Doctor ordered blood test ignore measuring almost half of the oxygen providing life-giving nutrients a red blood cell is made of. Fatty acids are 44% of the nutrients in a red blood cell which provide vital oxygen. Any blood test that ignores measuring almost half of what a red blood cell is made of isn't an honest reflection of overall body health. It's important to know we all make our own blood. Lipids are a class of organic compounds that are fatty acids (Oxford Dictionary of Chemistry). Of all the cells in the body red blood cells are the most numerous, accounting for 40-45% of the blood. Blood testing is dictated by insurance companies. Health insurance and medicines are concerned more about profits, than end-result cures. Doctors and medicines treat symptoms and ignore cures. Here's a reality check of what happens in blood testing. A routine blood test ordered by your doctor measures the blood, and ignores measuring the fatty acids (long list of) within the red blood cells. Healthy red blood cells transport oxygen to every tissue and organ of the body. Oxygen deprived blood cells don't get the oxygen, carbohydrates, minerals, and amino acids, and without these energy and oxygen providing healthy nutrients the body's immune system will become extremely compromised and contaminated with hazardous to cell pollutants. A compromised and unable to perform as necessary,  immune system with anaerobic (in the absence of free oxygen) cell respiration, is the beginning of sickness and disease(s), inflammation, and much longer and slower than "healthy body usual" wound and other repair. Oxygen accelerates wound repair, and wound closing. Without healthy cell respiration expect occurrences like: arthritis, skin disorders, cancer (including children and newborns), slowed wound healing, autoimmune disease, kidney disorders, type 2 diabetes, and hypertension, (a shortened list), from a compromised immune system, operating with contaminated and oxygen deprived cells. All the listed and vital to red blood cells nutrients discussed above, assist in combating all the ailments and diseases in the shortened list, and more, are in Paradise Oil. Fatty acid nutrients rich in vitamin E tocopherols from 99.9% plant-based Paradise Oil assist oil rich red blood cell membranes, also rich in vitamin E. Fatty acids and oxygen deprived nutrient deficiencies lead to only bad things, like sickness and disease(s). No one lives a long and healthy life without the essential nutrients for their red blood cells, and no two people's red blood cells are alike in nutrients. Oxygen providing fatty acids from vegetable oils and fruit plant oils are one of eight different kinds of biological lipids in BIOLOGICAL GREEN™ Paradise Oil, U.S. Patent No. 9,139,754 B1. Nature and plants are the master craftsman of molecules (like oxygen and many more), vital to and for the body - not man-made synthetic chemical medicines. Once again, it's safe to say that doctor ordered blood testing which ignores 44% of what a red blood cell is made of which is fatty acids nutrients, cannot honestly reflect a person's actual health!