In the year 1054 an explosion of a massive star created a supernova. Supernova 1987A released the first 26 elements in the periodic table of the elements, from its explosion on Feb. 23, 1987. These elements are essential to life and healthy living. Supernova 1987A was the last supernova visible in the night sky to the naked eye. We’re all made of “star stuff,” elements like those released from supernova 1987A, and the elements in Paradise Oil. Supernovas continue to explode all the time releasing carbon-based elements that make their way to earth. We’re made of these elements. Star stuff such as: oxygen 65%, carbon 18%, hydrogen 9.5%, nitrogen 3.2%, calcium 1.5%, phosphorus 1.2%, these six are near 99% of the mass of the human body. All six and ten additional, for a total of sixteen elements are included in Paradise Oil, and a red blood cell. More “star stuff” better known as elements/or nutrient elements should be included in and assisting medicines (before and after the use of medicines) in the treatment of sickness and disease. ALL elements are pure substances, and unlike chemicals, elements cannot be broken down into anything simpler. The ingredients in the following cannot be said to provide pure substances: personal care products which are the #2 cause of poisoning in the U.S., perfumes and fragrances, medicines, OTC products, cosmetics, and more. Skin is porous and 60% of what goes on skin passes through and enters the bloodstream, your bloodstream. We all make our own blood. Opposite of pure substances (elements which we are made of) are synthetic chemical ingredients found in the majority of things marketed which we are not made of which very often contain: 1). Endocrine-disrupting chemicals that mess up both the hormone and immune systems of the body; 2). Toxic chemicals;  3). Cancer-causing chemicals. The real truth is our bodies live in toxic soup of contaminating to cells chemicals, of the three kinds 1). thru 3). above. The biggest contributors to sickness and disease are man-made synthetic chemicals. The three accumulate (process known as bioaccumulation), in every tissue and organ in the body until the accumulation results in sickness and disease. Only pure elements, nutrients, and essential oils (the leaves of the trees) can and have cured disease. The immune system is the one system we were given, to get us well. It cannot get us well if it’s unhealthy itself. With a healthy liver and immune system one cannot be sick. “Our whole medical system is geared to starting things, but completely invisible in the prescribing system is a setup for stopping things,” says Dee Mangin, a physician and professor of family medicine (2019, March, Consumer Reports On Health).  Doctors treat symptoms and ignore cures. We’re not made of the same chemicals prescription drugs are made of that kill 500,000 a year. When cells age they’re inefficient in repairing and recycling key molecules, like O2 molecular oxygen. While the death of a cell is not reversible, organs can replace a damaged cell by regeneration, before a cell dies. When cells cannot maintain themselves, they actually accumulate damage and they will no longer function correctly or repair tissues. Approximately 19,200 DNA cells are damaged every day. “Think of a car that falls into disrepair until one day, it just won’t start. Our senses diminish, our skin goes slack, our joints creak, our muscles atrophy, and eventually the diseases associated with our older years creep in to finish us off: stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, pulmonary fibrosis, diabetes, heart disease, cancer (2018, June 12, Zaleski, A.).” For 25 consecutive years more babies were born from year #1 to year #25, with diseases (including cancer), from an accumulation of 1). through 3). listed above, passed to the baby before birth. As many as 283 chemicals have been found in baby’s cord blood following 35 years accumulation in the baby’s mother, and the mother of the baby’s mother (or the baby's grandmother). More than 2,000 babies a year are born with their intestines and other organs protruding through a hole close to their belly button (gastroschisis). In 1850 neither heart disease nor cancer were listed in the top 10 causes of death. Oh how times have changed today with more than 87,000 chemicals in products of all kinds, heart disease is the leading cause of death and cancer number two. Less than 1% of the 87,000 chemicals in use have ever been tested for safety. The chemical degradation of the cells in the body contribute to EVERY DISEASE! Over a period of more than 50 years research of uncommon to the human body chemicals to somehow treat sickness and disease and come up with a cure have failed. It's interesting that 75% of medical doctors on learning they have cancer do not follow the same cancer treating protocols they prescribe to their patients. How many doctors will tell that bit of information to a cancer patient?  In 1900 the only people with cancer were really old people. Cancer in 1900 was cosidered to be an old people disease. The truth is, it’s not only the old being diagnosed with a disease (including cancer), and dying, it’s unborn babies and people in every age range. This situation is growing worse, not getting better.
All living things include the four organic compounds (proteins, lipids, carbohydrates and nucleic acids). Oxygen a nutrient element, and pure substance gained through photosynthesis is in common to each one of the organic compounds. Paradise Oil provides more vital to life pure substances and minerals obtained from the soil and plants. The oil also provides the four organic  compounds, plus vitamins, amino acids, oxygen, and more, to assist in healthy living. All the nutrients for all living things are in Paradise Oil and no other product or medicine that we know of. Oxygen is the most vital nutrient element in the body. Oxygen providing nutrients need to be in abundance in everything a consumer buys, but they aren’t. Oxygen accelerates wound healing, assist in cellular respiration and increases cellular oxygenation for improved cellular functions. All those advantages assist in improving cell and human health. Paradise Oil provides a long list of 99.9% plant-based nutrients, including approximately 86% of the nutrient elements (pure substances) the human body is made of.  Paradise Oil after applied on skin rebuilds, rejuvenates, and restores, to cells more oxygen needed for protein, glucose (simple sugar mainly made by plants or algae) or ketones (important sources of energy), and a long list of other nutrients, most of them also providing oxygen to red blood cell membranes. Every single cell has a cell membrane with oxygen and protein, and every membrane has flexibility. Very small molecules of oxygen and carbon dioxide, have no problem passing through the flexible cell membrane. All cells come from pre-existing cells. Blood cells must manufacture and maintain their membranes and free fatty acids from the blood.  When the proper plant-based nutrients the body is made of and vital to health are swallowed (ingestion), absorbed thru the skin (dermal absorption), breathed in through nasal tissues (inhalation), or, are injected through the skin layers the risk of getting sick and having a disease are diminished. But that’s not happening and toxic chemicals, endocrine-disrupting chemicals, and cancer-causing chemicals, one, two, or all three, are included in products of all kinds, including medicines, they play damaging roles in contaminating cells. A single cancer causing chemical (1,4-Dioxane) never found on any product ingredient’s label is in at least 5,500 cosmetic products. There is no safe level (percent concentration) to chemical exposure since they accumulate over time in the tissues and organs of the body. Think of a pool the size of 20 olympic-sized pools. Now add one drop of an endocrine-disrupting chemical into this huge pool. What was just described is one part per billion (1 part/1,000,000,000) exposure. This is all it takes for a synthetic uncommon to the human body chemical to set up the body for disease later. Chemicals for nonliving things like a rock or piece of paper, play important roles in the dying process. “For decades, studies of endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) have challenged traditional concepts in toxicology, in particular the dogma ‘the dose makes the poison,’ because EDCs can have effects at low doses not predicted by effects at higher doses (Lauren Vandenberg, Ph.D., lead study author).” The single drop in 20 olympic-sized pools, or one drop followed by another accumulating over a lifetime of use until ones lifetime is over. Compare the known life shortening ingredients (U.S. life expectancy fell over four straight years 2015 - 2018) from the use of todays products. Including products labeled as "natural" "100% natural" "green" and "organic." Consider the chemicals used in products of all kinds currently flooding the market to 100% drug free, no shots, no pills, no side effects, and no prescription needed, Paradise Oil. The four-year decline in life expectancy was the longest sustained decline in the last 100 years. No one has ever grown sick or died from in common to blood cell element nutrients, Paradise Oil includes. Some chemicals can enter the body through all the routes of exposure to contaminate blood cells. Medicines, prescription drugs, non prescription/OTC drugs, pharmaceuticals, do not include the proper plant-based nutrients to eradicate sickness and disease, just look at their history, their long list of side effects, and all the diseases that remain uncured by their use, decade after decade, after decade. When a Ph.D. chemical engineer, Christopher VanLang, Stanford, Univ.) who makes drugs was asked “What prescription drugs are made from petroleum?” His answer: “Well technically . . . all of them.” According to medical and economic sociologist Donald Light, “About 2,460 people per week are estimated to die of drugs that were properly prescribed, and that is based on detailed chart reviews of hospitalized patients” (2016, Schroeder, Michael, O.).  “Nearly 500,000 Americans died after taking a prescription drug in 2015, according to cases reported to the U.S. National Poison Data System. By comparison, no deaths were recorded for vitamins, minerals or nutritional supplements” (2016, Hubbard, Bryan ). Another set of data reports "STAT analyzed more than 500,000 side-effects on rheumatoid arthritis drugs . . . heart attacks, strokes, heart failure, and other conditions for Actemra patients than for patients taking some competing drugs" (2017, June 5, Piller, Charles, and Alex Hogan/STAT). People have been indoctrinated how terrible smoking is but that data is rarely compared to 500,000 annual deaths from prescription drugs, until now. "Cigarette smoking is responsible for more than 480,000 deaths per year in the United States . . . " (Fast Facts, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Smoking & Tobacco Use). There you have it, more people die a year in the U.S. from prescription drugs than from cigarette smoking. “What You Put on Your Skin Matters Just As Much As What You Eat” (2017, Hyman, Mark, MD). Every person has a 50% - 50% chance of catching a disease (cancer, etc.).  Ali Mokdad, Professor of Global Health at University of Washington, had this to say, " . . . the U.S. has done a poor job of preventing illness." Of all the wealthy nations America ranks #1 in the number of sick people!
In closing are the words of Richard Drucker, N.D., Ph.D., and Michael Roth, D.C., in Plant-based vs. Synthetic Chemical Nutrients, Sept. 2008, available online: http: //  said: "Not only are plant-based nutrients superior to synthetic chemical nutrients in every way, they also contain all the body needs for homeostasis (keeping the body in a state of optimal health balance). Synthetic chemical nutrients simply cannot compete with plant-based, living, organic foods, nor can they provide complete nutrition." Paradise Oil is 99.9% plant-based nutrition providing the most of what the body and red blood cells are made of.