Paradise Oil is a near "Body in a Bottle" as possible. Is a apply on skin, 99.9% plant-based, 100% drug free, and BIOLOGICAL GREEN™ (defined) oxygen atoms treatment oil for whatever ails you from A - Z, (anti-aging, accelerated healing, bug bites, cuts, detox, moisturizing, quick pain relief, zoster/shingles, and more). "You won't be healthy and well until you fix the blood cells!" (James Livingston, 2019). The body and red blood cells hero is life-giving oxygen! High concentrations of Parent Essential Oil (PEO), omega-3 and 6 polyunsaturated acids, and others accelerate and maximize repair methods allowing passage of oxygen to red blood cell membranes. PEO fatty acids in this oil support the following eight categories: "*appetite (less cravings, et al.), heart health (improved lipids, et al.), beauty (healthier skin and hair, et al.), anti-inflammation (less joint pain and swelling, et al.), diabetes (less neuropathy/retinopathy, et al.),  hormones/endocrine (smoother pregnancies, fewer headaches, et al.), brain health (sharper focus, et al.), and endurance (more energy, et al.)" (Peskin & Rowan, 2015). As valid and reliable lab test data surprisingly reveals Paradise Oil (which contains no fish oil), outperforms fish oil by delivering higher concentration of omega-3s fatty acids providing oxygen atoms to red blood cell membranes than swallowing a daily dose of fish oil. The cell membrane has a big role in holding the intelligence of a cell, detox, and homone health. 

Surprisingly Paradise Oil provides more omega-3 benefits without the use of fish oil, or swallowing anything. Please click "BLOG" to learn more on Paradise Oil and Fish Oil lab measured results.

This unique engineered-by-design topical treatment oil is skin penetrating, antidisease, red blood cell regenerating (lab measured), and more. Made with one of a kind protective nutrients the body is made of. Simply apply on skin the more direct and quicker path compared to swallowed products: pills, gelcaps, which pass through the digestive tract and gut and are less effective after doing so. 

Use all alone by itself or simply add a little of value added Paradise Oil to any product (e.g., toothpaste, hand lotion, anti-aging, to shampoo,  add to hands/or body when washing with harmful soap) to make the product better and assist in minimizing/or reducing the harmful effects on cells of uncommon/harmful chemical ingredient(s). Can also be used on skin before or after taking swallowed medicine to help reduce the side effects and contamination of cells.  

*Peskin , Brian Scott . (BSEE-MIT, Founder: Life-Systems Engineering Science) , Rowan , Robert Jay . (M.D., International Authority Oxidative Medicine , "The Father of Medical Freedom") . (2015 by Pinnacle Press) . PEO Solution: Conquering Cancer, Diabetes and Heart Disease with Parent Essential Oils  P. 208 - 216 .  Houston , Texas . U.S.A. 

We’re All Stardust and Oxygen, From in The Beginning.

U.S. Patent No. 9,139,754 B1

For people/or pets with "Essential Fatty Acids Deficiency" and everyone else without it. A apply on skin, quick acting with pure substances one of a kind treatment oil for whatever ails you from A – Z, (arthritis, anti-aging, to zoster/herpes zoster/shingles, to name just a few). Valid and  reliable lab test measured results report the  majority of the time this oil was applied on skin of test participants, in 5 minutes or less, it lowered the trans-fatty acids linked to "LDL" bad cholesterol and improved the essential fatty acids (EFAs), in 75% of people tested. Data from the test also showed the Omega-3 fatty acids of 100% of test participants increased at the 5 minute mark after this oil was applied on skin without the use of fish oil. Half of the test participants Omega-3 Index also improved. Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins are known to improve blood flow. Every home, emergency kit, and backpack needs a bottle! Is highly absorbable and deep penetrating with 99.9% plant-based nutrients including fruits, veggies, and more. Paradise Oil is 100% drug free, and medicine free. Includes 19 vital to skin nutrients, 20 nutrients to assist in bone building, and 61 oxygen providing blood cell and energy nutrients (carbohydrates, oxygen atoms, L-amino acids, etc.) found in a red blood cell to assist in rebuilding health and cellular energy and repair. A high concentration of oxygen atoms helps speedup healing (including wound healing), assist in reducing nerve damage, relieve and stop pain, help rejuvenate life into weakened dirty cells in everyone, and restore vital nutrients present at the time of creation. Includes: the ‘four organic compounds’ found in ALL living things; ‘the 6 ingredients of life’; the ‘20 essentials for life’; and ‘Oxy3 (providing 3 oxygen atoms).’

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1. The Who, What, When, Where, How, and, Why, of Hormone/Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals.

2. Lab Measured Results - Two Comparisons of Omega-3s Delivery - Swallowing Fish Oil and Paradise Oil on Skin. 

3. Star Stuff Elements for Cell Regeneration.

4). Blood Tests Are Not An Honest Reflection of A Person's Health. 

7 Unique Advantages

Please compare the advantages listed below to CBD Oils, any other oil, medicine, prescription drug, personal care product, or any other product.

Drugs kill! For example the common painkiller opioids. Paradise Oil doesn't kill. 

•Is BIOLOGICAL GREEN™;    •Includes ALL 6 Nutrient Classes; •Is free of damaging chemicals;    •Use “as is” or add to other products;    •Provides vital nutrients and oxygen atoms to red blood cells;   •Includes skin and bone-building nutrients.


1).   Is a BIOLOGICAL GREEN product (a defined term). A few of the distinguishing traits are: the ingredients are very deep penetrating nutrients, including naturally-occurring elements present at the creation that are safe to humans, and animals, nutrients are eco-friendly, free of groundwater and air contaminants; includes up to 36 beneficial properties.A few of those properties are: anti-aging, anti-cancer, anti-itch, healing, and antibacterial. Also includes the BEST/Number 1 form of vitamin E mixed alpha, delta, and gamma tocopherols to protect skin from the suns damaging UV rays, etc. No other product or oil includes all of 1 – 6!

2).  Includes all 6 nutrient classes: Proteins, lipids, minerals, carbohydrates, vitamins, purified water (trace amount).

3).  Is free of ALL of the following: A). damaging and gender bending endocrine disrupting chemicals; B). toxic chemicals; and C). cancer-causing chemicals. One, two, or all three of the listed damaging chemicals are found in the majority of all products. One or more are also found in newborn babies. Almost 87% of teens bodies include, one, two or all three A). – C). listed here. These three or, one, or two, are very often found in about 90% of medicines, OTC products, perfumes, prescription drugs, personal care products, cosmetics, hair/nail colorings, shampoos, soap suds with 1.4-Dioxane which is never found on any ingredients label, but is in at least 8,000 products, and causes cancer.

4). Use “as is” or add some amount to any skin lotion, add a drop or two to toothpaste before or during brushing. Add to other products to help reduce the damaging impacts, and improve the product. Skin is the largest organ and Paradise Oil nutrients, some found all living things and no other product are what healthy skin and cells are made of (not chemicals). Sixty percent of chemicals in a wide variety of products applied to skin enter the bloodstream. Inside the bloodstream they accumulate and damage cells, every organ and tissues. Less that 1% of chemicals in products we all buy have not been tested for safety.

5). We all make our own blood! Beware of what you put on your skin and feed it! Unlike all other oils, and products this specialty oil includes 61 vital oxygen (O), providing red blood cell nutrients in trace and other amounts to help replenish oxygen and provide a boost in cellular energy to the body and red blood cells through the skin. Pure substances (naturally-occurring elements), from exploding stars, assist in restoring and rebuilding health. A long list of vital plant-based nutrients: L-amino acids, vitamins, olive oil, and 27 superfoods, many in the photo above (e.g., kale, mushrooms, algae, alfalfa leaf, spirulina, and more) provide oxygen (O), atoms. Proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, and nucleic acids found in all living things and this oil, provide additional oxygen atoms for uptake by red blood cells and skin cells. No other product provides comparable and vital oxygen atom providing nutrients. No other element/ingredient is more important to life and living, and almost all wound healing processes than oxygen! Oxygen is the number 1 nutrient for anti-aging and healthy cell life. Cancer cells love sugar and hate oxygen.

6). Includes 20 apply on skin, essential bone-building plant-based nutrients to assist bone health.

7). Fish Oil benefits without the fish oil! Measured results after applied on skin show increase in omega-3 fatty acids, including EPA, found in fish oil. 

Is BIOLOGICAL GREEN™ Includes ALL 6 Nutrient Classes. Is free of damaging chemicals. Use “as is” or add to other products. Provides oxygen atoms to red blood cells. Includes skin and bone-building nutrients



Use on Scar Tissue after Surgery:

2016, Karen Givan, (Lubbock, TX.) - “About six years ago after an operation I was left with a six inch scar, with extensive scar tissue. I had learned about this oil, and bought some and began using it immediately. During the first three months of use, with a few drops a day of the oil it softened the scar tissue and flattened it out. I still use the oil about twice a week to keep the scar tissue soft.”

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