "healthy" state of the red blood cells and human body.   

♦ 18. Add this value added specialty multiple use, remedy, accelerated wound healing, insect bites, Shingles combating, and all disease fighting oil to any product to make it better. If added to water-based product please shake before use to disperse the oil which floats on water.

♦ 19. Paradise Oil avoids the use of 30 muscles and the six stages of the digestive process. The body's absorbtion of nutrients ". . . begins around 3-6 hours after eating (Steen, 2017)." Paradise Oil is in red blood cell membranes in less than 5 minutes after rubbed on skin.

♦ 20. Higher concentrations (O2 to O7) of oxygen in primary ingredients is supplemented by three additional "USDA Organic" tea tree oil (an alternative medicine), clove oil, and peppermint oil are in Paradise Oil. Over 70% of essential oils sold are not real so we buy only the best "USDA Organic" labeled, making sure ours are! Only organic labeling ensures the oxygen, terpene hydrocarbons, sesquiterpenes, aromatic hydrocarbons, and long list of other components are really in the oils. If you do not hear or see the words "USDA Organic" the chances are great your not buying real essential oils, aka "the leaves of the tree" for the healing of the nations. 

♦ 21. Provides 23 each, 99.9% plant-based and 100% drug free anti-inflammatory high energy providing and ALL disease combating "healthy" fatty acids. Is 100% free of [NSAIDS] nonsteroidal drugs. 

The 11 each, Anti-inflammatory phosholipids in Paradise Oil are:

(ALA) alpha-linolenic omega-3; (EPA) eicosapentaenoic omega-3; (DHA) docosahexaenoic omega-3; (DPA) docosapentaenoic; nervonic omega-9; oleic omega-9; eicosenoic omega-9; linoleic omega-6; (GLA) gamma (y)-linolenic omega-6; arachidonic omega-6, and stearic (saturated). Superfood anti-inflammatories: strawberries; blueberries; blackberries; broccoli; kale; cauliflower; brussels sprout; mushrooms (shiitake); extra virgin olive oil; cherries; garlic; and ozonated (O3) extra virgin olive oil.

♦ 22. Immune System Boosting trace nutrients: 24 vegetables; vitamins; minerals and mineral micronutrients (calcium, magnesium, zinc, selenium and nine others); at least 20 each L-amino acids to carry oxygen and build protein (the body and cells cannot store proteins or oxygen). L-amino acids (plant-based) also help repair skin tissue and build "healthy" cells. Paradise Oil also provides carotenoids (carrots, kale, broccoli, and more).

 ♦ 23. Is 100% Nonpolluting and Non-contaminating to rivers, streams, lakes, water, air, household, workplace, tissues, organs, and blood cells.

♦ 24. - 38. Provides seven terpenes (unique fatty acids) and eight monoterpenes found in marijuana while being 100% marijuana free! Terpenes provide the "groovy features of the cannibus plant. Monoterpenes help support the respiratory system by providing antibacterial, antiseptic and antiviral properties. Monoterpenes are natural air purifiers and deodorizers. Menthol is used to control itching and is a known counterirritant on the skin to counteract underlying pain and feelings or discomfort. Keeping in mind that Paradise Oil is 100% free of marijuana the two do share 7 fatty acids, they are: Saturated - palmitic C16:0, stearic C18:0, arachidic C20:0, behenic C22:0, lignoceric C24:0. The "Healthy" fatty acids shared C18:1n9 oleic omega-9, and (GLA) gamma-linolenic omega-6. 

♦ 39. - 70. Click the three horizontal lines in the upper right-hand corner of website, the 3 lines are to the right of the word "MENU" ... Next click "Ingredients + Anti-cancer/32 Superfoods/36 Properties /Babies" scroll down to read about '32 Superfoods Benefits'.



 - - - - - - - - - - 

Every person, who thinks they're "healthy" has a shortcoming thinking so because they aren't! As of 2022 "Direct-to-consumer drug ads sell people on a cure for a disease they might not even have. 66% percent of the U.S. population takes at least one prescription drug [source: Georgetown University]. . . . people are now taking prescription drugs for diseases that they were not aware of prior to direct-to-consumer advertising. Direct-to-consumer advertising inflates demand and increase prices when drugs may not be appropriate (The Epoch Times, Feb. 23-Mar. 1, 2022, Title: Selling Drugs and Diseases, Rosenberg, Martha.)."

The entire medical establishment neglects measuring "healthy" fatty acids primarily because they have no knowledge of their importance and less to zero awareness of the benefits in treating diseases they provide. Every disease is a deficit of "healthy" fatty acids/or lipids. In order to be honestly "Healthy" one must have direct first-hand knowledge of the "healthy" fatty acids in the red blood cell membranes inside their body. Every cell has a membrane. The most recent definition of "healthy" by the FDA for use by foodstuffs (Paradise Oil is not a foodstuff) includes the following language: "Are not low in total fat, but have a fat profile makeup of predominantly monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats; . . .fda.gov/regulatory-information/search-fda-guidance-documents/guidance... Title: Guidance for Industry: Use of the Term "Healthy" in the Labeling of Human Food Products, 2017." 


No other oil (CBD, Hemp, Hemp Seed, Fish Oil, Omega-3 oil, Krill oil, etc.), fruits and vegetables, or nutritional supplement, digested by mouth will place higher concentrations of oxygen providing nutrients for high-energy and cellular respiration in the red blood cell membrane than applied on skin Paradise Oil. "It is important to note that topical CBD oil can never enter the bloodstream  . . . (Dutt, D., M.Sc.)." Every cell has a membrane and after applied on skin Paradise Oil is in the membrane in five minutes, or less. No other oil can compare. 

Per gram, the topical and transdemal through skin delivery methods employed by Paradise oil is more effective and efficient delivering vital cell nutrients to the cell membrane than swallowing is. Swallowing requires use of energy and 30 muscles for digestion reducing the total energy for physical exertion. The majority of what we swallow and and energy from it never benefits the red blood cells. More vital nutrients are eliminated by the body than make it into the bloodstream.

Paradise Oil is 100% milk free. Paradise Oil "Health Claim" with strong supporting evidence. High levels of oleic acid a "healthy" omega-9 fatty acid reduce coronary heart disease risk. "Healthy" oleic acid is in high concentration, about 25% in milk. Three gram or 9 gams of Paradise Oil applied onto skin provides high concentration of monounsaturated (MUFA), omega-9! At 5 minutes and 1 hour after application concentrations of oleic acid in red blood cells were collected and delivered to a certified blood laboratory. The blood samples were analyzed and results compared to "control" samples taken before Paradise Oil was applied to skin and after 12 hours fasting. A single 3g application of Paradise Oil on skin measured at 5 minutes and 1 hour after application test results report as follows. Concentrations of "healthy" oleic acid a monounsaturated acid  compared to control measures resulted in a total average increase of +.24% at 5 minutes and +.19% total avg. increase at one hour using Paradise Oil on skin. The omega-3 fish Oils (2 tests) 3g of two different fish oils swallowed oleic acid results compared to Paradise Oil on skin are: the two fish oils resulted in a total average increase of +.025% at 5 minutes and +.06% at 1 hour. The two each 3g Fish Oil Swallowed Oleic Acid Performance Test Summary compared to 3g Paradise Oil on skin valid and reliable performance test results show Paradise Oil applied on skin outperforms the two different omega-3 fish oils by +.22% at 5 minutes and +.13% at 1 hour.

CHANGES TO "HEALTHY" OLEIC ACID AFTER TAKING FISH OILS - If your goal is to age your cells, become more sick and damage red blood cells take fish oils! After taking the fish oils 69% of the measures of damaging saturated acids in test participants got worse, not better!

"The cells are not fed, they feed themselves (M.D.'s Carey & Schussler)." You may think your fish oil omega-3s are benefitting your body when the measured and honest truth is your cells need more omega-6s and omega 9s. It's rare for cells to need more omega-3s. Data does not lie, people and direct-to-consumer advertising very often do lie! Healthy red cells are made of lower concentrations of omega-3s compared to omega-6s, and 9s, and saturated acids which exist in higher concentrations in red cells. You can take different concentrations of  omega-3s as you want but the cells will never uptake more omega-3s than they need. Cells do not uptake nutrients they do not need more of!  And you cannot feed them thinking they will. What one human body red cells crave and need a second human body's cells may not crave or need any of!  Omega-3s will never be in higher concentrations as omega-6s and 9s in red cells.  Our creator designed our cells this way, and the Creator doesn't make mistakes! Cells craving "healthy" or "less healthy" phospholipids will uptake more of what they are desiring when the nutrients are available. Paradise Oil provides 74 vital in common/or identical nutrients the body, skin, brain, nervous system, tissues, and organs are made of. Paradise Oil 74 each, 99.9% plant-based and 100% drug free nutrients are "body in a bottle" nutrients the body is made of! "Body in a bottle" nutrients are not man-made synthetic chemicals damaging the body, found in medicines and FDA-Approved prescription drugs. Paradise Oil nutrients are biological just like the entire human body and cells, and free of side effects and adverse reactions.  

??Compared to the oleic acid changes in concentration resulting from two tests of Paradise Oil the total weighted average of both tests= +.36%.  The difference in changes in concentration of oleic omega-9 favor Paradise Oil by +8.24% compared to the two fish oils.?? 


A "healthy" body and red blood cell membrane contain higher concentrations of good and "healthy" high energy providing and "healthy" all disease combating fatty acids that can rebuild and regenerate the cell membranes, than bad and damaging acids (e.g., saturated fatty acids).   

♦ The vital high energy providing and "healthy" all disease combating acids (aka MUFA and PUFA acids), and other nutrient cell benefits provided by Paradise Oil are superior to those from medicines (medicines deplete vitamins), pain relief products, vitamins, drugs, neutraceuticals, fruit(s) and vegetable(s) products, freeze-dried products (remove all oxygen), other oils (including essential oils), and supplements of all kinds, and foodstuffs. Paradise Oil is not a foodstuff.